Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Touches

 Well hello there...
You caught me taking a little coffee break.  I'm revisiting an old friend with these windmill cookies this windmill cookie (I'm trying to only eat one, which can be a challenge as I am a bit of a cookie monster.  Anyhow, I saw a package of these windmills at Big Lots the other day and decided to see if I still liked them.  My mom often bought them when I was growing up, but I don't think I've had them since.  With their crispy texture and hint of spice, they go nicely with a cup of coffee or tea and I think they seem to fit in with the spring season.  They make me think of Holland which in turn makes me think of tulips which will soon be blooming in my garden.
 Can you believe it's nearly Easter?
First thing this morning I ordered the ham and then got busy putting out some Easter decor.  I've always loved to decorate for Easter, but am finding that as I get older I'm content to do it on a smaller scale

 I just added some Easter grass and eggs to my vintage planters.  All of those pastels work well together and look like a breath of springtime.
If you're in need of an Easter storybook to put in a special little someone's Easter basket, I highly recommend "The Easter Egg" by Jan Brett.  The story is very sweet and the illustrations are amazing.  Last year I came across it at Target and had to add it to my collection of children's books.  Someday I look forward to reading them to my own grandchildren.  In the meantime it makes a charming addition to the Easter decor.

 Speaking of children's Easter baskets, I made an old fashioned Easter basket with some of the vintage things that I seem to be so drawn to.  They say everybody's a kid at Christmas, but I think it holds true at Easter too.  Watch what happens when I open that egg in the picture above...

 Out come the bunny paper dolls :-).
Do you want to help me select an Easter outfit for Mr. & Mrs. Bunny?  I'll share my cookies with you.

Thank you.
Now wasn't that fun?
Speaking of Easter outfits, do you have yours selected?
With Easter being early this year and the weather being "iffy", I'm finding the Easter outfit to be problematic.  

  When I was decorating I nearly forgot about a little craft I did after Easter last year.  I made one of those paint chip garlands.  I'd seen it on several blogs last year and thought it looked easy (my kind of craft) and it was.  I'm sorry I don't remember specifically where I saw it or I'd do a link.  
Well, it looks like the coffee/cookie break is over.  I'm happy to report that I only had one and they are just as good as I remembered.
I hope all is well with you  today.
Have a wonderful weekend. 



  1. Oh, I love those windmill cookies! Spekulaas! And your little Easter bunny paperdolls are adorable. I have a squirrel family illustrated by the same paperdoll artist, Kathy Lawrence.

  2. Oh how pretty everything looks at your house.
    I love the paint chip idea.
    My grandmother was from Holland and always had those cookies around. They always remind me of her. I have them once in a while and love them.

  3. Love Easter paper dolls. I used to LOVE playing paper dolls when I was little. Your Easter decorating is so pretty. Will have to try those cookies, don't think I've ever had one.
    Happy Easter

  4. I love those windmill cookies, I once found them in the $ Tree. I know what you mean about decorating less, it really works for me to cut back and not get too crazy. xo

  5. Your decorations are as cute as a bunny!! the bunny paper dolls, I adore, and I too collect children's books, and just love to find them in thrift stores. Thanks for sharing,and the windmill cookies I must try and find the next time I am at Big Lots. Enjoy your weekend.
    Blessings, Sue

  6. I remember those cookies and how good and crisp they were. What a treat! And I love all of your pretty decorations, especially the bunny paper dolls. I think I have some like that. I need to do a little decorating this weekend! Happy Spring!

  7. I like those cookies, too. Haven't seen them in a while. What sweet Easter decorations you the paper doll rabbits and the paint chip garland is terrific on your very sweetly vignetted hutch.

  8. Thanks for sharing your cookie break with us. I always enjoy reading your blog! You have some very sweet Easter decorations. Have a Happy Easter!

  9. What a fun little cookie break, full of chatty conversation. I've never seen those cookies, but they look good. Love the garland.

  10. Oh my goodness! I was just thinking about those cookies the other day and mourning the fact that I can't find them anymore. I'm happy to see they are still made! We don't have a Big Lots here, but I'm not going to give up looking. :) My g'mother used to serve these with a cup of tea when I visited. I loved them!

    Your Easter decor is very pretty and I love the garland. Neat idea!

  11. I remember those cookies, Kim. I like your Easter paper cutouts. I had so much fun playing with cutout dolls as a child. I have a really old book of them here from my mother's childhood. I doubt we'll be dressing very springlike this Easter here. Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

  12. Hi Kim! Oh, that is a cute little paint chip garland! It's snowing like crazy here. Oh, I AM ready for Easter!

  13. Love the little paint chip garland...and I love those cookies...don't see them that much anymore.

  14. Good memories flooded back about the windmill cookies. They tasted a bit like the ultra thin Anna Swedish cookies; my favorite way to have a cookie and stay on low calorie course.

  15. You certainly don't look anything like the Cookie Monster I see often here, with the little ones, but that description you chose, made me smile.

    Your Easter egg with the paper cutouts is my favorite. What a sweet way to dress up for Easter. Your decorations are so tastefully done and so pretty. I like the egg banner from paint chips. Your family must be blessed to see the beauty you share.

  16. Lovely decor for Easter at your house Kim - just hoping the weather around the country improves, so cold again here and lots of rain. My 'Easter bonnet' may stay in the hatbox!

    I love a cookie or two, or three (or biscuits as we Brits call 'em), but I know they are disaster for the waistline! Oh well, when that better weather does arrive I'm planning to walk them off!!!

    Happy week - Mary

  17. I love your Easter decorations - I saw that windmill cookie and had to check you out - lol.


  18. PS I am in the south east too - Atlanta - are you near there? sandie

  19. I'm a cookie monster, too. I haven't seen the windmill cookies for a long time. I'll have to see if our Big Lots has them. The paper dolls are adorable...your sweep paint chip garland...and children's books...


  20. Oh Kim..... I love your pretty Easter decorations!!

    Easter candy is my favorite candy...... I love 'peeps'.... whatever color and I don't care if they're soft or crunchy.....I've been on a slight diet, so I bought one box of peeps for me on Easter.
    I bet those cookies are good... I don't remember them.
    A blessed Easter to you and your family!

  21. Love your Easter decorations Kim. Wishing you a very Happy Easter. Hope your boys will be home.



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