Friday, February 24, 2023

When Life Gives You Lemons ...

Late last fall when it was time to bring my Meyer Lemon inside for the winter, there were two lovely lemons waiting to be picked.  Not a huge harvest, yet very exciting as I have been trying to grow them for years with limited success.
I put them into the fridge waiting for just the right recipe to use them in.  While two lemons from the grocery wouldn't be all that exciting, these were like a prized treasure to me :).  
Anyhow, the fall and winter holidays came and went.  The lemons were still in the fridge.  Clearly something needed to be done before they were no longer edible.

Yesterday I decided to quit waiting for the perfect recipe to present itself and just think of something with lemon in it that sounded appealing.  Something with blueberries came to mind.
I consulted my Cooking Light cookbook and decided on lemon blueberry muffins.

The lemon glaze was the "icing on the cake muffin".  It added such a sweet/tart fresh lemon flavor.
One lemon and it's zest were used.  One remains in the fridge.
Amazingly, they were still very fresh and full of juice.
I suppose that has to do with being homegrown rather than traveling great distances to reach the grocery store.

All ready for the weekend.
If you were here I'd offer you one.
Since that's not the case, I can offer the recipe here.

With our recent stretch of warm weather, the lemon tree has been enjoying the patio.  The five lemons that were growing last fall are still there along with many flower buds.  Exciting!!
I think I better start collecting the lemon recipes now.
Do you have any to recommend?

Hope your weekend is enjoyable.


  1. Enjoy your cakes. They look delicious.

  2. Kim, use them! I am guilty of saving things to the point of having to bin them. Glad that you baked such wonderful muffins today!

  3. My favorite way to use fresh lemons is for the dressing I eat on salads. I squeeze lemon juice into some mayo and sprinkle Truvia in. I never buy jar or bottle dressings any more. I love the fresh lemon flavor...especially with chicken.

  4. Hello! Your muffins look delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Have a cozy weekend!

  5. Oh my they look good.
    I have a few lemon recipes on my Karen's Kitchen blog.

  6. I certainly commend you for the green thumb growing lemons. I would have been over the moon to harvest two, as well. The muffins look so yummy. What you gonna make out of the other lemon?

  7. Mmm. I can almost smell the tartness of the lemon and the sweetness of the muffin and glaze. They look worthy of your lemons. I like lemon squares - my mother's recipe.

  8. I'd be excited to grow my own lemons, too! I love blueberry muffins with lemon - I bet yours are delicious. I use a lot of lemons as I keep a pitcher of water on-hand to drink during the day and I always have a cut-up lemon in the water.


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