Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cropping and Planting Today

Do you ever feel awkward about taking pictures of other people's houses?
As bloggers this can be a common practice, but I often wonder what non-bloggers think of it.
While attending a historic homes tour recently this house caught my eye.  It wasn't on the tour.  Just one of the homes we passed by.
I love the way it has been decorated for fall and was compelled to snap a quick picture.

Once I got home and uploaded my photos, I was thankful for the crop feature which allowed me a closer look at the details.
This interesting pumpkin man and a few well placed leaves make a charming welcome on the front door.

To the right of the door sits an artistic vignette.
I would never think to do something like this, but I love everything about it.
I wonder if that coppery little pumpkin has been spray painted?

To the left of the door.
Some more of those coppery pumpkins in an amazingly huge cornucopia.  Gorgeous!!!  I can't imagine where you would find one that size.
The crow in the tree is something I could imagine being able to do quite easily.

One more look at the entire porch.
See the mini pumpkins above the door.  So sweet.
I also love the painted steps and lace curtains.
After taking the time to decorate so nicely, I somehow don't think this homeowner would mind seeing people snap a picture.
However, since I feel a little shy about doing so I'm happy to be able to do a bit of cropping in order to check out the details better.  I think that is preferable to standing in front of her house gawking for too long. 

 I'm off to plant bulbs today.
Tulips and pink daffodils and a couple of amaryllis for the inside.
Hope your day is a HAPPY one.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Back Where I Belong

Welcome Back to my Happy Home, dear blog friends.

  To make a long story short..
I thought I could close my blog door.
I was Wrong (with a capital W).
I learned a lot from this and have now decided that this is where I belong, for better or worse.
I've also learned that each of you belong here too.  
During this process a few of you shared that you, too, have had thoughts of giving up blogging.  I'm here to say...don't do it.  I would miss you too much.  :D.
Okay, now that that is cleared up, let's get on with the beautiful fall season.
Before we go too much further I wanted to point out the little facelift we gave to the outdoor lights since I've been gone.
See them up there?

 This is last year.
The lights had faded greatly since the house was built in 1999.
In fact we were having trouble remembering their original color.
We think it was a charcoal gray type of a color.
We talked about replacing all (7) of them and quickly decided we still liked the shape and structurally they were still sound.
So, my job was to clean all of the glass and clear the spiderwebs and wasp nests from them.  Ugh!
Meanwhile, Brett spray painted them with this:

 The cost of a few cans of spray paint and a little elbow grease was preferable to the cost of replacing them and it was amazing how much better they look.

Come on into the kitchen.
 My friend and neighbor recently went to an estate sale and kindly thought of me when she saw this little orange toy stove.
It came with the little percolator and the pan too.
The turkey is on loan from my sister-in-law for blogging photo purposes.  Ha! Now I am on the hunt for my own turkey at the thrift shops.  Hoping to find a little pumpkin pie too ;-).

 ~ Old Gurley candle from my mother-in-law ~

I'm sitting here in my sweater determined not to turn on the furnace.  We're just now getting the chilly weather, although the sun is shining brightly.  Peanut and I have scoped out the sunny spots to sit in.  
Have you had to turn on your furnace yet?

The cooler weather turns my thoughts to making soup.
A few days ago I had some kale from the farmer's market that needed to be used.  I found a recipe for White Bean, Kale, Potato & Ham Soup on one of my favorite cooking blogs.  The recipe can be found here.  We really enjoyed it.

 Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?
We're going to be test driving cars tomorrow.  How's that for rip-roaring fun?  I'm hoping we can squeeze in a fall drive after the test drive.  Our trees are in the process of putting on their autumn finery.  Love this time of year.  So much beauty to be found all around us.

Make it a good weekend.
 Sip cider, read under a cozy blanket, take a walk with camera in hand, make a big pot of soup or an apple crisp, rake leaves, sleep in, plan what your jack-o-lantern will look like, or even... test drive a car ;-).

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Tired

I have been so touched by the kind comments and e-mails I have received from so many of you who read my blog.  I sincerely appreciate you for taking time out of your busy lives to make contact with me.  It has been on my mind and in my heart to respond to each of you individually.  I will be doing this, but please forgive me if it takes a little while to do so.  Please do not take my silence as uncaring as that couldn't be further from the truth.
It's just that to be honest I'm exhausted.

For the past few days (& nights) I have been babysitting my little grandson.
Brett was out of town during this time, so it was just me and Jaxson.
He's almost sleeping through the night.  Grandma, on the other hand, barely slept a wink the first night.  Up & down peeking into the crib to make sure all was well.  

We took lots of walks.

