Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Subtle Touch of Fall

We've been hovering in the mid 80s this week and it's feeling a bit more like summer than fall.  While out gardening this morning I noticed the limelight hydrangeas had put out a few new blossoms.  I thought the pink tinge at the tips of the creamy white flowers was so pretty and decided to clip them to enjoy on the mantle.
Of course that led to a bit of playing and fluffing.
Thinking that the mantle was also looking more like summer than fall, I added in a leaf.  Yes, it's pink and yes, I realize that's not a traditional fall color

  I guess that's the way it goes when the decor in the room doesn't lend itself to the traditional colors of fall.

Once the cooler fall air moves in to stay I'll light the fireplace and the little tea light candles.  It may not scream "fall is here", but I think it will still be a cozy place to read as the days grow shorter.
And, of course, that little pink leaf will be a subtle reminder of the changing seasons.



  1. As we were driving today, I saw a tree that was wearing ver rosy pink leaves. It was striking! Your mantel looks beautiful. I'm going back to see if I can read the book titles...Prince if Tides and...

  2. Your mantel looks lovey - so pretty!!

  3. I agree with Happyone! The mantel is so friendly!

  4. I think your mantel looks lovely, Kim. I have some pinkish fall leaf plates that I used on a tablescape last fall, so I see no problem with your pink leaf. :) Your hydrangeas are gorgeous, and I'm in love with the oil painting above your mantel! Gorgeous!!

    Happy Fall to you, Kim! I hear it's supposed to rain here next week. A good time for me to keep organizing and cleaning.

    Hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Kim it's been awhile since I'v visited. I'm back to blogging again had a few health issues to take care of and I retired last November. First thing I noticed were your gorgeous hydrangeas in the pot. I love limelight hydrangea too and have a huge bush in my garden. Love the ways the tips turn pink and burgundy in the fall. Who says your fall decor has to be in traditional fall colors. I like that you have the pink leaf to remind you of the subtle changes from season to seas

  6. ***note to self*** check spelling before hitting enter button.:)


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