Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Welcoming Spring

Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where the flowers is?

On this first day of Spring my thoughts wander to this little poem I often heard my mom recite.  There aren't many flower to be found here so I am sharing the pretty bouquet featured on the card my sister sent to me.

 With Easter being later this year and winter being grayer, I was craving the pretty colors of Springtime.  So, last weekend it was time to see just what Easter dΓ©cor survived the great moving purge.  
 This little bunny has his garden trowel in hand eager to get out there and dig in the garden.  He's hoping to knock out the garden chores in time to hide those Easter eggs.  

 Speaking of Easter eggs.
It seems all of the bunnies are busy loading their baskets and wheelbarrows to make this year's hunt a roaring success.  Perhaps they know that many of their relatives have gone to new homes and are hoping to avoid the same fate.

 In another corner Mrs. Bunny has her tree beautifully decorated and is busy searching for just the right spot to display it.

 This little knee hugger chick is not convinced that it's warm enough to venture out.  For now she's content to be curled up in a tea cup.

 This bunny with her extra large egg is summoning the strength needed to add her contribution to the big Easter egg hunt.  

 Another wheelbarrow ready to hop into action.

Well, I think it's safe to say that the bunnies have nothing to fear.  The hutch is a happier place because of them.
I've even switched seats at the table so that I can enjoy their antics while dining.

From my happy hutch to you, the bunnies (and chick and lamb) say
"Happy Spring"

Monday, March 4, 2019

While waiting...

~ Waiting for Spring's Arrival ~

It shouldn't be too much longer, if you believe the calendar.
I'm getting a bit antsy this year.
Yet, in an effort to be patient while waiting, I snipped a few grape hyacinths and plopped them in a birdy vase.  They joined the etched glass bird and her nest of eggs.  A gift brought from England many years ago.
The windowsill above my desk just got a wee Spring makeover.
For the first time in my married life we have windowsills.
One of those exciting little things for me :).
While I am resisting the urge to clutter them up, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to bring a touch of the outdoors in and why not enjoy it while working and gazing out the window waiting for Spring to arrive in all her glory.


Are you looking forward to Spring?