Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kitchen Update ~ Before and After

 ~ Hello Hydrangea ~

Why does it seem that when a goodbye is on the horizon one's perception changes?
Things that once were taken for granted suddenly seem so endearing or important.
Now that our upcoming move is becoming a reality, I'm seeing some things in a different light.
Today it's the hydrangeas.
I don't think they've ever bloomed so profusely in the 19 years I have been tending them in this garden.  Although, it may also be that I haven't been appreciating them as much as I should have.
Either way, as this will be my last spring season in this garden, I plan to enjoy them in a big way with many bouquets.

This post isn't really about the hydrangeas.
I'm popping in with a moving update and a kitchen update.
We have now officially purchased a lot in our new neighborhood.
Next week we will be making decisions on all that goes into a new house and soon it will be time to put this one on the market.
The updates are just about complete.
Not too long ago I shared the kitchen demo in this post.
Just before the counters were demolished, I snapped the above picture showing the bar counter above the kitchen sink in all of it's blue tile glory.

 Here you see the new counter.
It was recommended that we do away with the bar height counter.
We chose white quartz countertops with a bit of grey veining throughout.  

 We are pleased with the way the light reflects off of the countertops and the view has opened up to the outside.
I also don't miss the grout lines one little bit.
These countertops are so easy to wipe up and keep clean.
I loved my blue and white kitchen for many years.

 Now I am loving an updated, less cluttered kitchen.
The white appliances have been replaced with stainless steel.
Surprisingly all of the appliances were still in good working order and have found new homes.
The cabinet and drawer pulls have been changed to brushed nickel.
The yellow wallpaper was removed and the walls have been painted Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.

 The blue tile backsplash was replaced with subway tile.

 When we replaced the refrigerator, we decided on a model with the freezer on the bottom.  This was quite a change from the side by side we have had for years and years.  I must say that I LOVE this refrigerator.  

Though most of my kitchen "knick knacks" have been packed away, given away or sold, I'm having fun playing with a few select pieces that I think look nice with the updated look.
This particular pattern lends a touch of the old with the new and I think that's just the look I'm after in the next house.