Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Refreshing Getaway

When time doesn't permit a long vacation, a short getaway can be almost as good. It's just so nice to have a change of scenery and take a little breath from the stresses of day to day life. Our recent getaway took us to an area of America where the Spanish Moss drips from the majestic live oak trees.

Many of these oak trees are hundreds of years old.

The trunks on these beautiful old trees are massive and the branches stretch out many, many feet. Sadly, this one suffered some damage recently which you can read about below.

Thankfully, nobody was underneath when the branch broke off.

The camellias were beginning to bloom. The Spanish Moss even dripped from these camellias.

The gardens in this city are magnificent.

Somebody dressed up this graceful statue with camellias.

Daffodils were beginning to make their showing.

There is a lot of American history to be found here. Many plantations and even this plantation chapel.

We visited one of the plantations called Middleton Place. It was first settled in the late 17th century by Henry Middleton through marriage. For a century and a quarter the property was the family seat of four successive generations of Middletons including Arthur, who was a Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Arthur and four members of the Middleton family are now entombed here.

Have you guessed where we went yet? If not, we'll continue on and see if these clues will help.
When visiting this city I would strongly recommend a carriage ride tour. Our tour guide was very informative and also funny. Not to mention the slower pace of the carriage allowed you to see a lot more than you might if you were busy driving and keeping your eyes on the road.

The iron work here is absolutely incredible. Beautiful gates, gas lanterns, fences, porch rails.

Pretty flower boxes and notice the iron work on the windows.

The architecture is beautiful. How would you like to sip sweet tea or a mint julep on one of these covered porches? Or as our tour guide informed us, they aren't porches here, they are piazzas.

The gardens are gorgeous.

They have home and garden walks here. I just might have to come back another time to see them.

If you haven't guessed our destination yet, this will most likely give it away. We took a ferry ride here. Fort Sumter - where the Civil War began.

It was very cold and windy when we visited. Fortunately there was an indoor museum which was much warmer and very interesting too.

My husband is interested in military history. I find it interesting too, but if I came here with my girlfriends I'm not sure if we would have come here ;-) However, we spent the better part of our last day at Patriot's Point touring the USS Yorktown and also a submarine and a Coast Guard cutter.

I thought you might be interested in this part of the tour.

In case you are wondering how many ingredients you would need to make 10,000 chocolate chip cookies. . .

And, if you are in the mood for baking this weekend I thought I'd share the recipe.

Since we're on the subject of baked goods, I have a confession to make. On Valentine's Day we visited this adorable shop.

And this was our lunch.
Chocolate with lemon butter cream for him ~ red velvet for her.

Now, if you guessed Charleston, South Carolina as our getaway spot you would be correct. If you are looking for an interesting little place to getaway to, I would highly recommend it.

Since I'm making up for lost time here :-) I also wanted to share a picture from my mom's birthday celebration on February 24th. She turned 85 that day. I am so happy to report that she is back to her assisted living facility and seems to be adjusting well. She is on the far right in the picture, I am in the red sweater and the other 2 ladies are new friends who also reside in memory care.
Thanks for your comments during the time my computer was misbehaving. It feels so good to be back to blogging. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Home, But My Computers Not

Hello again ~ long time no see.

When I started blogging it was instant love. So much fun as you all know. I remember in the very beginning being so pleased with myself that I could make a post and it actually "worked". So amazing for someone who knows so little about computers. And for that reason I also thought that as long as everything works as it's supposed to I can keep doing this, but heaven help me if something goes wrong.

Well, guess what?

While I was on my little vacation I guess my computer went on vacation too and along with it went my photos that were all nicely stored in Picassa :( They all left and didn't leave a note of where they went. Imagine that!!

So, I am at the mercy of waiting to see if my sons can fix it and if not then I guess I will be calling the Geek Squad.

Until then, I thought I would do a "pictureless post" (my least favorite kind) just to tell you I'm still here and itchin' to get back to posting. I'm getting a little grouchy being away from it so long :-) I am able to check up on all of your blogs and do this post on my son's computer. I tried to download Picassa on his computer so that I could add some new photos. Oh heavens, that was a process. I had to call him only to find out I needed passwords and other info. He said "wait until I come home and I will do it" Girls, I'm here to tell you I'm tired of waiting. Sure wish I was more computer literate. It would make things so much easier.

