Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Forgotten Bookmarks

In a recent post, Granny Marigold shared a book she had purchased called "Forgotten Bookmarks."  (A bookseller's collection of odd things lost between the pages).  If you didn't see her post, you can find it here.  It sounds like a fascinating book to me and one that made me think of one of my own odd finds.

With the number of books I have picked up at thrift shops through the years has come a fair amount of forgotten bookmarks.  Often they are airline ticket stubs or receipts.  Once in a while a pressed flower or grocery list.  There may have been a dollar bill along the way.  I'd have to say my most mysterious find showed up recently in this paleo cookbook.

Well, hello Humphrey.  What are you doing in there?
This black and white photograph intrigued me.
Obviously it is a very old picture of Humphrey Bogart.
Seemed a bit odd to find in a Paleo cookbook dated 2014.

When I turned it over and found this note, things got more mysterious.
Who is this person that goes to bed at 4:30 a.m?
Is Alison a male?  A dog, perhaps.
Was Chip able to save the day?  In the process I surely hope he didn't alarm Caroline.  That would not be good.
Wonder what Steve thought of this.  Perhaps he was the one to save the day.
I guess we shall never know how this mystery ended.  Hopefully it was on a happy note as I hate to think of Caroline waking up to bad news.

Have you stumbled across any forgotten bookmarks lately?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Woodsy Walk & A Hint of Fall

You may remember in my last post there was a lot of complaining about the heat and humidity going on.
Something wonderful happened on Saturday.
Namely a 30 degree plummet in the temperature 
~~~ sigh ~~~
along with the drop in temps, that nasty old humidity blew outta' here too.
~~~ HOORAY ~~~
Time to lace up the tennies and traipse through the woods.

 Even though it is too early to see any change in the fall foliage, it's fun to see what changes have taken place since we last walked through the woods (most likely last spring).

 Pretty Berries

 Pops of Goldenrod

Speaking of goldenrod...
Did you happen to see the beautiful arrangement Mary at Home is Where The Boat Is created with it?  If not, see here.  She never ceases to amaze me with her many talents.

 Pretty Purple

I'm thinking this is a wild aster??
Have you heard of that phone app called PlantSnap?
Apparently you can snap a picture of the plant and it will identify it for you.  I did download the app awhile ago, but didn't complete the next steps to fully activate it.  Guess I'd better get with it as it sounds like a handy tool for these woodsy walks.

 Wonder if it could tell me more about that interesting moss growing on this tree trunk?

 This rock with the mossy top and one fern frond growing from it made me smile.  

It sure was wonderful to be back outside enjoying nature.
Definitely a more pleasant experience when one isn't melting and swatting at bugs.
In fact it was so nice I didn't want to go back in.
So, I didn't.
Instead I headed to Lowe's and purchased one of their pre-planted mum containers.  Prior to this the heat would have done them in before the fall breezes had a chance to blow.

How is fall shaping up in your neck of the woods?