Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Woodsy Walk & A Hint of Fall

You may remember in my last post there was a lot of complaining about the heat and humidity going on.
Something wonderful happened on Saturday.
Namely a 30 degree plummet in the temperature 
~~~ sigh ~~~
along with the drop in temps, that nasty old humidity blew outta' here too.
~~~ HOORAY ~~~
Time to lace up the tennies and traipse through the woods.

 Even though it is too early to see any change in the fall foliage, it's fun to see what changes have taken place since we last walked through the woods (most likely last spring).

 Pretty Berries

 Pops of Goldenrod

Speaking of goldenrod...
Did you happen to see the beautiful arrangement Mary at Home is Where The Boat Is created with it?  If not, see here.  She never ceases to amaze me with her many talents.

 Pretty Purple

I'm thinking this is a wild aster??
Have you heard of that phone app called PlantSnap?
Apparently you can snap a picture of the plant and it will identify it for you.  I did download the app awhile ago, but didn't complete the next steps to fully activate it.  Guess I'd better get with it as it sounds like a handy tool for these woodsy walks.

 Wonder if it could tell me more about that interesting moss growing on this tree trunk?

 This rock with the mossy top and one fern frond growing from it made me smile.  

It sure was wonderful to be back outside enjoying nature.
Definitely a more pleasant experience when one isn't melting and swatting at bugs.
In fact it was so nice I didn't want to go back in.
So, I didn't.
Instead I headed to Lowe's and purchased one of their pre-planted mum containers.  Prior to this the heat would have done them in before the fall breezes had a chance to blow.

How is fall shaping up in your neck of the woods?


  1. I'm so glad you finally have Fall weather!! I love that arrangement in the last picture. I can't quite figure out if the tall grass is in the background...or in the container with the Mum.

    1. The tall grass is in the container with the mums. It came planted that way at the garden center. All I had to do was pop it in my container.

  2. Currently in a warming trend after cool days. No freeze yet, but soon. So glad that you folks got some relief! You might be spending lots of time outside! The container from Lowe’s is very nice.

  3. That plantsnap app sounds great. I'll have to check into that.
    So glad that your heat has left and you can enjoy some nice fall weather for walking.

  4. I wish I had been along with you! I don't know all the wildflower names but I'm learning. I have a book for NC and another one for FL. It really does feel wonderful to be in the woods. I'm hoping to go for a hike tomorrow morning. We are finally getting some cooler temps! My hubby brought home 3 pots of mums today! YAY! That makes it feel like Fall!

  5. What a pretty walk! Temps here in northeast IL have been cool to downright cold already. And way too much rain. Today was nice - in the upper 50's and tomorrow is supposed to be 61, so that's certainly better than the 40's we've been having during the day. Too soon for that kind of cold!


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