Sunday, April 28, 2019

Touring the Gardens of Fourth Ward

It had been a few years since I'd been on a garden tour, so when I heard about one that was upcoming, the decision to go was made quickly.  This one took place in a historic neighborhood in Charlotte called Fourth Ward.  
Our oldest son lives in one of Charlotte's many high rise condo buildings which are typically what I think of when I think of living in the city.
Little did we know that within walking distance was this gem of a neighborhood waiting to be discovered.

 Near the start of the tour sat this gorgeous home.
Very well-maintained and majestic.
While it wasn't officially on the tour, I couldn't help but take a few photos.
 The gardens were also beautiful.

The wraparound porch caught my eye and the hanging light fixtures stopped me in my tracks.  I'd happily show up with homemade cookies and a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade in exchange for sitting a spell in such lovely surroundings.

 Turning the corner I couldn't resist a wee peek through the arbor.
Classical music was floating through the air.  Sigh!

 This charming house was on the tour.
Between you and I, I'd be quite happy to share a little homemade cookie and lemonade love on this front porch too.  Both would be wonderful places to sit and watch the world go by.

 The backyard garden illustrated that swimming pools are possible even on smallish city lots.  The two streams of water arching into the pool gave it such a tranquil feel.

 Next to the pool was this adorable storage shed or maybe it's a playhouse.  Either way it fit so nicely into the landscape.

 It was interesting to see how beautiful gardens were created even in seemingly tiny spaces.  Here they planted lush gardens in amongst the entrances to several townhouses.  The azaleas were in full bloom and paired nicely with these large ferns.

There was even a little waterfall tucked in amongst the plants.
A garden bench was placed across from it.
If I were a city dweller, I would really appreciate this natural area right outside my front door.  Seems to me somebody planned this out really well.

This honeysuckle covered gate in another garden added a feeling of privacy with a nice peek into the neighborhood.

It was fun to spend the day gazing into the gardens of others.
Almost like a little vacation.
It also inspired us to stop at the garden center on the way home to purchase a few plants for our own garden.
Once they are planted, I think it will be lemonade and cookies on the patio.


Hope your weekend has been enjoyable.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bits of Blue


~ On Saturday we visited a new(ish) garden center.  It was one of those wonderful places filled with beauty, inspiration and a very knowledgeable staff.  What's not to like about that combination?
Since I have several blue garden pots in the garage, I was keeping an eye out for pleasing plant combinations to fill them with.

~With spring's arrival the bluebirds are visiting the feeder and the nesting boxes we put out for them.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for new little families in the very near future.

~ There is a little vase sitting on the top shelf of a plant stand in my family room.  Each afternoon when I'm passing through there the sun illuminates it beautifully and I think I should take a picture of that.  Today I did.

~ My birthday was on Good Friday this year.  It rained that day with a tornado warning thrown in the mix.  It seemed like a good day to stay in.  So, I did.  Stayed in and baked myself a carrot cake.  Well, actually it was for Easter and I shared it with the family.

~ Easter was a lovely day.  We ate lots of good food and then went on a walking tour of homes being built across the street.  

~ The next day, while washing up the dishes, it occured to me that I didn't take a single picture on Easter.  It also occurred to me as I was drying the china that I haven't changed much since picking out my wedding china.  Something Blue.

~ I liked blue then and still do as you may have guessed by now.
Since my birthday it's been nothing but blue skies around here.
Last evening the spring green leaves on the trees looked so pretty with the clear blue sky background.  

Any bits of blue capturing your attention lately?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

An Evening Walk

Around here the construction crews arrive early and since the majority of the new homes are going up across the street and down the street, that makes for a steady stream of construction trucks and workers.  Neighborhood walks during the day would involve a lot of maneuvering around obstacles and, therefore, don't happen often.

The secret is to wait until just before sunset when most have finished their day's work.  Things are much quieter and the hammering is replaced by the sound of birdsong.  
Tonight after washing the dinner dishes, I put on my walking shoes, grabbed my phone and slipped out the door.
Dogwoods and Redbuds were calling my name.

Here our mail is delivered to a central location within the neighborhood.  It is a nice little walk to get there.  A few rolling hills are involved.  That was my destination on this lovely evening.
In the distance the sun began it's descent.

Before long it would be gone from the horizon and another day would be nearing it's end.  Time to head for home.

In our last house we planted a redbud right outside the master bathroom window.  It grew well and soon filled in the view looking especially lovely at this time of year.  If you've been around long enough you may remember it here.  It was one of the many aspects of the garden that was hard to leave behind.  Before moving into this house we were happy to see that the developers planted a few trees in the commons area on the side of the house.  Imagine our delight when the one situated right outside the master bath turned out the be another redbud.  It's beginning to feel like home more every day.