Monday, August 27, 2012

Summertime ... going, going, not quite gone


Our weather here has been so nice.
Cooler temperatures and very low humidity.
Low humidity in the south in the summer is almost unheard of.
In my mind, it's cause for celebration.
Time to grab the doggy and a few simple snacks and head for the lake.
You're welcome to come along.

Today we're just going for a late afternoon sightseeing cruise.
With this type of cruise the captain may be of the canine variety or he may use his feet to steer the boat.  As you can see it is a pretty laid back affair. :D

We'll just enjoy the nice weather,
take in the beauty around the lake
and ...


Sound like a plan?

The days are getting shorter, but the summer isn't over yet.
Let's savor it while we still can.
Wishing you a good last week of August.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sneaky Squirrel

In my family room there is a very tall group of windows.
It takes a very tall ladder to get up there to clean them.

This afternoon as I was walking through the room, I did a double take when I saw this.

Sure enough ...
a bushy tail was bobbing along the windowsill.
I wonder if that's where he's hiding all of the tomatoes he's been stealing from my garden?
I'm off to fetch that tall ladder now. 
Can't decide which I'd rather have for dinner tonight ...
Caprese Salad or Squirrel Stew?

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Chat in the Living Room

Since I can't do this in person, I'll do it virtually instead.
Please come on into my living room so that I can talk to you.


Have a seat and make yourself comfortable.

Can I interest you in a cup of tea?

Come on in . . .

There's plenty of room for all of us.

There ... now that we're all in, I want to look each one of you in the eye and tell you how much I appreciate your kind words, thoughts and prayers.  These past few weeks have been so emotional for me.  My nephew's funeral and visitation brought together so many people . . . friends, family, business associates.  So many people, so many tears and so many hugs.  Many people got up to share memories of their time spent with Kevin.  None of us did it without choking up.  So much sadness, and yet amongst the sadness there was an overwhelming feeling of love, compassion, support and understanding.  It was a beautiful thing to see the many ways that people came together to be there for my sister and her family in their time of grief.
Which brings me back to our meeting in the living room.
I sometimes struggle with how "real" to get on my blog.
For the most part I aim to keep it light and happy, but hey, let's face it sometimes life is hard.  One thing I know for sure is that when real life has spilled out into the blog I am always blessed by your support.  So, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for being here and being you.  ((Hugs, big hugs to all of you)).

And one more thing. . .
there was one more person at the funeral dinner contributing to the day in his own special way.

A sweet little 3 month old baby boy.
He was passed from person to person all afternoon and never cried once.  It's been years since I've held a baby and I LOVED every minute.  (I think I'm a grandma wannabe:).

Well, it's getting late so I'd better let you go now.
On your way out you may notice the paint job.
It's all done now and it came at a good time as I've been spending a lot of time in there reading this

I'd read about this book on a few blogs in the past and recently found a copy while out thrifting.  It's the kind of book I can read and be carried away to another time and place.  Just what I seem to need right now.  I've also been doing some blog reading, but haven't had the motivation to do much commenting.  I think that will be changing soon.  At least I hope so because I sure do miss y'all. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


In the process of choosing a title for today's post I considered something clever, something catchy, something touching ... but in the end I'm just calling it what is is ... grieving.  Sugar coating grief serves no useful purpose, in my opinion.  So, today as much as I would like it to be otherwise, my happy home is a bit sad.  

A much loved member of our family is no longer with us.
His sudden death at age 26 has left us in a state of shock and sadness.

~ Kevin & Michael ~

Born one month after my oldest son, they were cousins as well as little buddies.  When I think of him I remember his happy, smiling face and cute little blond hair.

~ Chris, Michael, Kevin & Jeremy ~

Four cousins that shared so many happy times together.
My sister and I each had two sons.
They are close in age, love sports and spent a lot of time together playing and getting into the mischief that little boys are known for.

When the college years hit, they didn't see each other as often.
But, when they did get together they'd pick up where they left off ... shooting hoops on the driveway.

My heart is so heavy for my dear sister and her family.
They have faced so much loss in the past few years.
I wonder how much more they can take.
Before the funeral I held my sister as she sobbed and said "why, why, why?"  To see her going through this kind of grief without being able to put her feelings into words is heartbreaking.

~Kevin & his grandparents ~

As the kids were growing up we always got together to ring in the new year.  It was tradition and made for many happy memories.
I smiled when I came across this picture of my parents and Kevin ringing in the new millenium.  I find comfort in knowing that they are once again surrounding Kev with their love.

May you rest peacefully dear Kevin.
You were a wonderful nephew and cousin who will be missed so much.  Our love is with you ... always.