Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Regarding the Snowman Hot Cocoa Set . . .

Since a few of you asked where I got the hot chocolate set in my last post, I thought I'd pop in and answer that question. 

I was thrilled to find it earlier this fall at a local consignment shop.  I thought it would be right at home near my blue and white snowman tree.  I love that it even has a little bowl to keep your marshmallows in.  The box it came in says it was originally purchased at Dillard's.  I don't know if they still carry them.  I tried to look on the Dillard's website today, but didn't find much in the way of Christmas decor. 

Speaking of snowmen, I wanted to share a picture of the snowman my son and his girlfriend built the day after Christmas.

Our temperatures are predicted to reach 60 on Saturday, so I'm enjoying him while he lasts.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dreams Came True in North Carolina

Just a few weeks ago I was . . .

Well, guess what?
:-), :-), :-)

Dreams really do come true!!!

For the first time since 1947 a white Christmas came to the Charlotte, NC area.

Since we never know how long our snow in the south will stick around, I was out at midnight with camera in hand.

I love the look of colored lights shining through snow-covered bushes.  Sigh ~

There is just something so peaceful about freshly fallen snow.

Peanut thought she could enjoy all the peacefulness just as much from inside the house.

Despite receiving a new coat for Christmas, she thought the snow was just as pretty from the vantage point of her doggy bed.

As for me, I plan to get outside and enjoy the snow today.  Maybe after that it will be time to enjoy the hot cocoa.  I'm making the most of this white Christmas just in case we have to wait  63 more years to see another one.

The lights are still up and tonight there will be a fire in the fireplace, a new book is calling my name and the comfy chair is beckoning.  Now is the time for relaxing.  The hustle and bustle is behind us now.  A new year awaits.

Here's hoping that you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Pretending

I'm pretending there aren't piles on every counter in my kitchen today and I'm pretending that there's not a sink full of dirty dishes to be washed. And as long as I'm pretending, I think I'll have a little mid-day party.  Would you like to come.  If you're too busy, you can just pretend you came.

It's pretty mild here today and there's not a snowflake in sight.
But, since it is almost Christmas and I want it to feel Christmassy at our party, I've hung a few snowflakes to create the mood.  Yes, they are blue because they match our sky and at our pretending party we can make the snowflakes any color we choose.  You might have guessed at my party they would be blue :).

Even though it's the middle of the day, the candles are lit.

It can't be called a party without the candles lit, can it?

Now, let's see ... what else do we need?

Oh yes, food.  Can't have a party without that.
Since it's too late for lunch and too early for dinner, how about a sweet treat.  I know... how about some cookies?

I bought those cookie cutters the other day while out Christmas shopping.  I pretended that my name was on my list and decided that they would make a perfect gift for me.  Ho ho.

Just so you don't think that's all I do is pretend, the cookies are real.  Just finished making them, hence the messy kitchen that I am currently avoiding.  I have stacks and stacks of real cookies.

What would you like to drink with your stack of cookies?
(remember at pretend parties we also pretend that cookies don't contain calories :).

I made some hot chocolate mix last night as part of my neighbor gifts.  Shall we try it out before giving it away?  I think we definitely need to top it with a few real marshmallows, don't you?

As we carry on with our party, I think I'll keep on pretending.
Pretending the bathrooms cleaned themselves, the laundry put itself away, the presents wrapped themselves . . .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Announcing The Winner

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway.
Before I head out the door this morning, I let the random number generator choose the winner and the result is:

Congratulations to Ceekay at Thinkin of Home.
If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting Ceekay before, I would highly recommend you stop by her blog.  She has a beautiful home and a real flair for decorating.  I'm always inspired by my visits there.

