Friday, November 8, 2019

Indoor Gardening ~ The Meyer Lemon Tree

 Last spring I picked up a Meyer Lemon tree at the local garden center.  At the time it might have been a foot tall. Rather puny for the price.  I located it in a sunny spot on the patio and made sure it received adequate water throughout our long, hot summer.  It thrived out there and doubled, if not tripled, in size.
With the prospect of frost on the horizon, it was time to find a new home for it.  So, I hosed it off and gave it a thorough spray with insecticidal soap in an attempt to keep any creepy crawlers from coming in with it.
Next I located the sunniest window in the house and moved it to it's winter digs.

 Here it is near the bedroom window.
My new routine includes getting those shades up as soon as the sun shines in this direction.  Most mornings I give it a light misting of water to provide it with the humidity it likes.  While misting away I check it over to see if I see any cobwebs or bugs.
I'm hoping to keep it thriving inside until next spring when it can return to it's outdoor home.

Currently it looks content in it's new home.
The leaves are big and glossy green.
This isn't the first time I've overwintered a lemon tree.
You can read about the last attempt here.  That time it was covered in buds and I was pondering the right fertilizer for it.  I went to the garden center and asked for a recommendation.  They sent me on my way with citrus spikes.  Not long after popping the spike in the soil the plant turned brown and died.  In hindsight that spike was way too big for the potted plant.  It was better suited for an inground tree.  I tried taking the spike out and babying it but the damage was done.  RIP!  :/
After nurturing the plant along I had such high hopes for that first lemon. :(  Not to mention I felt so guilty for ending it's life like that.

So, this time I am determined to meet with success.
Because they do need fertilizer to produce those luscious lemons, I went to a different garden center and found this granular version.  Now I can have better control over how much it receives at each feeding.
I also found this fantastic article on the subject.  I am trying to follow her advice to a tee.
I'll keep you posted.  If you don't hear more about it, it might be best not to ask ;).
My fingers are crossed for lemon bars and lemonade next summer.


Please chime in if you have any experience with this topic.
Any advice is welcome.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Fall Preparations

There's nothing quite like the cooler fall temperatures to get me inspired to get things done.  First off was the closet.  One afternoon I spent several hours shifting my wardrobe from summer to fall/winter.  It was nice to have the time to address each item in there.  A few bags went to the thrift shop.  Summer clothes were washed (if necessary), shoes were dusted or wiped down, and things were tried on to assess whether the item was really comfortable and was something I was likely to wear.

 Our local extension agent put on a presentation for the garden club reminding us of what we should be doing in our gardens for the fall season.

 I went right home and got to work on his suggestions.

While planting my tulips I glanced down the side of the house looking toward the backyard and noticed the lilac Encore Azaleas blooming away.  Just beyond them a bit of fall color appears in the woods.

 Next it was time to put out another bird feeder.
🎜 feed the birds tuppence a bag
tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag
"feed the birds" that's what she cries
while overhead, her birds fill the skies 🎜

This one I filled with safflower seeds.  The extension agent said that squirrels don't like them.  Although, oddly enough we haven't had a problem with squirrels in this house.  Maybe they prefer to hang out in the woods.  Not sure, but I'm not complaining. 

 After getting the bird feeders filled I sat a minute and took in the leaf situation.  Before they all fall down, it's imperative to take in the color change from day to day.

 During the football game last weekend I sifted through a growing magazine pile.
I tore out a few interesting recipes and am pleased to say I even tried one of them ;D.

 In this case it was a Rachel Ray recipe for oatmeal made with apple cider.  Sauteed apples and toasted pecans topped it off and we both gave it two thumbs up!!

Another blanket was added to the bed.
At the end of the evening I can be found under those blankets with a book.  Incidentally, I am finding this one to be very engrossing.