He showed me his new tricks ...
"Look Grandma, I can hold the rattle all by myself"
At just four months old he has stepped away from the newborn stage and is beginning to giggle and explore.
I loved having this special time with him all to myself.
But now... I need a loooong nap.  
As soon as I get caught up I'll be around to visit with you.
In the meantime I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Butchart Gardens

 Beauty as far as the eye can see ~~
 that is my first impression of The Butchart Gardens.
There are those who enjoy puttering in the garden with the idea of making our little corners of the world a more beautiful place.  
(Raising my hand here).
As much as I enjoy time spent in my little garden, I do not possess the vision needed to transform a plot of land into a gorgeous jaw-dropping, stunningly beautiful garden that would one day be visited by close to a million people per year.

Jennie Butchart, on the other hand, did possess these skills.
Her vision for an exhausted limestone quarry was the very beginning of what is now The Butchart Gardens.  The Butchart's story can be found here.
Many years ago my parents visited this amazing destination and brought me a calender.  Each month depicted a photo of the gardens throughout the year.  I knew instantly that this was a place I needed to see in my lifetime.  If I'd had a bucket list all those years ago, this would occupy the number 1 spot.

 The years went on...
children were born, my parents went on to their heavenly home and I was once again reminded of my desire to visit The Butchart Gardens when I read the blogs of the gals in British Columbia.
Lorrie has been kind enough to share several beautiful posts on her visits to Butchart.  My dream would be to visit in each season.  I know this is not likely to happen and I am thrilled to be able to do the next best thing, a bit of armchair travel along with Lorrie.
If you are interested in some armchair travel of your own on this Sunday in October, I invite you to visit this gorgeous garden with me.
I don't know any way to do this without a picture heavy post.
However, I feel few words are necessary... this place speaks for itself.  I will try to remain mum (no pun intended :) and just let you enjoy the beauty.

 The dahlias were at their prime during our visit...


 ~ Pink Perfection ~

Do you need a rest?

 ~ shadow play ~

 Even the trash receptacles are pretty.

By day ...

or night The Butchart Gardens did not disappoint.
I can't think of a lovelier way to wrap up our travels to 
Beautiful, Beautiful British Columbia.


    THE Lord God planted a garden
    In the first white days of the world,
    And He set there an angel warden
    In a garment of light enfurled.
    So near to the peace of Heaven,
    That the hawk might nest with the wren,
    For there in the cool of the even
    God walked with the first of men.
    And I dream that these garden-closes
    With their shade and their sun-flecked sod
    And their lilies and bowers of roses,
    Were laid by the hand of God.
    The kiss of the sun for pardon,
    The song of the birds for mirth,--
    One is nearer God's heart in a garden
    Than anywhere else on earth.
    For He broke it for us in a garden
    Under the olive-trees
    Where the angel of strength was the warden
    And the soul of the world found ease.
    Dorothy Frances Gurney


Thank you for joining me in the garden.
I'm wishing you peace and contentment today and in the coming week.
 The comments in my last post have been, quite frankly, overwhelming in a really nice way.  You've opened my eyes and given me lots of food for thought.  Thank you so very much.
Could we please have a group hug? (((())))
You are the best and I think I would be very wrong to abandon you now.

~ Kim

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thoughts on Blogging

~ October Beauty ~

 Just a few of my thoughts on blogging tonight.
Hmmm, not really sure where to start on this one.
It's kind of been rattling around in my thoughts for awhile not quite knowing how to present itself.

When I jumped into the blog world in 2008 I never imagined that I would still be at it five years later.  If you knew me in person you'd most likely know me as "the quiet one."  
As the years have gone by it's been a whole lot of fun to meet so many like-minded individuals and along the way share a few of the things that make me tick.

 In these five years I have received inspiration in so many different forms... from all of you and the things you share on your blogs.
I know my life has become richer as a result.

I appreciate the comments you have left for me throughout the years... more than you may ever know.

Now for the hard part...
It seems as though I've shared all there is to share.
Things don't change around here that much from year to year and often I find I'm no longer inclined to feel the need to take my camera with me at all times.
All this to say I have decided to quietly close the door of my happy home.
I will still be stopping by to visit with all of you.
You can't get rid of me that easily ;-).

As promised I will be doing a post on the Butchart Gardens.
It seems a fitting place to leave off ... in a beautiful garden.  One of my personal favorite places to be.

With Love

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Subtle Touch of Fall

We've been hovering in the mid 80s this week and it's feeling a bit more like summer than fall.  While out gardening this morning I noticed the limelight hydrangeas had put out a few new blossoms.  I thought the pink tinge at the tips of the creamy white flowers was so pretty and decided to clip them to enjoy on the mantle.
Of course that led to a bit of playing and fluffing.
Thinking that the mantle was also looking more like summer than fall, I added in a leaf.  Yes, it's pink and yes, I realize that's not a traditional fall color

  I guess that's the way it goes when the decor in the room doesn't lend itself to the traditional colors of fall.

Once the cooler fall air moves in to stay I'll light the fireplace and the little tea light candles.  It may not scream "fall is here", but I think it will still be a cozy place to read as the days grow shorter.
And, of course, that little pink leaf will be a subtle reminder of the changing seasons.