Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Love in the Kitchen

Before we head into the kitchen I wanted to share our snowfall with you. This is what we woke up to on Wednesday morning. Just enough to cover the lawn which was also just enough to cancel school for the day :-)
A few days this week we couldn't locate Peanut in any of her normal spots. Upon further investigation we found her hiding between the shirts hanging in the closet. All we could see was her little nose peeking out. When she reluctantly came out she was shivering up a storm. So, we put her into her sweater and she is hibernating until the temperature warms up.
As we wait for the springtime to arrive Valentine's Day can be a fun little holiday to take our minds off of the winter doldrums.
What's not to like about a mid-winter holiday that promotes LOVE?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love . . .

Speaking of sweet ~
How about a little touch of Valentine love in the kitchen?
Why not, I say as a lot of sweet things get their beginnings in the kitchen. Right? Oh how well I know this. . . Actually a little too well this week. My husband & I have been working on a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing this week. Oops, one more piece after dinner tonight and it will be gone. Not a good idea to have a whole cake in the house when only 2 people are here most of the time.I always like to bake things for Valentine's Day to take into the office and also give to family, friends & neighbors.

If I do any baking next week I better give it all away. Good thing our weather here is supposed to be in the low 60s as I need to burn off some cake calories.

So glad you stopped by for a visit.
I hope your weekend is wonderful.


  1. Your kitchen as always looks delightful. Wish I could stop in and do some baking with you! :-)
    Poor Peanut, though he does look nice and warm now!
    I have that problem with baking too. Love to bake, but there is only the two of us. It's good so many people appreciate baked goods. :-)
    I usually freeze things and then just take out a little at the time - that way I don't eat it all up at once.
    Enjoy your day and have a great weekend.

  2. I love your displays - especially the stove and the chef cookie cutter! I don't think you and yours would make it through one of our winters - your poor puppy! Enjoy the warmer weather. I'm celebrating the arrival of 40 degrees (!!!) tomorrow.

  3. oooo totally adorable! I love how the photos were laid out! The cake sounds fabulous.

  4. I am learning more about you all the time. You have an artistic touch in your decorating...I liked all of your valenine arranging. I know exactly what you mean by not having baked goods in the home when it is only two of you. We feel the same way, so I bake and then give away(not quite all of it) Did you enjoy the snow?

  5. What a charming place for you to be creative .....

  6. A great post to get me thinking Valentine's Day...and such a cute 'heartsy' collection.

    Enjoy the snow!

  7. I love how you decorated for Valentine's day!! It looks so cheery!!!

  8. Peanut looks so cute! I just want to snuggle with her. Love the vintage valentine you show. How precious. Valentine's day certainly is a lovely way to pass this chilly season. As always, your pictures are so pretty they inspire me! Have a very nice weekend! Twyla

  9. Peanut looks like he is content and warm in his sweater.

    Your cake sounds so good. I wouldn't worry too much about the cake calories. Winter is a time for comfort food. So you should just enjoy.

    I hope you and your husband have a nice trip. You so deserve it.

    Love Melissa

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the touches of RED! Is that a little play stove? It's adorable! Looks like you had a little more snow than we did! We just had a dusting! But it was nice today! Have a good weekend!

  11. I love to bake this time of the year! When it is chilly outside, baking makes the whole house smell so good!

  12. In Michigan they would not have cancel snow for that little bit of dusting of snow. :=) Empty Nesters here. So I never bake!!
    Your kitchen is so pretty!
    Pamela in OH

  13. I meant cancelled school! Not snow! Even tho up here I wish we could cancel snow the whole winter season! :=)

  14. Hi Kim ~ I absolutely love your looks so warm and cozy.

    Peanut is just so adorable...all curled up in her sweater. Bear has been shivering alot lately too!

    I love baking for others too...which is so much better than having it here for me to eat!


  15. Your photos make me want to be in your kitchen, it looks so warm and cosy.
    Baking......yes, we are only two, and the temptations are great, so I limit how many cakes I make!

  16. Hi-I clicked onto your blog from Sit a Spell. Just had to say your pup is too cute!

    I'm pretty sure a piece of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing would be the perfect thing to go with the cup of tea I just made. My children are also out of the house so when I bake I must send the finished product to my husband's office. Everyone there loves to get home baked treats and my hips are grateful : )

    Have a nice Monday...Joyce

  17. Oh, that's a darling little Peanut you have, all curled up there! Love that little red and white stove!!

  18. That cake sounds wonderful, I hope you and your husband enjoy it until the very last bite!

    Also, I just love the picture of your Peanut! I also had a dog named Peanut growing up and yours just looked so comfy in that blue sweater. :)

  19. Peanut is my favorite! And love your red and white stove too. The colors in my kitchen... Fun post!

  20. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying something nice. :) I am loving your valentine kitchen post!!! All those sweet mini's. Makes me want to start a new collection! ;)


  21. what a sweet post!! I love the rolling pin! and that apron is absolutely adore!! you have to cutest things Kim!!

    have a great day sweetie! Hugs, Cynthia

  22. Peanut is just too precious! What a sweet thought that she has her own special sweater. I love your Valentine's decorations. I have a tree set up and a few other things in the living room and hall and am really enjoying them this year.

    How is your mother doing?

    Hugs ~

  23. Ahhhh, dear sweet little Peanut! I hope he warmed up.

    Love all your pretty kitchen displays (I have that same cookie cutter). And the cake sound delish!

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day, Kim!

  24. Your kitchen is just is Peanut...

  25. Cute photos from your kitchen, and the dog is very cute as well, hope he is warm now :)

  26. I can't beleive they canceled school because of a 'skiff' of snow! Just up the road they received 12 inches night before last and school was on!
    What a delightful post of your adorable kitchen! The goodies looked so yummy . Loved the picture of the darling oven:-)
    You get these cute ♥♥♥'s by holding the alt key and the 3 on the number pad down at the same time releasing the number key first:-)
    I have been trying to fiqure out how you put a strike or line through a word... If you know that trick would you share with?

    I hope that helps ♥'s


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