Sure do hope I'm back in business soon. Until then, I will be checking in with y'all and tomorrow is my mom's birthday so I'm taking a cake (her favorite - chocolate) to the assisted living center to celebrate her 85th year. Next week my sister will be coming in and we will celebrate again. So, there is a lot I should be doing around here. Maybe it's a good thing I am forced to curb my blogging. NOT!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vintage Valentines & a Vacation

Knock Knock . . .

Who's there?

Why it's just little old me wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day before I head off on a little vacation.

Those vintage Valentine's really pull at my heartstrings

Something about them seems so sweet.

I couldn't resist this planter with the blue birdie on her hat. The first year I had it I used it as a centerpiece for the Valentine's dinner table. I put some fresh flowers and water in it. As we ate dinner I watched a slow, but steady stream of water leaking from it.

So now it serves as a bookend. No leaking water & still looking cute. A picture of my sweet little cherubs is sitting in front of the books. My gosh, how did they grow up so fast??

These cherub towels have been in a drawer since I bought them several years ago. I suppose one good thing about an empty nest is that I can now put the towels out and not have to worry about little boys messing them up.

I don't know who did the beautiful stitching, but I them. Can you tell I just learned a new computer skill today ♥? Thanks, Beth ~ it worked!! Now don't laugh too hard all of you with the super computer skills. For those of us who are almost computer illiterate it is a thrill to learn something new.

A little floral arrangement from the thrift shop and another vintage Valentine. I couldn't resist this one for it's garden theme.

And, if you are thinking that I have been playing with pine cones again . . .
You would be totally correct. Pink this time. Have you seen the line of Martha Stewart glitter at Michael's? Oh, such pretty colors and such a fine texture. With the abundance of pine cones available around here and that gorgeous glitter, I may just be gluing & glittering for every season.

My husband & I are leaving Friday morning for a short vacation. We both feel a strong need for a little getaway. As a small business owner in this economy he has been working really hard to try & hang onto the business. I know he has been under a lot of stress and has been extra busy. So, being the good wife that I am :-) I thought I would help him out a little by buying a Valentine for him to give to me.

I am always looking out for his best interests ;-)
Can you blame me??
Check out the pink doors and shaped door handles.
Why, oh why don't they make cards like this anymore??

In order to really make my husband feel like he did a good job on card selections this year, when I get to this part of the card I think I will get a little tear in my eye and say "Honey, my belongs to you too!!"

As I always say, you do whatever it takes to maintain a strong marriage. I'm always willing to do my part ;-)
I'll see you next week. Until then I wish you love & happiness.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Love in the Kitchen

Before we head into the kitchen I wanted to share our snowfall with you. This is what we woke up to on Wednesday morning. Just enough to cover the lawn which was also just enough to cancel school for the day :-)
A few days this week we couldn't locate Peanut in any of her normal spots. Upon further investigation we found her hiding between the shirts hanging in the closet. All we could see was her little nose peeking out. When she reluctantly came out she was shivering up a storm. So, we put her into her sweater and she is hibernating until the temperature warms up.
As we wait for the springtime to arrive Valentine's Day can be a fun little holiday to take our minds off of the winter doldrums.
What's not to like about a mid-winter holiday that promotes LOVE?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love . . .

Speaking of sweet ~
How about a little touch of Valentine love in the kitchen?
Why not, I say as a lot of sweet things get their beginnings in the kitchen. Right? Oh how well I know this. . . Actually a little too well this week. My husband & I have been working on a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing this week. Oops, one more piece after dinner tonight and it will be gone. Not a good idea to have a whole cake in the house when only 2 people are here most of the time.I always like to bake things for Valentine's Day to take into the office and also give to family, friends & neighbors.

If I do any baking next week I better give it all away. Good thing our weather here is supposed to be in the low 60s as I need to burn off some cake calories.

So glad you stopped by for a visit.
I hope your weekend is wonderful.