Monday, December 6, 2010

Look Quick ~ It's Snowing Down South

As I've been reading about snow falling in different areas throughout blogland ...

I've been conjuring up pictures of those fluffy white flakes gently falling outside my window ...

I guess you could say I've been thinking snow.

While I know that Christmas will come ~ snow or no snow ...

There's really nothing like a snowfall to set the mood for Christmas.

Wrapping presents while watching the snowflakes fall sounds dreamy to me...

Wrapping presents as the snowflakes fall while sipping warm and creamy hot cocoa sounds even dreamier :)

Here in the southern U.S. our snowfalls are rare.  We usually see at least one per winter, but sometimes you have to look quick or you'll miss it.

As was the case on Saturday when we received this little dusting.
If you live further north, you're probably chuckling about now.  Being from Michigan I completely understand.

We may not get a huge quantity of snow down here, but ...
in this instance a little goes a long way or maybe it's quality over quantity.  Whatever the case may be, I'll take what I can get .


  1. LOL That is funny but it looks like you are dreaming of a white Christmas..everything is so cute..I hope you get one! ;D

  2. This SoCal born girl can't stop watching snow fall here in Utah, and is POUTING that rain is melting our two feet of white from Thanksgiving day storm.

    I like how you have compensated for minimal snowfall with lots of wintery blue decorations.

  3. That's about all I want per day. Nothing major! So far, so good. We got a light dusting this morning. Oh I see that you've been working on a mosaic for your header. It looks great! Love your tree skirt, too. Did you make it?

  4. I love your snowmen and the tree skirt is so cute!!

  5. Every year I enjoy watching the first flakes of the season fall and we always want a white blanket for Christmas. We had just a few flakes this AM.

    Your snowmen are cute!

  6. Oh your snow ornies are precious. I just love snowmen!

  7. We're further south than you, so our snow fall/dusting would be every 3 to 5 years. If I could order some snow, I'd like it for 2 days.... picky, picky me.....

    Your snowmen are so cute, and I love your tree skirt!!

  8. Hi Kim,
    That's OK we get NO snow any
    time of the year in Adelaide,
    South Australia. Today we are
    getting heavy tropical rain?!
    That's unusual for us too!
    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for
    the lovely story about writing
    notes in books. Very sweet.
    Also your Australian photos
    were great.
    When its hot here I love to
    think of snow and snowmen;)

  9. Your soft blue and white creates a dreamy feel for me as I read down through your blog today. Snow or no snow, you can create winter beauty just by arranging things like you do. Keep on dreaming of a white Christmas my friend, it just may happen for you.
    Happy day to you!

  10. A dusting is all I want to see down here. lol I'll go visit family in MI for anything larger. lol
    It's cold here though. We took a dive the last couple of days.
    Your snowmen are all adorable. Very cute Tree Skirt.

  11. You've had more snow than we have. Nothing here yet except a couple of flurries. I can't say I mind though after last years snow!!!!

    I'm not surprised to see the pretty blue tree skirt. :-) Love all your ornaments too. Blue and white is SO pretty.

  12. KIm, I have several little candle angels just like the ones in your header picture!! They are the cutest things!

  13. Love all your cute snowmen, Kim.

    I was so excited when it started to snow because we were decorating the tree and everything felt so festive. It was pretty while it today, gone tomorrow!


  14. Snow and Christmas are a perfect match...I agree!

  15. What cute snowmen! You may really have some snow now! We see quite a bit on the radar! Happy holidays! ♥

  16. I think we surpassed the 2-foot mark today, so yes, I laughed when I saw your snowfall! Stay warm and keep the shovel handy!

  17. I'm smiling at this post. But had your snow & you 'looked quick'. But I see you can enjoy the snowmen quite nicely indoors!


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