Tuesday, July 18, 2023

A Row of Roses


I'm dusting off the blog (once again :) today.
Are you enjoying your summer?  Is it hot where you live?
Last week I was back in my home state of Michigan where the weather was delightful and such a welcome reprieve from our high heat and humidity.

Before vacation and before the heat set in, we tackled a little garden project.
It involved roses...Drift Roses to be exact.
Just when I had come to the conclusion that there would be no room for roses in my garden, the drift variety presented itself.
I didn't know much about them until reading an article on their special attributes, in particular disease resistance and maintaining a small size.  In fact, they are considered ground cover roses.

We purchased four of the Peach Drift roses and planted them in a bed behind the house.  This spot receives full blaring sun all day which is something these roses will thrive on.

Between the roses I planted a lavender plant.
I received it for Christmas a few years ago and didn't have high hopes that it would survive in our climate.  It was a pleasant surprise to see it blooming this spring.

With plenty of room to fill in I think these roses will be ideal for completing this bed.  Originally there were hydrangeas planted here.
They were receiving way too much sun and have since been relocated to the side of the house where they are much happier.
Behind the roses is a row of Otto Luyken Laurels and under the window is a purple clematis.  Once everything is established and in bloom, I foresee a beautiful combination of colors.
A real bonus is that the roses also have a lovely rose scent.