Friday, April 14, 2017

Simple Joys on this Easter Weekend

Good Morning to you!
I hope you are doing well on this Good Friday morning.
As for me, I should be upstairs doing my exercise.  It's been too long since I've done my bicep curls and it's time to get back to it and work on strengthening up those arms and legs and anything else that can be strengthened.

I also should be locating a recipe to round out the Easter menu so that I can work up a grocery list before I head to the hair salon for a much needed cut and color.

Instead, I sit here in my little nest sipping coffee and acting as though I have all the time in the world.
The day has dawned so beautifully that it makes me want to head outside and stay there.  That will have to come later this afternoon.
But for now, until the coffee cup is empty, let's act like there is no schedule and have a little chat.

Perhaps I am still operating on babysitting Jaxson time where it was refreshing to see life unfold with no regard for time and schedules.  While not practical for we adults, it was fun to see him go from one thing to the next just enjoying the process.
Anyhow, one of the days we were together the weather was uncooperative for outdoor activities.  Before the rain started, he and I visited the garden to collect some fallen branches.  I had no idea this could be so exciting, yet to him it was.
The excitement continued as we worked together to construct an indoor Easter tree.
Once complete he found such joy in showing it to his daddy and grandpa.

His joy in this simple project was a tonic to me.
At a time when I was not feeling the love for Easter decorating, his wonder and excitement was contagious.

The process of spreading springtime cheer went from drudgery to joy.

It was fun to re-visit some of my vintage Easter treasures.

The lovely pastels have always been my favorites.

As the outdoor world unfolds with color, it is a joy to perk up the indoor landscape with beautiful springtime hues.

As much as I would enjoy chatting longer . . .

I really must get to work.

If I don't talk to you before,
I send my very best wishes for a
Happy Easter!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Who Really Gives A Rip What the Neighbors Think

Last week while babysitting my grandson, we took a few morning walks along the stepping stones leading from the patio steps to the top of the driveway.
These little walks began when we were out one morning letting Peanut do her thing.  While waiting he got the idea to take a walk down the path. 
Normally I wouldn't be traipsing down the path in my bathrobe for fear the neighbors would really wonder about me.
However, when the one and only grandchild invites you to walk the path with him the bathrobe, bedhead and lack of make-up suddenly becomes very insignificant.

While walking from one end to the other and back again...
and again...
and yet again, I learned a few things.

1.  Planting sweet smelling dianthus along a garden path is a smart move especially in the springtime when pleasant scents greet your nose with every step.

2.  Few things are nicer than one on one time with a curious toddler.  He's happy to have an adult with time to answer his many questions and I'm happy to be able to share the knowledge I have gained through my many years on this planet :).  I know it won't be too many years before he'll be bored with my knowledge ;).

3.  Traipsing along your garden path in bed clothes can be quite exhilarating to someone who probably spends too much time worrying about what the neighbors think.
Brett often tells me I spend too much time worrying about that.
I suppose he's right.
On the morning Peanut decided to bolt out of the backyard and head for the street first thing in the morning I had to act quick.
So, I mean to tell you, it was a liberating experience to run across the front yard in bathrobe and bare feet chasing after the little runaway.
Little Jaxson was standing in the doorway watching the entire time.
Sprinting across the front yard clutching a damp doggy with a disheveled bathrobe and grass clippings stuck to my feet, I hear a small voice calling "Be careful grandma.  Don't hurt yourself."
And in that moment I knew that the safety of an aging doggy (and an aging grandma) were what really mattered in the eyes of a three year old.  Who really cares what the neighbors might think.

4.  Never underestimate the lessons to be learned from children.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Things We Do For Love

Had someone ever told me I would be administering I.V. fluids to a dog, I'd have had to laugh.  Not me, I don't think so.
Yet, first thing Saturday morning Brett & I were at the vet's office ready and willing to be taught how to do this.
We learned from the vet that an every other day dose of fluids given at home could be helpful in keeping Peanut... well, Peanut.
Her failing kidneys can not be restored, but her quality of life can be pretty good if treated this way.
After an emotional discussion with the vet last week, I came home and laid out the options with Brett.

It took me a bit by surprise when Brett (a man who has been known to pass out while giving blood) said he thought he could be the one to administer the shot. 
So, I was the assistant as he capably performed this task in the vet's office.
We came home and took pleasure in watching her have one of the best days she has had in weeks.
Something else I never imagined myself doing is cooking special meals for a dog.
Apparently that saying about never say never is true.
Peanut lost interest in her dog food months ago.
She is, however, enjoying baked chicken and porcupine meatballs.
We know that her time with us is limited.
She went from just a dog to a family member many years ago.
As such, we plan to care for her as we would any other family member.
We're not kidding ourselves into believing that she will be miraculously healed.
As the vet said, she will let us know when it is time.
So we will follow her lead and, in the meantime, love her and enjoy our time with her.

On a happier note:

My presence was requested on FaceTime yesterday.
An excited little face said "Hey Grandma, what are you doing today?" 
Followed by "Can I talk to Peanut now."
I was able to gain his interest again after asking him what snacks he wanted me to have on hand for his upcoming visit.
Scooby Do Snacks
Scooby Do Snacks
Scooby Do Snacks.
Good thing I looked twice after tossing the fruit snacks in the cart.
Sponge Bob would have been a tad disappointing to his high hopes for Scooby Do.
I can see that I'm seriously out of practice on the pint-sized snack front.