Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Sprucing Up The Pantry

If this were a true before & after post there would be a before picture.
Since this is more of a still rising out of the slump post, we begin with the second step in the process.
It all began over a year ago before moving into the house.
We hired a closet design company to remove the standard wire shelving in the pantry and replace it with sturdier wooden (particle board?) shelves.  The only problem was after taking care of that we were left with white spots of spackle everywhere the wire shelving used to be.
It became one of those jobs that we would get to someday.  Not a high priority as it was just the pantry with a door that closed to hide the flaws.

This past weekend we decided to tackle the project.
Of course that meant emptying the contents onto the kitchen counters.  That was a good time to take inventory of things that needed to be used up.

While Brett was busy pushing the paintbrush I decided to use up some of the canned pumpkin.  I keep reading about the many health benefits pumpkin has to offer and figured it would be better in our bodies than languishing on the pantry shelves.

Once the painting was complete I decided it was a good time to give the floor a good wash.  I also spent a little time on Pinterest checking to see if there was a better way to organize it.
Egad!  There were lots of magazine worthy pantries, but really...
is it necessary to go out and purchase a bunch of matching bins and baskets and create cute little labels?  For me, personally, the answer is NO.  Honestly I do enjoy looking at what people pin and share on IG and YouTube too.  There is a lot if inspiration to be found, but at the same time it often reminds me of one big popularity contest.  Anyhoo… I'll step off of my soapbox to say that after that search I was convinced the way I had it previously was working just fine.

It works for us and that's what really matters, after all.

Monday, February 17, 2020

All It Took Was a Sunny Day

When it comes to blogging, I've been in a major slump.
I'm blaming it on a winter filled with an abundance of rainy, gloomy days.  That's a sorry excuse, but the best one I've got.    Today, however, the sun is shining and I'm rising out of the slump to wave hello to anyone who might still be bothering to stop by.

After Christmas I was at a loss as to how to decorate my large island.  I found a couple of these glass vases at GW.  Came home and temporarily set them on the island while I hung up my coat and put away my purse.  When I walked back into the room I rather liked the colors on the white countertop so I pulled a few things from other rooms and assembled a grouping down the center of the island.  Most of these vases are made from recycled glass.  Together I think they make a nice, colorful statement.
An added bonus is the pretty shadows that are created when the sun shines through them.  Kind of reminds me of sea glass.  If I lived near the sea I would most likely have an extensive collection of it.  I think it is so pretty and so fun to walk along the beach looking for it.  Kind of reminds me of a treasure hunt.
Since I don't live near the sea I'll just use my imagination to picture sea glass right here on my own personal island.