Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thoughts From the Blog Dog

Oh Please, not that camera again!!
Is it too much to ask for a dog to get some uninterrupted sleep?

 I've been an only child for ten years, except at Christmastime when I seem to inherit a brother (whether I want him or not).
She goes on and on about the strong family resemblance ... blah, blah, blah.  Something about the ears... blah!

 Personally I don't see it.
Ears... what ears??

She has this crazy idea that we should pose for a family photo.
 Oy!!  I have other ideas.

 He needs to go.
I'm too old for this nonsense!

But, in order to keep the peace and make her happy (after all she does provide treats and walks), I will pose for one photo... but I don't have to like it ;-|.

~ Kim   Peanut

P.S:  Come back tomorrow.  Between you and I there's talk around here of a giveaway.
Hmmm...  I think I should make a donation to the cause. 


  1. We have some sibling Christmas photos that picture disputes - pushing and rabbit ears and such. The resemblance between these two is astonishing!

  2. Dear Kim and Peanut,
    Peanut reminds me of my first dog when I was 10. I had her until I was 21. She was old and I was in love. She was malled by a German Shepherd. I never got over that. Anyway I found your blog through The Cozy House. I don't have a blog and I enjoy reading everyone else's and picking up cute ideas and nice prose. I'm so depressed right now I don't know what to do. I can't shake it. I'm on 3 meds so don't even go there. I gave Brenda some advise several months ago. I hope it helped her. I'm a loving, giving person and I just don't feel it right now. Maybe I need to win a give-a-way. Does that sound self-fish. Yes it does. Oh well, that's the mood I'm in. Thanks for showing your Peanut. I love him.

    The Library Lady

  3. Diane (Library Lady),
    Thank you for your kind comments and I am sorry for the loss of your first dog. They do become members of the family and losing them is very hard.
    I feel so bad to know that you are so depressed right now. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I do think the holidays (with all of the high expectations) can be particularly hard.
    I have no doubts that you are a loving, giving person and I am keeping you in my thoughts. I am not giving advice that you may not want, but am wondering if going for a little walk or even just outside for a short while might help you to feel a bit better? I only say this because this often helps me when I'm down in the dumps. I might add that I often have to push myself, but once I get out there it's like I get away from it all for awhile and have a fresh perspective when I get home.
    I know that this isn't the cure to your depression, but I just thought I'd mention it because I do want you to feel better.
    Peanut and I are sending you virtual hugs and want you to know that you deserve to feel well and we hope that you will soon feel better.

  4. OH MY! You know I'm going to cry if you abuse the pixie! heehee! Give that puppy a treat! haha! Sweet holiday hugs!

  5. I read the comments and that makes me sad, too. I'm sending hugs to everyone today!

  6. That's so funny because I was thinking about the resemblance before you mentioned it. And gentle hugs all around...

  7. Kim, this is the cutest post. Peanut is adorable, and they do have similar ears!

    I am not feeling Christmas this year at all. I sometimes have to take a break from the blogs that do over the top decorating, every day posting, it can push me into even darker places and no need to go there. But I agree about getting outside for a breath of fresh air. It does help. xo

  8. Wow you got some really great photos of Peanut there.
    He does not look happy in that last picture!

  9. Too funny.

    I love the wintry look of your blog. Made me smile as soon as I clicked into it.

  10. Such great pics of your Peanut!

    Forgive me for being out of the loop and not leaving comments lately. I read the wonderful posts but my hectic life has become much too busy!
    Off to England next week - sending you early Christmas greetings and all the best for coming year dear.

    Hugs - Mary

  11. Oh, I really like Peanut! He's cuter than the elf!
    The elf is cute, though! One year my mom decorated our tree with blue and green fabric balls and matching elves. It was fancy!
    I hope Peanut the Adorable got extra treats for posing for all the photos!
    Happy holidays, Kim!

  12. Oh Peanut, you are so adorable! And your ears are much cuter than that ol pixie's. :-)

  13. A great post! Thank you for making me smile - I love those little elves - and Peanut is just too adorable & huggable!

  14. Your post is so cute! Peanut is a familiar name at my house. :) Only mine is a kitten.
    I want to add my gentle hugs to the others here. I know how the holidays can be a hard time for some for various reasons.
    Give your Peanut a hug from me and enjoy the rest of your week!

  15. How could one not love Peanut? So cute! I like how you share from Peaonut's perspective. I am still smiling this early morning hour.

  16. Dear Peanut,

    I love you. You are sooooo cute.

    The Library lady

  17. Still laughing about that one. He worked that elf over good! Aren't our pups fun? Beau is eight, and we call him 'the only boy' which raised the eyebrows of our daughters. :D
    Merry Christmas Kim!


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