Friday, December 28, 2012

Calling all Moon Watchers

 Last night we got a call from our son wondering if we'd looked at the moon?  Hmmm.... let's see ... we were out driving after dark, but didn't remember noticing the moon.  So, out in my fuzzy bathrobe I crept to see what was so interesting up in the night sky.
At first I noticed a full moon, but didn't think that was remarkable enough to warrant a call.  Right then my husband said "wow, look at that ring around the moon!"  It was a huge, perfectly round circle.  I did my best to capture it in a photo, although I will admit moon photography is not a skill that I possess.  Anyhow, I think you can see the ring around the moon up above ... can't you?  Please say that you can :).
Did you happen to see it with your own eyes in your own night sky?  We have never seen anything like it and were hoping that the weatherman would tell us more about it (as he often does), but he let us down.  Maybe it's not that unusual and we just don't moon gaze often enough.  I'm hoping one of my smart blog friends can tell me more about it as I know some of you are moon watchers and moon photographers.  I suppose I could Google it, but that requires more effort than I'm able to muster in these days following Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, I hope you all enjoyed a memorable day.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas Wishes

At some point in the fall I watched with interest as a clump of daffodils began springing from the earth.  Didn't they know it wasn't Spring?
They grew taller and soon a plump bud formed.
Weeks passed and the bud stayed firmly closed.
Certainly it wasn't going to open at this time of year, was it?
Why yes it was and still is.
Since I've never had a spring bulb blooming in my yard in December, it was necessary to take a photo and share it with you.

 There's a touch of Spring mingling with the Christmas decor indoors too.  Red tulips and a white hyacinth are lending a bit of natural beauty to the dining room.

 And the amaryllis that I showed you back here 
is blooming just in time for Christmas.

~ From my home to yours, I'm wishing you a
Merry Christmas ~ 

** Praying for Peace ... now more than ever **


Friday, December 21, 2012

Snug in My Snowy Nest

Never so happy to be back in my nest as I am right now.
I ventured out to Target this afternoon and was literally stuck in my parking spot.  The cars were lined up and down each aisle and nobody was moving.  Eventually a man showed up to patrol traffic in one particularly congested area and we slowly  made our way out of that maze of a parking lot.

 It has occurred to me that I am most likely talking to myself here tonight as we are all scurrying around in these last days leading up to Christmas.  However, after the craziness of that parking lot, I am content to sit here and babble for awhile.  

Tomorrow the baking and cooking marathon will begin.
No more trips to the store are needed.  Hooray!!
How are your plans shaping up?

 It has gotten cold here and the wind was whipping today.
The chances for that White Christmas I was dreaming about are still pretty remote, however.
I decided to bring a bit of a snowy feeling to my dining room hutch.  I clipped a few sprigs of cedar and added them to a white bowl along with some pine cones that I spray painted white and covered in glitter.

 Snowflakes and icicles were mixed with milk glass and snowy branches to create my winter wonderland.

 Not quite the same as the real thing,
but at least there is no shovelling involved.
I'm off to do some reading now.
I'm thinking of you all and hope you are finding joy in this busy season.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Note Card Party

 It's time once again for the Note Card Party hosted by Vee.
With our spring-like temperatures here in North Carolina, I think our chances for a White Christmas are slim to none.
But, hey, a girl can dream, can't she? 

 Inside we can pretend the weather outside is frightful
as we sip hot cocoa from our snowman mugs.

 And while there might not be any of the white stuff outside,
inside we've built many snowmen.

If there is snow where you live, please think of me as the snowflakes fly.
Here in the sunny south I'll just be dreaming
While our weather may not cooperate with my dreams, I decided to create a set of note cards that would.

♫ I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ♫

Thank you, Vee, for hosting the party.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Announcing The Winner

I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to enter my giveaway.
Yesterday I set my antique Christmas bowl in the center of Judy's pretty wreath and added all of your names to the bowl.
After stirring it up a bit, I summoned Brett away from the football games to choose the winner.
So, drumroll please . . .

The winner is:

Leslie from Leslie's Garden.

Congratulations to Leslie.  
I have only recently discovered Leslie's blog, but I always enjoy my visits.  I think you will too.


Sunday, December 16, 2012


~ His Guardian Angel ~

An antique print that once hung in the hallway between the bedrooms of my two little boys.
As a young mother it brought me comfort to think that she was watching over them and protecting them from the ups and downs of childhood.

Watching as the incomprehensible events unfolded this weekend, I wonder what could possibly bring comfort to the families of these precious children gunned down in such a horrific manner.
      My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people in Connecticut who have been touched by this tragedy.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Little Christmastime Giveaway

 At this busy time of year it's easy to become a bit frazzled.
The to-do list is never ending and the days fly by faster than ever.
If we're not careful it can become downright overwhelming.
Sometimes trying to pull off the "perfect Christmas" proves to be anything but.  
As I've gotten older the idea of perfection at Christmas has taken a back seat to sorting through all the possibilities out there and carefully picking out the ideas, recipes and traditions that fit my life right now... today... not ten years ago when life seemed easier, happier, you name it.
Anyways. . .  all that to say, in my small way I'd like to offer a giveaway with the hopes of giving one of you a small break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  A few little things and permission from me :) to sit down for a few minutes, relax and have a little "you time."

