Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Touches

 Well hello there...
You caught me taking a little coffee break.  I'm revisiting an old friend with these windmill cookies this windmill cookie (I'm trying to only eat one, which can be a challenge as I am a bit of a cookie monster.  Anyhow, I saw a package of these windmills at Big Lots the other day and decided to see if I still liked them.  My mom often bought them when I was growing up, but I don't think I've had them since.  With their crispy texture and hint of spice, they go nicely with a cup of coffee or tea and I think they seem to fit in with the spring season.  They make me think of Holland which in turn makes me think of tulips which will soon be blooming in my garden.
 Can you believe it's nearly Easter?
First thing this morning I ordered the ham and then got busy putting out some Easter decor.  I've always loved to decorate for Easter, but am finding that as I get older I'm content to do it on a smaller scale

 I just added some Easter grass and eggs to my vintage planters.  All of those pastels work well together and look like a breath of springtime.
If you're in need of an Easter storybook to put in a special little someone's Easter basket, I highly recommend "The Easter Egg" by Jan Brett.  The story is very sweet and the illustrations are amazing.  Last year I came across it at Target and had to add it to my collection of children's books.  Someday I look forward to reading them to my own grandchildren.  In the meantime it makes a charming addition to the Easter decor.

 Speaking of children's Easter baskets, I made an old fashioned Easter basket with some of the vintage things that I seem to be so drawn to.  They say everybody's a kid at Christmas, but I think it holds true at Easter too.  Watch what happens when I open that egg in the picture above...

 Out come the bunny paper dolls :-).
Do you want to help me select an Easter outfit for Mr. & Mrs. Bunny?  I'll share my cookies with you.

Thank you.
Now wasn't that fun?
Speaking of Easter outfits, do you have yours selected?
With Easter being early this year and the weather being "iffy", I'm finding the Easter outfit to be problematic.  

  When I was decorating I nearly forgot about a little craft I did after Easter last year.  I made one of those paint chip garlands.  I'd seen it on several blogs last year and thought it looked easy (my kind of craft) and it was.  I'm sorry I don't remember specifically where I saw it or I'd do a link.  
Well, it looks like the coffee/cookie break is over.  I'm happy to report that I only had one and they are just as good as I remembered.
I hope all is well with you  today.
Have a wonderful weekend. 


Monday, March 18, 2013

Bringing New Life to an Old Chair

 When I saw her at the church rummage sale last summer, I thought she held some potential.  She had good "bones", but the color wasn't quite right and ...

that seat was a sorry sight.

She sat in the garage for a few months until one day a large drapery panel was found at the thrift shop.  By some wonderful coincidence that panel was an exact match to the existing window treatment in the dining room.

 Hmmm . . .
are you thinking what I'm thinking?

~ After some fun with the staple gun and a little spray painting session~
 Ah, yes. . . much better.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy Easter Arrangement

 If you're looking for a simple and super cute Easter arrangement, look no further.
I've just returned home from a very inspiring gardening symposium and luncheon.  On the registration table was the arrangement pictured above.  

 I took 2 quick pictures so I would remember how it was done.  As I was driving home I was thinking maybe some of you might be interested in this idea too.  I plan to make one to set on my kitchen island for Easter.  This is where we all congregate to eat appetizers and visit.  I thought this would be a cheerful addition.

To accomplish this look you will need:

a clear cylinder shaped vase
a thinner cylinder shaped vase (to fit inside & hold flowers)
mini marshmallows

Make sure there is enough room between the two cylinders to fit the Peeps in.  Fill the center cylinder with water and flowers of your choice (they used daffodils, gerbera daisies and forsythia).
For this arrangement, they had a layer of mini marshmallows on the bottom, then a row of yellow Peeps, a row of blue Peeps, another row of yellow Peeps and another layer of mini marshmallows on top.   
So there you have it... a bit of Easter inspiration for you.

The speaker at the symposium was James Farmer.
He is a young gardener, author, floral designer, cook and garden to table lifestyle expert.  He is also an editor-at-large for Southern Living magazine.  
He inspired us with photos of his amazing landscape and floral work while entertaining us with stories of growing up on a farm in Georgia and attending college at Auburn.
When I made reservations for the symposium I discovered that he has a blog called All Things Farmer  He shares all kinds of fun things over there... even his sweet tea recipe.  

Now, I need to get busy decorating my house for Easter.
It sure is coming up fast this year.
Wasn't it just Christmas?? 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Fun and Unexpected Package

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from a reader telling me she had something she'd like to mail to me.   She explained that she is an Assistant Director of a library (pictured above, isn't it lovely?)  While she doesn't have a blog of her own, she enjoys blog reading.  She signed her e-mail Diane, The Library Lady.

  When her package arrived, my husband and I had so much fun looking through the cute and clever items she had sent.  It seems in one bag I have received the solution to losing "all" of my marbles, pretty pencils that change colors according to heat or cold, a P.U.S.H button (PrayUntilSomethingHappens), a Sponge Survival kit, A Good Egg, note cards and more.

I must say I was particularly intrigued by this one.
Can you guess what it is?

 A coin purse made from a Half & Half carton.
I use Half & Half every morning, but have never once thought to use the carton in such a creative manner.  Diane told me that she makes these to give to the kids along with their first library card.  How cute is that?  In fact she said that all of these clever little gifts are things she makes to give to her library patrons when she thinks they could use some uplifting or to let them know she is thinking of them.  

 I like the motto on the calendar from Diane's library.
It seems to me they are going the extra mile to make the kids happy and inspired to read forever.  

  I stopped in at our local library yesterday and came home with a few books.  Despite the fact that I'm nearly done with one book, I started one of my library books last night and sat up til nearly midnight reading it.  I can relate to the poem on the bookmarks Diane sent.  Can you?

In the bottom of the box I discovered one more gift.
An adorable vintage planter.  I guess it's no secret that I have a fondness for these and this one really makes me smile :).  The colors fit in perfectly and that little duck is such a cutie.

 He's happy in his new home on my kitchen desk.
I'm going to use him to hold pens and pencils which will come in handy as I write up menus and grocery lists.
 I've got my tea cup ready to go because next time I'm sitting at the desk and the clock strikes half past three ...

 I'll be ready (thanks to Diane the Library Lady).

Thank you for your thoughtful gift Diane.
Although we have not met, I know that you are an asset to your library and a blessing to your library patrons.