Wednesday, November 30, 2022

A Home For The Books

Although I did a huge edit to my book collection when I moved four years ago, there were several that I just couldn't part with.  They have been residing in closets, cupboards, pantries and even under beds.  Yikes!  What can I say... I love books.
To me there are few things as relaxing as sitting down with a good book or reading in bed before going to sleep.  

When I moved here I was so in the mood to downsize everything.
I don't regret that at all.
However, as time has gone on I have missed my bookcases.

If you've been here for awhile you may remember the bookcases in my last house (above).  I used to love sitting in that room to read.  I could close the french doors and have a little hide out from the world.  Sometimes I would just pull a garden or decorating book from the shelves, make a cup of coffee and get lost in book land.
I think as much as having the bookcases, I have missed having a cozy little reading spot.

It took awhile to figure it out in this house.  It can take me a long while to decide on something.  Usually once the decision is made I am sure it's the right one.
Last week the workmen came and created a new home for my books.
A smaller scale works just fine for this house.  
It feels so good to see my old friends again :).

At the time of my move I edited another collection.
The vintage USA pottery collection.
I did, however, keep my very favorite pieces.
They have found new homes in amongst the books.
As we enter this busy time of year, it feels nice to have a special spot to relax and curl up with a good book.  Very likely a Christmas book from the collection that was never edited.  I especially love vintage Christmas books.  They, too, found a home in the new bookcases.


Now, tell me something...
Do you also like to read and, if so, do you prefer a real (old fashioned) book?
Do you have a special spot you like to read in?
And finally...
Do you have a favorite Christmas book?

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Social Media Connections While Traveling

Shortly before our recent vacation I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a new to me account called simplycountryhome.  I enjoyed looking through the little vignettes she featured.  When she mentioned visiting her booth in an antique mall, I checked to see where this mall was located.
Wytheville, Virginia
I called out to ask Brett if we would be anywhere near there on our trip to Michigan.  We'll be going right through it was his reply.

JoJo's Attic in Wytheville, Va became a place to stop along the way.
Brett was content to read in the car while I went in search of booth 102.
Before I saw the booth number I knew I was in the right place just by seeing her cute displays.

After enjoying her booth, I selected one thing to bring home with me.
The basket hanging above.  It was just what I had been looking for to hang on the hooks.  She had it filled with greens and petite pine cones.  I can picture changing what's in it to suit the seasons.
While paying for my purchase I decided to share with the lady who was bagging it up how I happened to find them.  Turns out it was her booth so I was glad I told her about this happy coincidence.

Further along on the trip, we had decided to venture off the interstate and travel through Ohio's Amish Country.  We had been through here many years ago (long before IG and YouTube) and decided it might be fun to re-visit the area.
I spent way too much time in one of the gift shops and then we had lunch here:

After lunch as we were driving around trying to decide if we had seen everything, I had a lightbulb moment.
I remembered a YouTuber that I have enjoyed watching who lives in the Amish area of Ohio.  I jumped on my phone and pulled up this video:

After watching it quickly, I consulted my tourist guidebook and set off to find:

If you watch Mary at White Cottage Company on YouTube, this may look familiar to you too.

At the antique mall I didn't see any names on the booths.
As I walked through this one, I suspected I had found the one I was looking for.

It was so fun to see Mary's creativity and talents in person.

As I was leaving her booth I saw this and knew, without a doubt, that I was in the right place.  As much as I would have liked to purchase something from her, I just couldn't find the right thing.

In the aforementioned video, Mary talks about one of her favorite booths (Tammy's).  It was probably the largest booth and very nicely done.  I did purchase a trio of those little white Christmas trees above.  While in that booth I overheard a few women oohing and aahing and then they mentioned Mary's booth.  I think they were fellow YouTube fans.

Another glimpse of Tammy's booth.

The only other thing that called my name was this Apple Pie Spice tin.  I thought it needed to join the Pumpkin Pie Spice as it will soon be time for baking the Thanksgiving pies.  Interestingly enough it is still filled with it's original spice and 39 cent price tag.  I don't think I'll be adding it to my real pie, but it fits right in with the old toy stove display.