Thursday, January 31, 2019

Last Day of January

 This is the sight I saw when I opened the blind in the front bedroom this morning.  

Shortly after that I opened the blind above my desk and this was the view.  When we moved in it was rather quiet on our end of the street.  There were no homes across the street or to the left of us.
Looks like that is about to change.


How are things looking in your neck of the woods on this last day of January?
Are you staying warm?  My gosh, it's been unbelievably cold for a lot of you.  Here it's currently 39 and sunny, yet I have on two sweaters and my slipper socks.  Wimp!
Tomorrow morning I'll be going to a new dentist for part 1 of a crown.  Double Wimp!!  I was feeling so good about myself while eating a healthy breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries and homemade granola.  That is until the part of the granola that seemed awfully hard turned out to be a piece of my tooth.  Ugh!  So, my white knuckles and I will be starting the new month off reclined in the dental torture chamber chair. 😁
Can you tell how excited I am?

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Decorating the Foyer

 The foyer in my last house was the one area that had me stumped for the whole time I lived there.  I know they say the foyer should make a good first impression and create a welcoming feel to all who enter.  The problem was, unless you find a grandfather clock with two pictures next to it exciting, it was lacking on all fronts.
Seems I could never figure out quite what to do with it so I sort of ignored it.
So now, in this new house, I was determined to create a more welcoming foyer right off the bat.
I started by heading to HomeGoods to check out their lamps.  This house has a very open floor plan so I was trying to tie the adjoining room colors together without being too bold.  This lamp with a touch of white, gray and blue seemed ideal.

 I knew I also wanted a mirror, but had no idea what it should look like until I saw this one.  I decided to bring it home and give it a try.

Once we managed to get the mirror hung and played around with the accessories, I was pleased with how it came together.  
My son dropped by shortly after things came together and wondered "what's up with the Gather"?  Ha!  I'm hoping to create a home that encourages new friends to gather together and feel welcome.

As for the grandfather clock and two pictures, they have been relocated right across the hall.  I think they look more comfortable in there :).

Here it is the third week of January and I haven't even wished you all a Happy New Year.  I hope you are managing to stay warm and healthy.