Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vintage Valentines & a Vacation

Knock Knock . . .

Who's there?

Why it's just little old me wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day before I head off on a little vacation.

Those vintage Valentine's really pull at my heartstrings

Something about them seems so sweet.

I couldn't resist this planter with the blue birdie on her hat. The first year I had it I used it as a centerpiece for the Valentine's dinner table. I put some fresh flowers and water in it. As we ate dinner I watched a slow, but steady stream of water leaking from it.

So now it serves as a bookend. No leaking water & still looking cute. A picture of my sweet little cherubs is sitting in front of the books. My gosh, how did they grow up so fast??

These cherub towels have been in a drawer since I bought them several years ago. I suppose one good thing about an empty nest is that I can now put the towels out and not have to worry about little boys messing them up.

I don't know who did the beautiful stitching, but I them. Can you tell I just learned a new computer skill today ♥? Thanks, Beth ~ it worked!! Now don't laugh too hard all of you with the super computer skills. For those of us who are almost computer illiterate it is a thrill to learn something new.

A little floral arrangement from the thrift shop and another vintage Valentine. I couldn't resist this one for it's garden theme.

And, if you are thinking that I have been playing with pine cones again . . .
You would be totally correct. Pink this time. Have you seen the line of Martha Stewart glitter at Michael's? Oh, such pretty colors and such a fine texture. With the abundance of pine cones available around here and that gorgeous glitter, I may just be gluing & glittering for every season.

My husband & I are leaving Friday morning for a short vacation. We both feel a strong need for a little getaway. As a small business owner in this economy he has been working really hard to try & hang onto the business. I know he has been under a lot of stress and has been extra busy. So, being the good wife that I am :-) I thought I would help him out a little by buying a Valentine for him to give to me.

I am always looking out for his best interests ;-)
Can you blame me??
Check out the pink doors and shaped door handles.
Why, oh why don't they make cards like this anymore??

In order to really make my husband feel like he did a good job on card selections this year, when I get to this part of the card I think I will get a little tear in my eye and say "Honey, my belongs to you too!!"

As I always say, you do whatever it takes to maintain a strong marriage. I'm always willing to do my part ;-)
I'll see you next week. Until then I wish you love & happiness.


  1. I love your pretty Valentines! Lovely! And have a nice vacation! Take lots of pictures and enjoy yourself! Happy Valentine's day to you, dear friend!

  2. Hi Kim~ I am a small business owner myself and can fully appreciate the stress your husband is under during this economy~ in fact, I so understand, that I am leaving on a vacation to get away from it all too! Have a wonderful time.... and tell your husband to relax..... better days are ahead! Have a great time.


  3. Oh I loved all your photos - such a pretty and happy post!
    I have a collection of planters - none of them are hearts though.
    Enjoy your little vacation. See you when you get back.
    Like your new header and all your little hearts!

  4. Oh they are all so adorable! I hope you enjoy a much needed break!
    I learned how to do the "heart" thing but I've since forgotten! LOL!

  5. The old traditional Valentines cards were so much nicer. Your are so pretty!

  6. Looking at your blog this morning, was better than opening up my new favorite magazine. What a creative and meaningful post you did, including the new little hearts. You are a very creative, talented lady!! Vintage valentines are the best. Have a fun weekend together.

  7. I loved visiting here. Enjoyed seeing all your sweet Valentines. I am sure to come again....


  8. I just loved looking at all your pretty Valentines! You are so right, they sure don't make cards like that anymore. I pray you and hubby have a much-needed fun and relaxing trip!

  9. Such a great post! I love the vintage look of it.

    I understand about getaways. I don't think I have done enough in that regard.

  10. That last card is stunning! And I like anything with a bluebird, so that heart planter is right up my alley. We have the same pink heart vase as in your banner but I bet yours doesn't have a nasty chip off the end of the bow. It doesn't show on mine, but I know it's there ... sigh.

  11. You have some awesome vintage Valentine's things! I love the ceramic girl with the blue bird on her hat! So, so cute!!!

    Thank you so much for leaving such a supportive comment on my blog! It really helped me to feel better.

    Hugs, Sharon

  12. Kim, your blog is so sweet.

    I love the ceramic Valentines planter. Too cute!


  13. This was such a beautiful post! You have some VERY cute Valentines! I love them all and your pine cones are just lovely. I adore Martha Stewart's glitter!
    I hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your vacation!

  14. Oh Kim ~ I love all your cute valentine's. Have a great little vacation with the hubby!


  15. Have a great vacation and Happy Valentine's Day.

  16. ... a happy Valentine's Day to you Ms. Kim! Be safe and be happy!

  17. What a great entry! These are such beautiful pictures, too!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. Very pretty Valentines, Kim.

  19. I love all your vintage valentines and that planter is adorable! I hope that you are having a most relaxing time on your vacation. You deserve it! Twyla

  20. Hi Kim,
    The valentines are all so pretty.

    Hope you enjoy your time away!


  21. Just popped over to say hello. Hope you're having a great week!

    :0) Sharon

  22. Wonderful reminders of Valentine's Day of the past...beautiful cherub towels. Hope you had a wonderful getaway!

  23. HI Kim!
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a nice comment!

    I love all your valentines and cute bookend and I think the card your picked out was beautiful!

    Hope you had a nice enjoyable vacation!

    PS- I'd love to learn how to make a little heart symbol.

  24. I miss you and I hope that you are having a wonderful time!!

  25. Very pretty decorations. I hope you're having a fabulous time on your getaway.

  26. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful little break with DH! Your vintage looking Valentine things are beautiful.

    Hugs ~


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