Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Tired

I have been so touched by the kind comments and e-mails I have received from so many of you who read my blog.  I sincerely appreciate you for taking time out of your busy lives to make contact with me.  It has been on my mind and in my heart to respond to each of you individually.  I will be doing this, but please forgive me if it takes a little while to do so.  Please do not take my silence as uncaring as that couldn't be further from the truth.
It's just that to be honest I'm exhausted.

For the past few days (& nights) I have been babysitting my little grandson.
Brett was out of town during this time, so it was just me and Jaxson.
He's almost sleeping through the night.  Grandma, on the other hand, barely slept a wink the first night.  Up & down peeking into the crib to make sure all was well.  

We took lots of walks.

He showed me his new tricks ...
"Look Grandma, I can hold the rattle all by myself"
At just four months old he has stepped away from the newborn stage and is beginning to giggle and explore.
I loved having this special time with him all to myself.
But now... I need a loooong nap.  
As soon as I get caught up I'll be around to visit with you.
In the meantime I wish you all a wonderful weekend.



  1. He's precious! Way to go, Granny!
    I BET you're tired. You'll have some nice interrupted sleep and REALLY appreciate it, Kim!

  2. Love that wide-eyed look...not what you want to see in the middle of the night! Get your rest by all means. What a blessing that you are available to pinch hit for your darling baby grand.

  3. Oh Kim, he is adorable. Love the jammies. I think I see a resemblance to you,too. Get some rest, Grandma! xo

  4. Oh Kim, he's precious! How wonderful to babysit your grandson! Your last post was beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Butchart Gardens. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  5. Kim, what a precious time for the two of you. He's adorable and so cuddly. Enjoy all you can. We bloggers can wait on you.

  6. Precious beyond words, Kim! Almost! ~smile~ Jaxson is beautiful! I wonder who had the most fun? So glad to see you blogging.

  7. Oh how sweet! What a special time for you to bond with him. Love the first and last photos!

  8. I personally understand the "tired" you feel. Many are the times I feel exhausted when the little ones leave. I love that you are sharing these precious pictures with us. I know you are a special, loving grandma, and he is so cute!

  9. Oh Kim he is adorable. How nice that you got Jaxson all to yourself for a bit. I couldn't help but notice the blanket in the last picture. So happy that it has come in handy. : )
    So glad that you are blogging too. : )

  10. First sleep over! Wiggling with delight for you...I love little floppy babies. Man they turn into sturdy toddlers way too fast. He is adorable!

  11. He is so adorable and looks like he's getting plenty of rest! heehee! Love his sweet little outfit! I know you love spending time with him! Look how much he's grown!


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