Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sneaky Squirrel

In my family room there is a very tall group of windows.
It takes a very tall ladder to get up there to clean them.

This afternoon as I was walking through the room, I did a double take when I saw this.

Sure enough ...
a bushy tail was bobbing along the windowsill.
I wonder if that's where he's hiding all of the tomatoes he's been stealing from my garden?
I'm off to fetch that tall ladder now. 
Can't decide which I'd rather have for dinner tonight ...
Caprese Salad or Squirrel Stew?


  1. How cute is this? lol I would definitely go with the Caprese salad, Kim. Your windows are beautiful, love the stained glass, scroll piece and valances. xo

  2. I love those windows! I would not love to see the squirrel there. They like tomatoes? That would explain a few things around here, too...

    Enjoy that Caprese Salad!

  3. I'd stick with the salad...and shoo the squirrel away for the neighbours to enjoy! Makes a neat picture though...the bushy tail peaking over the window sill.

  4. How funny is that! For sure pick the salad! LOL

  5. How funny! I wonder if they are hiding their food for the winter. They eat tomatoes?

  6. That is so funny! We once had a family of squirrels living in our attic and it was horribly expensive to get rid of them! Hubby tried everything on his own only to have to have a company come and set up a trap. Hope you didn't have squirrel stew! :)

  7. Ha ha! Cute photos of the busy tail! Love your windows, but be careful on that ladder. Says the lady who is deathly afraid of heights! :)

  8. Girlfriends,
    I'm here to tell you, YES they do eat tomatoes. We have four plants. So far this summer we have had 2 tomatoes to call our own. At other times the plants have been filled with ripening tomatoes. About the time I get excited to soon be picking some, they are GONE. After talking to various plant experts, we are quite sure the squirrels are to blame.
    Lois, I can also relate to squirrels in the attic. Been there too.
    Squirrel stew anyone? LOL.

  9. Squirrels have been giving me headaches for the last few years. I can identify with your frustrations in regards to their antics, although I did not know that they eat tomatoes. I do know that they can totally destroy basement family rooms though. When we lived at our previous home, one came in through the woodstove pipe and was in the room for a day or so until we discovered him. In his frantic desire to get back outside, he destroyed all of our custom drapes, all the wood on the windows, and all the centerpieces on our tables. Unfortunately, that is what I think of when I hear the word squirrel. Now, I will also add tomatoes to that thought. You did give me a smile with your last question. Please have salad.

  10. LOL! As much as I love squirrels, I'd have to rush him along, too. But what a cute little tail he has!


  11. Ah those squirrels get everywhere and I am not a fan of them at all!!
    I'd certainly go with the salad but wouldn't mind if someone else ate the squirrel! : )
    Nice to see another glimpse of your beautiful home.

  12. Yes, they're able to balance anywhere, including the thin wire I tried using to hang a bird feeder across the wide lawn between two trees!

    Love Caprese salad...............enough said!!!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  13. Ha-ha! I think Mr. Squirrel would like caprese salad, too. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  14. Your home, windows and view are so beautiful!!

    Leave that poor little squirrel alone, he has work to do. lol!

    You have good eyes that you saw that little tail way up there.....

  15. I so enjoyed today's comment you left me dear - thank you - and I promise to do my best to bring Australia closer to my wonderful armchair traveling friends. Just wish you could all come along for the ride!

    Have a happy Sunday.
    Hugs - Mary


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