Monday, February 22, 2021

Late Winter Garden Notes

Saturday's arrival brought blue, sunny skies.  
Oh my, what a welcome sight!
Our long stretch of cold, gray gloom was beginning to take a toll.
With nothing on the day's schedule, I promptly decided it was going to be an outside gardening day.  At first glance it may seem early for any gardening, but I knew there were a few early chores to be accomplished.  Before I began I just sat on the patio enjoying the sun on my face and the chance to breathe in the fresh cool air.  In the distance the sound of birdsong made me know that despite what the weather might be saying, springtime is just around the corner. 

Late winter is the time I cut back the ornamental grasses.  Trimming away last year's dry foliage to make way for fresh new green shoots always feels hopeful.

The one above is liriope (aka:  monkey grass).  There are five of them around the backyard water feature and five in the front yard.

I found a pair of scissors worked best to give them all a haircut.

Once done, things were looking much tidier.

This twiggy looking thing is my Annabelle Hydrangea.
Not too impressive right now, but come summer it should be filled with big white blossoms.  

In an effort to ensure that happening I cut it back to within 6-10" from the ground before it breaks dormancy.

Once the work was done I strolled the garden looking for signs of new life.  In the herb garden I noticed fresh green chives popping out.

Last fall I had a few crocus bulbs left over and stuck them into a patio pot.  We're expecting a few days in the 60s this week which I imagine will coax them into bloom.

My three little blueberry plants are filling up with buds.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy harvest come summer.

Although most of my spring bulbs have poked out of the ground, the only bloom to be found is this one lone snowdrop.  A sign of things to come.   I can hardly wait for the show to begin.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Pandemic Projects

In the early days of this pandemic it seemed like a good idea to use the time at home wisely by tackling projects that never seem to make it off the "to do list".  I found this post to be very encouraging at a time that seemed so uncertain.

Looking back over these many months, in some ways it seems like not much got accomplished.  Perhaps it is because they weren't major accomplishments like learning a new language or perhaps it is because nobody comes in to appreciate the small fruits of our labor.
I guess we really have ticked off a fair amount of things that give us a sense of accomplishment and add a bit of variety to the days.
One such project happened last weekend.  I might add that it was a non-stop rainy weekend so a little project was most welcome.
This project involved a guest room wall that had not been decorated since moving in two years ago.  I couldn't quite figure out what to do with it so I did nothing.  

A recent visit to HomeGoods served as the inspiration to get things moving.  I might add that my shopping trips are still very limited at this point.  However, after seeing so many favorite shops go out of business, I try to do a small part in supporting those that are hanging in there.
Last week I felt lucky to find something that seemed like it might work for that wall across from the bed.  After measuring and pounding a few holes in the wall, a pleasing arrangement was found.
Just one thing was missing . . .

The photos!
In trying to decide which photos to include in this collage, I opted for memories made since moving into this house.  Sure do wish I could see them in person more often.  For now, I enjoy seeing their smiling faces every time I pass through this room.  Currently that is several times a day as it is on the indoor walking route :).  Another pandemic project (of sorts) has been to increase the daily steps.  During this long string of rainy days here that has made for a lot of passes through the guest room.

Have you tackled any projects recently?

Monday, February 15, 2021

Twas The Day After Valentine's Day

The other day I looked out the window to see four cardinal couples hanging out in my neighbor's crape myrtle tree.  Glad my phone was handy to snap a quick picture as not long after I saw them, they were gone.  Their visit seemed most appropriate in the days leading up to Valentine's Day.  Love was most definitely in the air 💘

I had intended to pop in here to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day, but it never happened.  I hope you found a way to make the day special one way or another.
The pansies I was drying in my last post found their way into a Valentine I sent to a special someone.  While sorting through my vintage card collection I spotted this sweet little one with the pansies on it.  Seemed like just the one to tuck a few pressed pansies into.  I'm hoping that it carried the promise of spring along with it.
Speaking of spring, I finally got motivated to change my Christmas themed header.  As we are on the umteenth day of gray, gloomy weather, I am declaring it springtime on my blog :).

I guess my longing for springtime has carried over to the kitchen.
When Publix advertised Florida strawberries last week, the Valentine's Day dessert menu began to take shape.

Fresh strawberry pie with a generous dollop of whipped cream.
One pie for two people means it will be a very spring-like week.  At least in the kitchen.
I wish I could invite you over to share.  Since that's not a possibility, please accept my belated Valentine wishes along with a virtual slice of pie.