Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Early Spring in the Garden

It was a pleasant surprise to glance out the window and see this yellow butterfly floating through the early spring garden.  I don't remember seeing them this early before, but maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention.  I was particularly delighted by the interest it was taking in my daffodils.

In the weather department we've been getting a lot of rain and cooler than normal temperatures.  All together it's been great for the spring show in the garden.  While the daffodils have been performing for a couple weeks now, the tulips and grape hyacinths joined the show in the last few days.  The pansies that I planted last fall are happy with the cooler weather too.  Once the heat sets in they will be ready to call it quits.

This area is a little courtyard visible from the kitchen, family room and living room.  It's been a work in progress.  I think it is finally coming together.  The vine on the trellis is a star jasmine.  Later in the spring it will be covered in fragrant flowers and eventually it will cover the trellis.  To the sides I have planted arborvitae shrubs in pots.  At the base  there is some ivy and flowers that I plan to change out for the seasons.
On the other side of the trellis you see my neighbor's house.  I've mentioned before that our homes are close together here.  This trellis set-up has been my solution for privacy and seeing nature out the windows that overlook the courtyard.  

The color combination of these tulips with the grape hyacinth is pleasing me greatly this year.  I just wish they could last a little  lot longer.  Right now I'm torn between enjoying them as they are and cutting a bouquet to bring inside before the next rain (due any minute).

In the form of edible gardening I'm growing some swiss chard in and amongst the spring bulbs.  I need to do a better job with actually eating it.  Even so, it is such a pretty addition to the garden with it's big glossy leaves and colorful stems.

Any idea what this is?


If you said a potato plant, you win!!
After watching one of my favorite gardening You Tubers tell how simple it is to grow taters in containers, I had to give it a try.

In late February I planted one pot each of the above varieties.
So far they are doing what they should be doing.
Apparently there will be a day in summer when the green growth turns brown and that is my signal to get harvesting.  I'm excited and have high hopes.  Hope I'm not disappointed.  Have you ever grown them?

Have a wonderful week!!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Spring's Arrival

~ Spring Has Sprung ~

Winter seems reluctant to let go this year.
Since it will be awhile before my garden tulips will be in bloom, I added a few of the silk variety to my foyer table.  Coupled with some Easter eggs and a nest full of bird eggs, the springtime welcome mat has been rolled out.

The garden is beginning to reward us with daffodils.
After some wild weather yesterday, I went out this morning and clipped a few that had taken a bit of a beating.  That little pop of yellow added an instant lift to coffee central.

While I don't have near the amount of yellow in this house as I did in the last, I find it to be such a cheerful, happy color.  It seems especially uplifting after a long winter.
The daffodils inspired me to change up the kitchen towels.  Those yellow bumble bees make me excited for the coming season.  Very soon we will be back digging in the dirt and enjoying time on the patio.  

A new yellow pillow on my reading chair.

This post brought to you by the color YELLOW.
On Thursday I went for my first vaccine.
As we pulled out of the driveway the skies opened up and the wind kicked into high gear.  Thunder boomed and lightening bolts lit up the sky.  By the time we reached our destination the rain had stopped.  While waiting to be called in everybody's cell phone went into emergency alert mode at once.  We were being advised to take cover immediately.  With no windows in the waiting room I had to wonder what exactly was taking place out there.  I wondered if Brett who was reading in the car was being taken away by a tornado.  Thankfully that was not the case.  By the time I was done the sun was shining and I was told I had just missed seeing a big, beautiful rainbow.
That weather event seemed to sum up this past year in a nutshell.
Like the rainbow this vaccine provides hope after a stormy, uncertain period of time.
I couldn't have been more impressed with the efficient manner in which this local vaccine event was implemented.  

Happy Spring!!