Tuesday, January 24, 2023

While Waiting For Gardening Season To Begin

I couldn't resist popping a couple of these hyacinth bulbs into my cart at Aldi the other day.  

While waiting for the outdoor gardening season to begin, it will be so nice to watch them reveal their beauty.  Something to look forward to each day.

I brought this anthurium back into the house last fall after it's summer vacation on the patio.  Apparently it liked it's vacation because it responded by putting out many red heart shaped blooms.    The blooms have remained in place all this time bringing additional cheer to the indoor garden.
Recently, I attached a window bird feeder to the window here.
It looks out into a small courtyard that is protected from animals visiting.
Previously I had the feeder on my office window until a racoon kept knocking it down.

It's added new interest to my morning coffee ritual.
Each day I take up a spot amongst the house plants hoping they will make me less obvious to the birds if they happen to find my feeder.
By the way, the amaryllis plant to the left of my coffee cup has been growing leaves for weeks.  Big tall leaves with not a sign of a bud or bloom to be found.  Have you ever had an amaryllis do this?
I'm going to let it keep growing with hopes that sooner or later I will be rewarded with a bloom, although I am beginning to wonder.

For a week or more there was no action at the feeder.
I continued on with my morning ritual until, at last, I heard some chirping and soon found two visitors enjoying their breakfast.

This bird known as the tufted titmouse looked my way with a sunflower seed in it's beak.  Perhaps his way of thanking me for the breakfast buffet.  I hope he will soon learn that as long as he/she comes to visit, the buffet will be open for business.


Monday, January 16, 2023

Getting Away From It All Without Going Far

Happy Monday, dear readers.
Did you have a good weekend?
Yesterday the sun shone and the mid-50 temperatures felt like early spring.
A hike seemed like a good idea.
Peeking through this split tree you may see a glimpse of what awaited us.

Mountain Island Lake.
Most of our hike followed along the shoreline.

So pretty especially when the sun touched the water.

Canoes could be rented.
Perhaps we'll come back in the summer.

I'm so glad that there are places like this just a short drive from home.
Open to all and free of charge.
A place to get away from it all, breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on your face.

A place where littering is discouraged in a most creative way.
"Make today better without litter"

Also a place where lovers still carve their initials into tree trunks.


Thursday, January 12, 2023

Cozying Up The Gloomy Days

Another dismal day.  So far this month seems to be one after another with sunshine in short supply.  My tree will most likely remain in place for the rest of the month.  The lights stay on all day and help immensely in combatting the gloom.

Since the tree is totally decorated in snowflakes, icicles and snowmen, it looks suitable for this season of winter.
I am secretly hoping to see a bit of real snow before I tuck it away, but it's not looking too promising.

This post isn't meant to be about the Christmas tree as I'm sure most of you have moved on from that subject and into the fresh new year.
Instead, I wanted to share the built ins we added to each side of the fireplace in our family room.
I did put the rest of my Christmas decor away which necessitated shopping the house for items to accessorize with.  Books in blue and white, pine cones and snowmen came in handy as I wait for the snow to fall outside ;).

Before I put the Christmas decor away it looked like this.
A wonderful new place to spotlight my Christmas memories.
Everything from vintage Gurley Santa candles to photos of my boys and grandson on Santa's lap.

This project was done in November when the bookcases were added to the living room.  There was one little problem at the time.
The cupboard manufacture inadvertently sent two left cupboards for the other side of the fireplace.  So, I decked the one side with a few more old memories and the area to the right was a big blank hole.

Christmas photos were taken with that side left out.
I'm happy to say that last week the missing cupboard was put into place giving me one more spot to add some winter touches.

I do love the garden beauty on my 2023 calendar reminding me that although things are looking a bit bleak outdoors, the garden is tucked away resting up before the growing season gets underway once again.

I do hope that your new year is off to a pleasant start.