Friday, May 30, 2014

Morning in the Garden

 This morning I wandered into the garden to check on the flowers after a night filled with thunderstorms.
This new day has brought along a generous dose of sunshine.
Oh what a difference a day makes, as they say.

This year we decided to fill a lot of the containers with those pre-made, drop-in pots.  The selection at Home Depot was quite lovely and I decided to save myself some time using this method.
Three cheers to the person who thought up this concept:).

 I'm taking a few pictures now while they look so fresh and pretty.
By mid summer they will look nothing like this despite my best efforts.  Each season begins with determination to keep them looking just like this until the summer is nearly over.  But then, intense heat, humidity or (like last year) unusual amounts of rain have their way and well... they usually win out.  But still, I try.  For that is what we gardeners do.

 This geranium has been around for several years.
It sits in the garage over the winter and always blesses us with colorful blooms in the springtime.  This year I transferred it to a bright blue pot.  I'm rather liking that bright pop of color.
I once read that bright colors in the garden make us feel cooler than pastels.  I try to keep that in mind in my southern garden.

 ~ Hydrangeas & Hostas ~
A happy combination, I think.
My hydrangeas are putting on quite a show right now.
They responded favorably to last night's rain.

 Now that the garden is taken care of, I'm waiting for the little man to wake up from his nap so that we can take him to the pool for the very first time.  The big man is his uncle who recently bought the carrier for him and had great fun carting him around the house in it.  
I use this picture because it's the most recent one I have.
I'm off to put the camera into the beach bag.
What kind of grandma would I be if I don't document the first swim?  :D.

How is your weekend shaping up? 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

This Week In My Kitchen

I'm joining in for Heather's In The Kitchen::Blog Hop once again this week.


 ~ Quinoa salads are new to me.  Cilantro and kale coincided in the garden this week making me want to try this recipe.  We are now instant converts.  Oh my goodness is this delicious (& nutritious).
A wonderful new recipe for summertime.
There seem to be two camps when it comes to cilantro... those who love it (raising my hand) and those who detest it.  If you love it and decide to make this salad, be sure to add plenty as it makes a very lovely addition.

~ The earliest hydrangeas coincided with an estate sale pitcher making a pretty centerpiece for the kitchen table.

~ Seems like the first thing I do when I begin food preparation is to remove my rings and wash my hands.
A few too many frozen bananas prompted an afternoon spent making banana muffins.  I added a few walnuts and a few chocolate chips.
Just right with a cup of tea and some time spent perusing cookbooks.

~ I was inspired to make granola after seeing it on someone else's post.
So nice with Greek yogurt, honey and fresh berries.

If you could use some kitchen inspiration, hop on over to Heather's or better yet, come join in the fun.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Having Fun in the Garden Today

 Our weekend weather is ideal for working in the garden.
A few days ago we had torrential downpours which have left our red clay soil moist.  Just right for making the job of weed removal so much easier.
Temperatures in the low 70s, no humidity and a blue sky filled with a few puffy white clouds make the gardening tasks even more pleasant.
This morning I filled up the wheelbarrow with my tools of the trade and started making my way around the yard, planting and weeding as I went along.

As I got near one of the iris beds I was glad I decided to add my camera to the wheelbarrow contents.  Normally I don't because I don't want to use it with my muddy hands or risk getting water on it or forgetting it's in there and throwing something on it.  

In the quiet morning hours I had already heard our latest bluebird babies chirping away in the nest box.  Now mama was coming to feed the little darlings their breakfast.

I think she was a little leery of my presence as she soon headed for the shelter of the nearby crepe myrtle tree.  From there she sized me up and I quietly told her that I would never harm her sweet babies.  
She didn't answer me, but soon flew away.

Meanwhile I stood as still as a statue enjoying the sunlight shining on the irises.

Before long she returned with breakfast for the babies.

I just started snapping away.
Not the greatest shots, but I think you can see her just about ready to feed her brood and then...

Hop in the house to check up on them.

Ah, the joys of nature.
They never cease to lift my spirits.
Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to gardening.

Anything interesting happening in your garden today?

Happy Weekending :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Double Delight

 ~ Double Delight Rose ~

The first flush of blooms showed up on the Double Delight Rose this week.  It seemed like perfect timing for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday.  Around here the name also seemed appropriate for the events of the weekend.

May 10th found us celebrating the birthdays of these two...
the ones who are responsible for making me a mother :).
 Today, May 11th, they will celebrate me.

Now, I'd call that a Double Delight.

And now I'd like to wish all of you a
Delightful Mother's Day.   

Thursday, May 8, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen

I've recently been enjoying the opportunity to peek into other kitchens at Heather's This Week In My Kitchen::Blog Hop.  This week I thought I'd join in the fun.

Between my small garden and a first trip to the farmer's market, we've been enjoying a bit of farm to table dining.
The first local strawberries have arrived.  As soon as I neared them at the market, the smell permeated the air.  Oh, what a difference from those grocery store berries :).  When I spotted the rhubarb it was instantly decided that strawberry rhubarb crisp would be on the menu.