Sunday, March 29, 2020

A Special Visitor

Last week my grandson came for a visit.
This visit was scheduled long before our current keep your distance policy was in effect.  Because the visit involved his daddy's job and mommy had to stay home to do her job in the hospital, the visit went on as planned.
My job, besides being the loving grandmother, was to do everything I could to keep everybody healthy during our time together along with providing ways to have fun as well as a bit of learning every day.
We read a lot of books and found daily online learning activities.
Sometimes I let him be the teacher.  I think he came up with some great lesson plans for a boy in first grade.  He also enjoyed sending me to detention a bit too much :).
When we all needed to get out of the house, it was time for a field 

A walk through the woods revealed the redbuds blooming in amongst the mostly dormant trees.

Interesting fungi growing up the tree trunk.

Wild violets popping up around a lichen covered tree branch.
Fortunately at this age he is still in awe of these little discoveries.

With the nice weather we have been having, art class was usually held outside.

All too soon the week was over and it was time for them to head home.
Just in case a rainstorm decides to erase the "chalkboard", I decided a quick picture was in order.  A precious reminder of our brief time together.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Springtime Social Distancing

The arrival of the daffodils seemed particularly welcome this year.
With so much happening in the world that we don't seem to have much control over, it brings some comfort to see that despite everything, the springtime flowers remain dependable. 

 When I'm outside on these beautiful days we are currently having, it's hard to believe what is happening around the world.  But, it all comes back quickly when I get back online or turn on the tv.  So I try to stay updated in small doses and do my part to social distance and stay home.
In order to keep our spirits up, it seemed like a good idea to bring some of those cheery daffodils inside.

 Once the vase got filled with a little bouquet I spent a bit of time giving the hutch a new look for the spring season.  I look forward to the day when we can all Gather together again.  

 All of these shortages at the grocery stores got me thinking about small ways I could be a bit more self sufficient.  Although my garden space is limited, I know that lettuce is an easy cool weather vegetable to grow.  So, with one pack of seeds I filled two big pots and a few days later we have sprouts.  

I think it is important to keep a sense of purpose each day and strive for a bit of variety to keep from going stir crazy.  Although I've had good intentions to join the jigsaw puzzle crowd, it hasn't happened... until now.  I can see how this can be a nice way to keep busy and keep the mind occupied.

I've also re-acquainted myself with Leslie Sansone.  Before I moved (over a year ago) I walked with her faithfully.  I'm ashamed to admit that since moving I have become very lazy about exercising.  It feels good to get moving again.  It also feels good to get outside walking.  I'm glad we can still do that as long as we keep our distance when encountering neighbors.  

A few more spring beauties.

I hope that you are staying well and finding ways to keep your spirits up.  We truly are all in this together, aren't we?

Friday, March 6, 2020

Snowdrops and Sunshine

Last fall I was on a mission to find and plant snowdrop bulbs.
Having no luck at the local garden centers, I finally found a mail order source.  When it comes to bulb planting in the fall I have good intentions, but often fail to get any planted.  Then when spring rolls around I wonder why I didn't make a better effort.
Snowdrops are something I had never planted.  In fact it's only been in the last few years that I've come to know about them.
After seeing them on some of your blogs, I fell in love with their delicate beauty and knew I needed to add them to my garden.
I'm so happy to report that this was one mission that was accomplished.
Currently they are blooming alongside some grape hyacinths in the little courtyard across from the kitchen.

Behind them are the tulips getting ready for their moment of glory.
I love this time of year when the earth is awakening from it's winter dormancy and new life is to be discovered on a daily basis.

 The lengthening daylight hours are also bringing a bit of new life to the lemon tree.  I am encouraged by this new growth after all of the TLC I have been giving it over the fall and winter.

Even more encouraging is this little bud that has formed.
Actually there are two.  I check on them every day to make sure they haven't fallen off or shriveled up.  So far so good.  Now if I can keep things going until next month when the tree can be moved back outside I might even see a little lemon crop.

After an extra rainy winter we are enjoying a sunny day today.
This little birdie on my neighbor's rooftop seems to be basking in the sun's warming rays.
Spring is on it's way.