Friday, March 31, 2023

Nesting Season

While tending my pansy bed, I spotted the sweetest little nest lying in the mulch.  I don't know if our recent windy days blew it from a nearby shrub or just where it came from.  I am always in awe of the work that goes into constructing bird nests.
Naturally I felt the need to save this tiny masterpiece.

For now I have decided to give it a place of honor amongst the Easter decor.  A tiny nest with a not so tiny egg.

We've been keeping our eyes on a nest being constructed in our bluebird nest box.  I know this isn't the work of a bluebird as they use pine needles.  Instead this soft mossy model is the work of the Carolina chickadees.  It's been going on for awhile.  So far no eggs.  Hopefully that will happen soon as it is always a delight to watch the eggs become little baby chickadees.

When our neighbors recently returned from being away for several months, they went to take the cover off of their outdoor furniture when a bird flew out and this nest came crashing to the ground.  Sadly there were eggs in it that are no longer.
It was a surprise to the neighbor and the mama bird.
I could tell by the large amount of leaves, especially the lacy skeletonized ones, that this was the work of the Carolina Wrens.  
They don't seem to mind putting their nests in places close to the house like potted plants and wreaths.  In our last house I would watch one carry nesting materials up to the retractable awning and construct her nest under the awning where it attached to the house.
I loved the up close viewing of her setting up housekeeping and avoided using the awning until I knew the babies had flown the coop.

Speaking of flying the coop...
This bluebird nest has flown away to a new home thanks to Ebay.
While I am still attracted to it's vintage charm, it was time for it to find happiness in a new home.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

In This First Week of Spring

In this first week of spring our weather hasn't decided if it's ready to warm up.  There have been many nights of covering the blueberry and hydrangea plants as the temperatures dipped into the 20s.  Despite our best efforts, there was still some frost damage here and there.  On the bright side, it has made for a long stretch of daffodils unfolding.  There are still new ones coming out which delights me.

The chilly days provided me with the ideal excuse to stay inside and decorate the house for Easter.

Once that was done a pretty springtime puzzle beckoned.

Soon my tulips will be in full bloom along with the grape hyacinths.
The next several days are forecast to be in the upper 70s.  That ought to convince the weather that spring has most definitely sprung!!

I do hope that spring is off to a good start for you.


Thursday, March 16, 2023

A Library Visit

A library visit was on my to-do list today.
Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed some early spring blooms in the garden area next to the library.  

Since I was in no particular hurry, I decided to head over there and take a closer look before going into the library.

The land where the library now sits was donated by a man to honor his wife's memory after she passed away.  She loved to read and garden so, he wanted to honor her with a library and memorial garden in her name.  Apparently he worked in the memorial garden every day until he passed away in his 90s.

Here you see the library in the distance.
All of the sitting areas inside look out over the garden where there are trails to walk on, benches to sit on and many plants to add seasonal beauty.  Here and there are bridges built by local Boy Scout troops

Meandering along the trails I spotted some pretty pink azaleas.

I'm not sure what this is.
It was taller than me and loaded with these fringy flowers.

As someone who also enjoys reading and gardening, I somewhat reluctantly left the garden to tend to the main reason for my visit.
I've been attending a bi-monthly Spice Club meeting and it was time to pick up the next packet.  Each meeting focuses on a different herb/spice.  In April it will be dill.  Our packets contain a sample of dill and several recipes.  We are free to try them out.  When the meeting rolls around we can bring a dish to share, although it is not required.  The gal who runs the meetings loves to cook and brings samples of all of her recipes for us to taste.  It has been a fun way to gain some new inspiration in the kitchen while meeting new people.

It seems no visit to the library is complete without checking out a book or two.
While I'm not familiar with this author, the photo makes me want to be out in the garden planting pretty flowers.

It's still early for that as our frost date isn't until April 15th.
This past week has brought a lot of daffodil bouquets reminding me that it won't be long now.

Do you visit your local library and, if so, what are some of your favorite things about it?


Friday, March 10, 2023

Happy Coincidences

After setting the dinner ingredients on the counter this morning I was kidding Brett about choosing a can of cream style corn to coordinate with the kitchen.  A happy coincidence.  He bought it last fall when he had a hankering.  It has been languishing in the pantry ever since.
Today it will be turned into corn chowder for dinner.  Which is actually another happy coincidence.  For in my family one never even says the words cream style corn without thinking of my Dad.  He loved the stuff.  Give him a heaping helping generously sprinkled with pepper and he was a happy man.  If he were still with us, we would be celebrating his birthday today.  It wouldn't be just any birthday, it would be his 100th.  Hard to even imagine that.  
I have a feeling that each bite of this simple soup will carry memories and warm thoughts of my dearly loved Dad and that will be the very happiest coincidence of them all.

🎡 Happy Birthday, Dear Daddio🎡

Are there certain foods that carry memories for you too?