Friday, April 1, 2022

Spring Snippets

When the tulips and grape hyacinths join the fall planted pansies . . .

When redbud trees slowly begin to dot the landscape with their beautiful flowers. . .

When the winter chill begins to fade away and the sun shines a little brighter, the turtles are content to take it all in.

Mister Robin is busy searching for an earthworm or two, which can only mean one thing...

Spring Has Sprung!!


Watching Mister Robin enjoying the spring sunshine prompted me to go home and create a little display with one of my vintage children's books.

Which led to adding a few Spring related items to the table in my entryway.  It won't be long until Mr. and Mrs. Robin begin building their nests.  I haven't seen any yet, but we have been watching Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel running up and down the trees and hopping into their nests.  Quite the acrobats they are providing good entertainment for us while we enjoy the fresh air on the patio.

When we're not being entertained by the squirrel families, the garden beckons.  Lettuce, arugula and parsley seeds were planted a few weeks ago and will soon be making their way into spring salads.

This week we went to the first farmer's market of the season.
The opening event included live music and a few food trucks.
While enjoying the music and eating our dinner, we were joined by some of the resident roosters.  One hopped up on the bench we were sitting on to get a closer look at our dinner offerings.  That was an unexpected surprise, but provided a good laugh : D.
We did enjoy a breakfast of farm fresh eggs and toast with homemade raspberry jam this morning courtesy of the farmer's market.

While I am reveling in the joys of spring here, I realize that it is slow to come in many areas and the waiting can be a challenge.  Just when you see the first sign of spring a snowstorm hits.  Ugh!

I am here to offer a bit of encouragement.

Perhaps where you live winter seems like it will never end.
Like the little boy in this vintage storybook you may be tired of it.
If that is you, I hope that seeing spring's return, as it is happening here in the southeast United States, will offer hope for what's yet to come in your area.  It may not happen as soon as we might like, but it's on it's way.  NO FOOLING :).

A little bouquet of spring cheer from me to you.

Happy April ~ Happy Spring!!