Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Outside Playing

My winter garden is beginning to wake up.
Daffodils are thinking about opening.
Our current temperatures in the 70s this week may be just what's needed to coax them along.
The bulbs I planted most recently (last fall) are just starting to poke out of the ground.  I'm hoping that means the daffodil show will be extended this year.

Since it is still early and there isn't much blooming, I brought my Valentine's bouquet outside to play with.
A recent phone update means a camera update too.
Today seemed like a good day to get to know the camera better.

A week later and the flowers are still looking good in their close up.

There are a few pansies in bloom.
I zoomed in a bit on this one.
The color and clarity are nice.
The zoom capabilities on this phone are much better than the previous one.

Hoping to test out that function on a bird photo or two, I sat and waited for one to land at the feeder.
I waited and waited and then noticed two hawks swooping overhead.
That would explain why the songbirds were in hiding.
I tried for a quick photo of the hawks and ended up with this.
Ah well, it looks like more practice is in order.

When choosing a phone cover, a garden theme was the winner.
I hope to spend lots of time getting familiar with the camera feature in the coming months.  Naturally much of that time will be in the garden.


  1. Ah, how lovely to see signs and sounds of spring, We capture what we can and rejoice :-)

  2. Your camera is doing a fine job and so are you! Lovely to see spring waking early or, at least, far early for my corner. It's probably right on time in yours.

  3. Beautiful flowers and they are lasting a good long while.
    In the 70's sounds like our summer. :)

  4. I took a walk around my yard yesterday and here in northeast Illinois, daffodils, chives and Jacob's Ladder were all poking out of the ground. A couple of weeks earlier than last year. We're due for an ice storm tomorrow, so it seems like spring weather is still a long way off here. Me and Brian were talking today about how we're both longing for the warmer weather. We can't wait to start working in the yard and sitting on the patio again.

  5. Your Valentine flowers are beautiful. Most of daffodils here are open or almost open. I am so afraid we will get more "winter" weather and kill the buds and flowers that have opened way too early. Like you, I can't wait to be in the garden.

  6. Beautiful vase of Valentine flowers, Kim. And how hopeful to see the daffodil buds begin to form. 70 degrees sounds wonderful - we have a few months before we'll see that temperature.
    I recently got a new phone, too, and have been practicing with the camera. Catching birds is always a difficult thing to do.


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