Tuesday, January 24, 2023

While Waiting For Gardening Season To Begin

I couldn't resist popping a couple of these hyacinth bulbs into my cart at Aldi the other day.  

While waiting for the outdoor gardening season to begin, it will be so nice to watch them reveal their beauty.  Something to look forward to each day.

I brought this anthurium back into the house last fall after it's summer vacation on the patio.  Apparently it liked it's vacation because it responded by putting out many red heart shaped blooms.    The blooms have remained in place all this time bringing additional cheer to the indoor garden.
Recently, I attached a window bird feeder to the window here.
It looks out into a small courtyard that is protected from animals visiting.
Previously I had the feeder on my office window until a racoon kept knocking it down.

It's added new interest to my morning coffee ritual.
Each day I take up a spot amongst the house plants hoping they will make me less obvious to the birds if they happen to find my feeder.
By the way, the amaryllis plant to the left of my coffee cup has been growing leaves for weeks.  Big tall leaves with not a sign of a bud or bloom to be found.  Have you ever had an amaryllis do this?
I'm going to let it keep growing with hopes that sooner or later I will be rewarded with a bloom, although I am beginning to wonder.

For a week or more there was no action at the feeder.
I continued on with my morning ritual until, at last, I heard some chirping and soon found two visitors enjoying their breakfast.

This bird known as the tufted titmouse looked my way with a sunflower seed in it's beak.  Perhaps his way of thanking me for the breakfast buffet.  I hope he will soon learn that as long as he/she comes to visit, the buffet will be open for business.



  1. I have a relative of that same little birdie who visits me in the mornings! I really prefer your feeder to mine. I will have to look for one of those. Have a cozy evening!

  2. Good idea to have the pretty flowers inside.
    Spring won't be here for quite a while yet.
    Maybe I should try a window bird feeder. Can't have feeders here because they attract the bears.

  3. Yes, your patience will be rewarded with the amaryllis. Feeling confident of it. What a sweet way to enjoy your feathered friends. I see lots of nifty photos in the future.

  4. Your plants all look so pretty in the sunshine. Hyacinth blooms are lovely and fun to watch grow and bloom, but I found out the hard way that my allergies can't take the scent indoors! I've never grown an amaryllis so I googled why it itsn't blooming. It sounds like it needs to go into dormancy first in a dark place, then it will bloom. Try googling about it to get more info. Love all the red blooms on your anthurium!

    As for your bird feeder - it takes awhile for birds to find a new feeder. Once they do, they will be there continually. It's calming to watch them, isn't it?

  5. Hyacinth blooms are a great way to anticipate spring and garden season. Your bird visitors are so sweet, and that's such a unique bird feeder. I love the idea of hiding among the greenery indoors to watch the action at the feeder.

  6. Great spot for bird watching and growing indoor plants. I'm always happy when anything green grows and enjoy watching the feathered friends who daily visit our balconies. Have a good day.

  7. I love hyacinths and it's so interesting watching them develop, and the scent is amazing. Your feathered friend is very pretty. I've never had success with window feeders, probably because of the ever vigilant cats!

  8. I love your bird feeder on the window. How neat is that...I showed hubby. Enjoy your week.

  9. Isn't it fun having those birds so close. Just glass separating you and them. Anthuriums remind me of Hawaii... Hugs.

  10. Hi Kim! Birds are so fun! I get a little cross with the squirrels because they shimmy up the hooks and try to spill the feeders. I even leave seed on the ground for them but they are greedy. I'm excited for garden season, too! xo

  11. I failed my birds this winter. I usually keep the feeder full all yr round but I have not been on top of it this winter. I need to take care of that soon. Loving all the blooms popping out all over here, Nashville TN.


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