Saturday, May 17, 2014

Having Fun in the Garden Today

 Our weekend weather is ideal for working in the garden.
A few days ago we had torrential downpours which have left our red clay soil moist.  Just right for making the job of weed removal so much easier.
Temperatures in the low 70s, no humidity and a blue sky filled with a few puffy white clouds make the gardening tasks even more pleasant.
This morning I filled up the wheelbarrow with my tools of the trade and started making my way around the yard, planting and weeding as I went along.

As I got near one of the iris beds I was glad I decided to add my camera to the wheelbarrow contents.  Normally I don't because I don't want to use it with my muddy hands or risk getting water on it or forgetting it's in there and throwing something on it.  

In the quiet morning hours I had already heard our latest bluebird babies chirping away in the nest box.  Now mama was coming to feed the little darlings their breakfast.

I think she was a little leery of my presence as she soon headed for the shelter of the nearby crepe myrtle tree.  From there she sized me up and I quietly told her that I would never harm her sweet babies.  
She didn't answer me, but soon flew away.

Meanwhile I stood as still as a statue enjoying the sunlight shining on the irises.

Before long she returned with breakfast for the babies.

I just started snapping away.
Not the greatest shots, but I think you can see her just about ready to feed her brood and then...

Hop in the house to check up on them.

Ah, the joys of nature.
They never cease to lift my spirits.
Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to gardening.

Anything interesting happening in your garden today?

Happy Weekending :)


  1. Kim, I feel exactly the same about gardening. What wonderful pictures!!

  2. Kim, I feel exactly the same about gardening. What wonderful pictures!!

  3. Loved the mama bluebird pictures. Your weather sounds perfect for gardening. The sun shining on the iris is truly beautiful.
    Too wet to work in the garden here today.
    The robin is doing a lot of sitting on her nest so there must be some eggs in there. The nest is so high up that I can't see in it. I have to get my step stool and hold the camera up and then look at the picture to see what's in there.

  4. Thank you for the bluebird glimpse!
    We did go to the garden store and buy dirt. That's it, though!
    Your garden is looking very pretty, Kim!

  5. This is a lovely tale of the bluebirds in your garden. Really great shots. I love your irises - they are such a deep color.

    No gardening today - I've been housecleaning and cooking. And getting ready for a little boating.

  6. Your garden is far more interesting than mine. I have no bluebirds in mine and no gorgeous bed of irises. I did weed a bit once the sun came out. It was easier after all the rain.

  7. Oh I'm so jealous! We just hung a bluebird house a week or two ago and it's right next to the crepe myrtles. Hopefully they will like that spot. Your photos are amazing. Your irises are amazing too! Mine never bloomed this year....don't know why.

  8. You got some beautiful shots in your garden! How does my garden grow? The irises are looking much like winter pansies are still going strong...and the pots all got planted this week. I must say your birds are much more interesting then mine though!

  9. Great photos, Kim. Beautiful little bird, too. Lucky you to have a nest in your yard. BTW, I love your new avi. xo

  10. It's raining and the lawns look so green. The gardens are quiet and just starting to grow. No colour yet. Beautiful photos of your iris and the bluebird. Enjoy.

  11. Love the photo of the iris as well. Such a gorgeous color! Our weather slowly getting warmer - perennials are starting to grow so it will be awhile before we see color.
    A few more sleeps and we are off to see our grand daughter...should be lots of fun

  12. Good Morning Kim, we had the same torrential rains you did, we weren't quite so lucky, it flooded our main garden we are still assessing the damage. Bluebirds are so beautiful we have so many here on the farm, DH wanted to rename our farm bluebird farm, ~smile~ Like you nature and being in the garden always lifts my spirit.
    Enjoy your day.

  13. How remarkable to live around real blue birds...I think they are lovely, and they've been coming across my path via the media for a while now...I just know it's a sign of good things.

    Lovely photos, and I hope you enjoy watching the babies grow.


  14. Kim,
    That bluebird is so precious gathering food for her young. I really liked the pictures. The Irises are gorgeous. They look like a purplish color. I love gardening too, and it's one of my favorite things to do.

    Have a great week, Kim.


  15. I never saw a Bluebird up close, and so you can imagine how thrilled I am to see each one of these pictures. I really appreciate that you went and brought out your camera. The Irises and the Bluebirds, sure did add beauty to my day. Thank you!


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