Wishing you all a productive day as we move closer to Christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Welcome Reprieve

As I've been writing out Christmas cards today, the weather has been mostly cloudy with an occasional rain shower.  Since my hand was getting writer's cramp I was looking for any excuse to take a break from this task, but I had promised myself I would have them all done today.  So, I continued writing.  Writing and writing until I looked up and noticed it was raining pretty hard and the sun was out.  Like any good blogger, I grabbed the camera and ran to the window.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear??

A rainbow ... in December.
It was stretching across the sky...

Peeking through the trees ...

And descending  upon the housetops.

Such an unexpected sight at this time of year and such a wonderful excuse to take a break from writing out the Christmas cards :).

Just a reminder:  If you haven't signed up for my giveaway and would like to you have until tomorrow at midnight.  Click here to sign up.

I'm off to finish up those cards now.

Happy Sunday to you.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Talk Giveaways, Shall We?

Our big snowfall has melted (ho, ho, ho) and I've now resorted to spray on snow.  I'm trying to set a wintery background in which to display this adorable little bird and nest that I was lucky enough to win in a recent giveaway.  The giveaway was held by Katty of Katty's Cosy Cove.  Katty was watching the birds outside her window one day and decided she'd like to crochet some ~ so she did and then offered two of them and their nests in her generous giveaway. 

The other one is perched in my bookcase with a nest full of Shiny Brite eggs for Christmas.  These little birdies and nests are so soft and pretty.  I know that I will have so much fun using them in different ways in each season.  I am amazed at such talent.  If you have not visited Katty's blog, I would recommend it highly.  I promise you will be inspired by her talents.  Thank you very much, Katty.

Coincidentally when I sat down to prepare this post I noticed that this is my 200th post.  I'm thinking that means it's time for me to do a little giveaway of my own.  So ....

I've put together a little giveaway starting with this petite Santa and Snowman salt and pepper set.

Since I love vintage items, I thought I would add a couple of Christmassy hot pads. I wish I could say I made them for you, but that would be stretching the truth.  I feel pretty sure they were made long ago by a sweet little grandmother who embraced a happy home as much as I do. 

Because nobody likes water rings left on furniture from glasses set down without coasters ...  a set of four coasters.  These coasters are made of plastic and you slide a cocktail napkin between the layers of plastic to absorb the moisture.  Very fun to change the napkins to fit the season thus changing the looks of your coasters.  I know they don't look too exciting in the photo.

So, I've added a package of napkins to get you started.
These napkins reflect a peaceful feeling to me.  At this busy time of year, I wish you all some moments of peace.  Some time to slow down a bit and enjoy the beauty of the Christmas season.  When I saw the blue and white cup and saucer I thought perhaps I should add a touch of blue to the package. 

So, I visited the box of hotpads that I've collected over the years and selected this blue and white one made to look like a cup and saucer.  I suppose to those of you who have come to know me through this blog, it won't surprise you that it wasn't complete without a touch of blue :).

If you'd like to enter my giveaway, please leave a comment on this post before midnight on Monday, December 13th.  I'll post the winner on the 14th.  If you don't have a blog, leave your e-mail address in your comment so that I may contact you.

Good luck to all.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Look Quick ~ It's Snowing Down South

As I've been reading about snow falling in different areas throughout blogland ...

I've been conjuring up pictures of those fluffy white flakes gently falling outside my window ...

I guess you could say I've been thinking snow.

While I know that Christmas will come ~ snow or no snow ...

There's really nothing like a snowfall to set the mood for Christmas.

Wrapping presents while watching the snowflakes fall sounds dreamy to me...

Wrapping presents as the snowflakes fall while sipping warm and creamy hot cocoa sounds even dreamier :)

Here in the southern U.S. our snowfalls are rare.  We usually see at least one per winter, but sometimes you have to look quick or you'll miss it.

As was the case on Saturday when we received this little dusting.
If you live further north, you're probably chuckling about now.  Being from Michigan I completely understand.

We may not get a huge quantity of snow down here, but ...
in this instance a little goes a long way or maybe it's quality over quantity.  Whatever the case may be, I'll take what I can get .