Friday, May 30, 2014

Morning in the Garden

 This morning I wandered into the garden to check on the flowers after a night filled with thunderstorms.
This new day has brought along a generous dose of sunshine.
Oh what a difference a day makes, as they say.

This year we decided to fill a lot of the containers with those pre-made, drop-in pots.  The selection at Home Depot was quite lovely and I decided to save myself some time using this method.
Three cheers to the person who thought up this concept:).

 I'm taking a few pictures now while they look so fresh and pretty.
By mid summer they will look nothing like this despite my best efforts.  Each season begins with determination to keep them looking just like this until the summer is nearly over.  But then, intense heat, humidity or (like last year) unusual amounts of rain have their way and well... they usually win out.  But still, I try.  For that is what we gardeners do.

 This geranium has been around for several years.
It sits in the garage over the winter and always blesses us with colorful blooms in the springtime.  This year I transferred it to a bright blue pot.  I'm rather liking that bright pop of color.
I once read that bright colors in the garden make us feel cooler than pastels.  I try to keep that in mind in my southern garden.

 ~ Hydrangeas & Hostas ~
A happy combination, I think.
My hydrangeas are putting on quite a show right now.
They responded favorably to last night's rain.

 Now that the garden is taken care of, I'm waiting for the little man to wake up from his nap so that we can take him to the pool for the very first time.  The big man is his uncle who recently bought the carrier for him and had great fun carting him around the house in it.  
I use this picture because it's the most recent one I have.
I'm off to put the camera into the beach bag.
What kind of grandma would I be if I don't document the first swim?  :D.

How is your weekend shaping up? 


  1. Your plant containers are gorgeous and so is the blue hydrangea. I guess everyone has weather problems and what it does to our plants. Your grandson is a cutie and I bet he'll have fun at the beach. Enjoy the weekend. Pam

  2. Your flowers and yard are beautiful and I know what you mean about the heat and humidity taking a toll on them after a while. But we keep trying! I'm determined to figure out a way to keep them lush all summer long, maybe some day! Hope you get some good photos of the cute swimmer!

    BTW, I replied at my blog, but I'll mention it here, too. The camera I used for most of my photos on my post were taken with my little Canon Elph 330 HS. I love that little camera that I can slip into my pocket! For the shot of the faraway deer, I used my Canon SX30IS.

  3. I bet that little one loved the pool. Especially if Uncle was there to play with him. Looks like they are big buddies.

  4. Oh, that little guy is so cute! Your flowers are beautiful, Kim. I did the same as you this year, a few pre-made pots ~ so easy, and yet so pretty!

  5. Oh this is going to be good! He is going to love the pool!

    Yes, that blue pot looks fabulous with the deep pink geranium. The pots are beautiful and I have never seen your garden not look good.

  6. Your garden always looks beautiful to me!! I love being outside after a good rain too. Everything so fresh and bright.

    Jaxson is looking cute a usual. : )
    My son David and his two kids will be paying us a visit tomorrow and Sunday.

  7. Your flowers are beautiful! I can see that expanse of pretty green grass back there too. Have fun swimming with the little man. :)

  8. Your planters look beautiful and I am jealous of your gorgeous hydrangeas! Baby is adorable. Lloking forward to more photos. xo

  9. Beautiful flowers and a beautiful grandson. Have fun at his first swim.

  10. Beautiful blooms. I love the hosta and hydrangea combo! We'll be waiting for a full report (pictures included) of the first swim!

  11. Fun! Your garden is looking GORGEOUS again!

  12. Your pops of color are always so pretty, as are your filled pots. Well, actually so much beauty abounds here again on this post, including the blue hydrangeas.

    I smile when I think of you as a new grandma, carrying your camera with you. I like that you do that, because whenever you share pictures of the little guy, I know in my heart, the joy in your heart too. The "firsts" of each life, are such special moments.


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