Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy Easter Arrangement

 If you're looking for a simple and super cute Easter arrangement, look no further.
I've just returned home from a very inspiring gardening symposium and luncheon.  On the registration table was the arrangement pictured above.  

 I took 2 quick pictures so I would remember how it was done.  As I was driving home I was thinking maybe some of you might be interested in this idea too.  I plan to make one to set on my kitchen island for Easter.  This is where we all congregate to eat appetizers and visit.  I thought this would be a cheerful addition.

To accomplish this look you will need:

a clear cylinder shaped vase
a thinner cylinder shaped vase (to fit inside & hold flowers)
mini marshmallows

Make sure there is enough room between the two cylinders to fit the Peeps in.  Fill the center cylinder with water and flowers of your choice (they used daffodils, gerbera daisies and forsythia).
For this arrangement, they had a layer of mini marshmallows on the bottom, then a row of yellow Peeps, a row of blue Peeps, another row of yellow Peeps and another layer of mini marshmallows on top.   
So there you have it... a bit of Easter inspiration for you.

The speaker at the symposium was James Farmer.
He is a young gardener, author, floral designer, cook and garden to table lifestyle expert.  He is also an editor-at-large for Southern Living magazine.  
He inspired us with photos of his amazing landscape and floral work while entertaining us with stories of growing up on a farm in Georgia and attending college at Auburn.
When I made reservations for the symposium I discovered that he has a blog called All Things Farmer  He shares all kinds of fun things over there... even his sweet tea recipe.  

Now, I need to get busy decorating my house for Easter.
It sure is coming up fast this year.
Wasn't it just Christmas?? 



  1. Cute! There are some similar ones on Pinterest, though this is the kind of thing that one could get creative with. Thanks for the link...I'll wander over and see what's going on. Yes, Easter is just two weeks from this coming Sunday.

  2. Your Easter flowers with the bunnies and chicks in the bottom is such a cute idea, love the pretty colors...

  3. That is a very creative idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. This is a cute idea. I'll follow the link you gave, too. I have not started decorating for Spring! I'm seeing lots of inspiration though!

  5. This is a stunning arrangement, Kim. I have been wanting to make one since last Easter when I saw one similar on Pinterest. My $ Tree is woefully low on vases, have to check out another one and get hoppin'. That symposium sounded like a fun day. I am going to check out the link. Thanks for sharing. xo

  6. Love it. I'll pin this post to my pinterest boards...and see how good a copier I am! Now I am off to check out his blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love this idea! You could even fix a shorter vase with fewer Peeps...afer all, I have to eat some of them you know. :)

  8. The symposium sounds like it was informative and fun. The arrangement is so cute! Hope we get rid of more snow before Easter arrives..

  9. This is a really nice arrangement of flowers. Thanks for sharing!


  10. is that not adorable! Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

  11. What a great idea! Who would have thought to do that? Thanks so much for the pretty, inexpensive Easter idea. It will look so nice on your kitchen counter. Thank you for sharing it with us, so that we can do it too.

  12. Love your blog. So full of happiness and color :)

  13. Southern Living magazine has been my favorite magazine for years! When it arrives each month I drop everything and read it cover to cover. No guilt trips nagging me to look prettier/be thinner/do more, just warm southern sharing and the BEST recipes ever!

  14. This is so adorable, Kim, great job, I haven't done any decorating as yet, just so busy, I am still on a blogging break. Thanks for sharing.

  15. What a great idea for a nice, new and different Easter arrangement. : )


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