Monday, February 22, 2021

Late Winter Garden Notes

Saturday's arrival brought blue, sunny skies.  
Oh my, what a welcome sight!
Our long stretch of cold, gray gloom was beginning to take a toll.
With nothing on the day's schedule, I promptly decided it was going to be an outside gardening day.  At first glance it may seem early for any gardening, but I knew there were a few early chores to be accomplished.  Before I began I just sat on the patio enjoying the sun on my face and the chance to breathe in the fresh cool air.  In the distance the sound of birdsong made me know that despite what the weather might be saying, springtime is just around the corner. 

Late winter is the time I cut back the ornamental grasses.  Trimming away last year's dry foliage to make way for fresh new green shoots always feels hopeful.

The one above is liriope (aka:  monkey grass).  There are five of them around the backyard water feature and five in the front yard.

I found a pair of scissors worked best to give them all a haircut.

Once done, things were looking much tidier.

This twiggy looking thing is my Annabelle Hydrangea.
Not too impressive right now, but come summer it should be filled with big white blossoms.  

In an effort to ensure that happening I cut it back to within 6-10" from the ground before it breaks dormancy.

Once the work was done I strolled the garden looking for signs of new life.  In the herb garden I noticed fresh green chives popping out.

Last fall I had a few crocus bulbs left over and stuck them into a patio pot.  We're expecting a few days in the 60s this week which I imagine will coax them into bloom.

My three little blueberry plants are filling up with buds.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy harvest come summer.

Although most of my spring bulbs have poked out of the ground, the only bloom to be found is this one lone snowdrop.  A sign of things to come.   I can hardly wait for the show to begin.


  1. I'm sure that solitary Snowdrop is telling you that nicer weather is coming. I can hardly wait until we have 60* temps ( I checked and that would be 16*C for us). It will be great to get outside and putter away happily. My chives are also up but only a couple of inches high. I brought a pot of Hyacinths inside to see if they'll bloom sooner than the ones outside. Right now the little stubby growth is about 2 inches high. I love the smell of Hyacinths even more than their beauty.
    Have a good week.

  2. Nice to see signs of spring. Always nice to get outside on a sunny day. Nothing growing here yet!!

  3. You are making me very hopeful for spring. I don't see any signs of it around here but surely it will come soon.

  4. Hi Kim! Soon you'll be enjoying spring. We have to wait longer here in the high country. It's okay.

  5. Oh a day outside in the sunshine gardening must have been heaven.

  6. Oh my, your weather is so far ahead of ours...and all that sunshine and grass and flowers has me longing sooo much for spring! It is sunshiney here in IL, but still so cold. Only in the 30's and 40's. We are starting to see some little patches of grass, but we're still mostly covered in mounds of snow and ice.

  7. Let's hope next year the lonely snowdrop will have a mate!

  8. Things are popping up full of promise - such a great feeling.
    I like your pea gravel - does it stay in place when blowing leaves etc?

    1. Mary, It does look like pea gravel in the photos. However, it is river rock which is much bigger so it stays in place very well.


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