Tuesday, May 9, 2023

In The May Garden

The azaleas in my garden have come and gone with nary a picture taken to document them.  I suppose that had to do with lacking energy while they were in their prime.  The past week has been fairly productive on the gardening front and a few times the camera came out.  It's nice to have documentation here on the blog so that I can compare from year to year what bloomed when.
Here the clematis are still putting out blooms, although they will soon be done.

While I wish I could say this basket of strawberries came from my garden, the truth is they were the first of the locally grown berries from the farmer's market.  The day we bought them our son was coming for dinner.  We picked up an angel food cake and whipped cream and had a delicious seasonal dessert.  Brett and I went on to enjoy that dessert every evening until the cake was gone.  Our rationale was that after waiting all winter for the local strawberries to arrive, we have to take full advantage while the season lasts.

I love how the garden centers offer these drop in planters.  
I think they did such a nice job with this color combination of coleus.
They should be well suited to the mostly shade situation on the patio.
Keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep them looking this lovely all summer.

One of my favorite places to be at this time of year is the garden centers and nurseries.  Looking at all of the beautiful plants is so enjoyable and it seems like people are in good spirits as they plan their gardens and landscapes.
I couldn't resist this mushroom to add a bit of whimsy to the pot of impatiens on the patio dining table.

Our weather today calls for rain most of the day, yet the sun is shining.  I hope there will be at least one good soaking so that I don't have to drag out the hose to water the seeds that have been planted here and there.  We did receive a lot of April showers.  Since my seeds weren't planted then, there will be no May flowers unless I keep them watered.