To start a book titled Christmas At Home.
A little book filled with recipes like:

* Mulled Holiday Punch
*Apple Cinnamon French Toast Souffle
*No Fail Party Dip
*White Christmas Chili
*Chocolate Covered Coconut Balls

to name just a few.

        While you're sitting in a comfortable chair with your feet propped up you might as well take a little more "you time" and enjoy the talents of Susan Branch in this charming little Christmastime book.  I think many (if not all) of us are enjoying Susan's delightful blog.  
I've been enjoying this little book for several years.  Recently I found another one at the thrift shop and thought maybe one of you would like it.

 As we finish out 2012 and move into 2013 I thought it might be nice to stay organized in a very pretty way ... a little Susan Branch for your purse.

 With the hopes that you will occasionally remove your holiday apron, set down the rolling pin and pamper your sweet self...
I'm including the Burt's Bees Essential Kit containing:

*Beeswax Lip Balm
*Coconut Foot Cream
*Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion
*Hand Salve
*Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream 

Love Burt's Bees for being made with natural ingredients and also made in the USA.  Yay!

Okay gals, that's my small way of trying to keep your holidays less than perfect.  In a good way, of course :).

If you're interested, please leave a comment.
That's it... no hoops to jump through here.
I'll drop all of your names into a festive Christmas bowl and choose the winner on Sunday night.

Oops, one more thing...
for some reason Peanut has been insisting that I add a gift from her to the giveaway.  This is what she's contributing:

 I'm not quite sure why, but she is adamant.
I know these knee hugging elves are one of those things you either love or not.  If you don't want to receive Peanut's contribution, should you win, feel free to let me know.  I won't tell her ;-).


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thoughts From the Blog Dog

Oh Please, not that camera again!!
Is it too much to ask for a dog to get some uninterrupted sleep?

 I've been an only child for ten years, except at Christmastime when I seem to inherit a brother (whether I want him or not).
She goes on and on about the strong family resemblance ... blah, blah, blah.  Something about the ears... blah!

 Personally I don't see it.
Ears... what ears??

She has this crazy idea that we should pose for a family photo.
 Oy!!  I have other ideas.

 He needs to go.
I'm too old for this nonsense!

But, in order to keep the peace and make her happy (after all she does provide treats and walks), I will pose for one photo... but I don't have to like it ;-|.

~ Kim   Peanut

P.S:  Come back tomorrow.  Between you and I there's talk around here of a giveaway.
Hmmm...  I think I should make a donation to the cause. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmastime Morning Ritual

Once I have the Christmas tree decorated it's time to start my favorite morning ritual of the year.
It's at this time of year that I like to get up a little earlier... before any of the other household creatures are stirring :).  As I tiptoe out of the bedroom, the first stop is the Christmas tree where I make a pit stop to turn on the lights.  
From there I head to the kitchen to get the coffee going.

 But, before I get the coffee started, it's time to plug in a new and oh-so-pretty Christmas light in the kitchen.  This one is sitting on the kitchen island and was a recent giveaway win from the oh-so-talented Judy at Just a Little Something For You.
This beautiful wreath warms up my kitchen first thing in the morning.

 Judy took an already pretty Christmas wreath and added her own special touches of tiny white lights and glittery green and red stars and in the center she placed this adorable battery operated candle.
If you are a visitor to Judy's blog you will already be familiar with her many talents for assembling creative, beautiful and heartfelt gifts.  

She even made the cardboard shipping box into a thing of beauty.
If you haven't visited Judy's blog yet, I hope you'll head on over.  You will be glad you did.

Thank you, Judy.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

In The December Garden

The directions said to place it a cool room with indirect light.
That proved to be good advice.
Not sure that it will still have blooms on Christmas Day, but it sure is a beautiful sight to enjoy in the days leading up to Christmas.

 The beauty of the amaryllis is still waiting to be revealed.
I've been lightly misting the soil every day and watching as it slowly grows taller and plumper.
I think this one will be blooming on Christmas Day.  At least that's the plan.
When the springtime rolls around I transplant the amaryllis bulb into the garden and then the following summer we have this:

 Pretty in any season.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?
Today I'll be putting the finishing touches on the decorating followed by a whole house vacuuming, which may be followed by a washing of the hardwood floors ... or not.  Instead I may decide to visit blogland where the Christmas preparations are so pretty and inspiring.  I've gotten pretty good at that lately ;-).  But, hey, we have to stop every now and then for a break, don't we?  We don't want to get burned out yet.
In my recent blog hopping, I somehow stumbled upon (funny how that happens) a beautiful Swedish gardening blog.  I was completely fascinated by the creative and beautiful way that she gardens.  If you're in need of a little break any time soon, I think a visit to Sweden is just what the doctor ordered.  Very pretty and calming.  In fact she has just made a gorgeous advent wreath that is well worth the visit.  Hitting the translate button helps (a bit) to read the words.  It can also be quite entertaining.  However, with such beautiful photos, I'm not sure the words are even necessary.   Anyhoo, if you're interested, the link is here . 

Happy December girls.

deep breaths ... we can do this.