Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It Won't Be Long Now

With just under a month until we close on the new home, things are moving right along over there.  We are still going for our weekly visits to check on progress.  Since it's been awhile since I've shared any photos here, I thought I'd give you a wee update.
Soon this will be the view from the kitchen sink.

 This angle gives the fuller picture.  In the foreground is the large island that will be replacing the formal dining room table.
You may have noticed that this kitchen isn't lacking in cupboard and drawer space.  I'm beginning to wonder what will be going into them now that I have purged so many of my belongings.

 If I am standing at the kitchen sink looking diagonally, there lies the great room.  On our last visit the builders had just been in to put blue tape on all of the areas requiring touch ups and further attention.  They seemed to do a very thorough job as there was blue tape everywhere.

 In the master bath I was going for a bit of decorative tile with a slight sea glass look to it.

And because I am itching to get back to playing with décor...
I found these mercury glass Christmas trees in the Habitat ReStore recently and instantly envisioned them on the bathroom counter.  It's hard to tell in the photo, but the countertops have little flecks of a seafoam color and little flecks of sparkle.  When the sun hits it just right it sparkles like a diamond or maybe a piece of sea glass :).
These little trees light up and I think they will be such a pretty night light during the holiday season.  Just to the right of the trees is the bathtub.  By the time this move is complete I'm thinking it will be nice to sink into that tub and relax by the light of the wee Christmas trees.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pumpkin Talk and a Few Other Things

If you removed everything from the steps and porch, that would be how things are looking around here this October. This photo was from last year when I talked about my plans for those pumpkins in 

 The pumpkins were roasted, pureed and tucked into the freezer for future use.  It was quite amazing to see how many bags of the stuff I ended up with.  😉
With a move in the near future, I've been working at whittling down the freezer contents.
So, today I poked around the internet for a healthy pumpkin muffin recipe.  I found one that sounded interesting and gave it a try this afternoon.

I like muffins that are slightly sweet.
It seems there is a WIDE range of sweetness levels when it comes to muffins.  Some might as well be cupcakes (hello grocery store bakery muffins).  
These were made with a small amount of honey and a nice variety of the fall spices that seem to taste so good at this time of year. 
The recipe can be found here if you would like to try them.

In other news,
Specifically, moving news...
Since my last post our house has been "under contract".
Closing dates were established, papers signed, moving trucks scheduled, inspections completed and the boxes have been filling almost daily.  Then, out of the blue, the buyers withdrew their offer and we are back to square one.  More than a tad disappointing.
We are set to close on the new house in mid-November and were happy that things seemed to be working out well with the timing of both closings.
After hearing this latest development yesterday my mind headed where it seems to always go first... worry land.  
Then I decided to head in a different direction and keep busy.
Heaven knows there is plenty to keep busy with around here.
Packing, more packing and keeping the house sparkling for future showings.  If all of that doesn't keep me moving in a forward direction,  I'll keep working on this plan:

It seemed to work pretty well today.