Friday, December 21, 2012

Snug in My Snowy Nest

Never so happy to be back in my nest as I am right now.
I ventured out to Target this afternoon and was literally stuck in my parking spot.  The cars were lined up and down each aisle and nobody was moving.  Eventually a man showed up to patrol traffic in one particularly congested area and we slowly  made our way out of that maze of a parking lot.

 It has occurred to me that I am most likely talking to myself here tonight as we are all scurrying around in these last days leading up to Christmas.  However, after the craziness of that parking lot, I am content to sit here and babble for awhile.  

Tomorrow the baking and cooking marathon will begin.
No more trips to the store are needed.  Hooray!!
How are your plans shaping up?

 It has gotten cold here and the wind was whipping today.
The chances for that White Christmas I was dreaming about are still pretty remote, however.
I decided to bring a bit of a snowy feeling to my dining room hutch.  I clipped a few sprigs of cedar and added them to a white bowl along with some pine cones that I spray painted white and covered in glitter.

 Snowflakes and icicles were mixed with milk glass and snowy branches to create my winter wonderland.

 Not quite the same as the real thing,
but at least there is no shovelling involved.
I'm off to do some reading now.
I'm thinking of you all and hope you are finding joy in this busy season.



  1. You are not alone! Your hutch looks beautiful. Glad you are home safe and sound...the parking lots everywhere were so crowded today! A VERY Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Your hutch is gorgeous! I went out for a short time today...the traffic!!

    BIL and SIL in town from Texas so we are headed out antique shopping tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas, love being snug in my nest too!

  3. Kim, I was so tired today I did not venture out but I have to be out tomorrow! Haircut/color, and I need another roll of wrapping paper! and maybe ribbon! And goodie bags/boxes!! Ay yay yay. But I do love your hutch. And I will be making my treats and listening to music and wrapping. Just wouldn't be the holidays without hustle and bustle. Merry Christmas! xo

  4. Your decorations are so beautiful. I love them all.
    VERY windy here today especially for walking!!

    I'm done and ready - just enjoyed the season now. It's just the two of us so I didn't really have that much to do anyway.

  5. I'm reading a few blogs this morning before turning off the computer and tackling the final cleaning and preparations. I'm glad my shopping is done - did the groceries yesterday and now I can stay home.

    Merry Christmas, Kim, enjoy your pretty nest.

  6. If you start feeling very chilly, you'll know that you succeeded. =D It's very pretty.

    Ok...that story about Target's parking lot just has me scared to death. I've got to go in town. The snow has started. John says he'll drive. Thank goodness for small mercies.

  7. I love that little tinsel nest and all of your pretty whites! We are having a little chill here, too so it feels more like Christmas! Merry Christmas!

  8. All the white is very pretty, Kim!

  9. Someday I will inherit a set of antique milk glass dishes...I am going to keep in mind your lovely "snow white" display.
    We still have snow outside and fresh snowfall is forecast for Christmas Eve. Hurrah!

  10. I hit Target yesterday...then again today, as well as two malls,a strip mall and a restaurant., my precious adult daughters were with me and even though we were in the hussle bussle crowded chaos. I felt so BLESSED♥
    Now I am sitting back as the college daughter is watching THE GRINCH with Hubby, I sit enjoying this bliss and for the first time this season... I am smiling and remembering the reason for the season and feeling the love.


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