Monday, September 8, 2008

Falling For My Blog Friends

As we begin a new week I have a few things I'd like to share with you, dear blog friends . . .

First and foremost, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your supportive and sweet comments. I get such warm fuzzy feelings when I read them and really appreciate you taking the time to leave them.

Secondly, I want to share a funny (?) little thing that happened last week. You may remember my recent post about the Eva Cassidy CD I had ordered from Amazon. I could hardly wait for it's arrival. Well, I returned home late one night last week. It was pitch dark as I pulled into the garage. As I was driving in I thought it sounded like something was dragging under the car. But, I didn't feel like I had run over anything. When I got out of the car and looked there was a flattened Amazon box. The UPS driver apparently left it on the ground in the garage door opening. Duhhh!! Brilliant. He always leaves packages on the front porch. Of course when I opened the dilapidated box there was my Eva Cassidy CD. The case was shattered and the CD was all scratched. Boo Hoo - I almost cried. So I am back to listening to Songbird on Heidi's blog. Thank You, Heidi. My dear son has volunteered to take care of this problem.

Lastly, I will be taking a short blog break. If you have been following my blog you know that I am moving my Mom into assisted living this weekend. My brother is flying in on Thursday from California. On Friday he, my husband & I will cross the state line into Tennessee to load up the truck and then on Saturday we will bring Mom and her belongings to North Carolina to begin her new life. These next few days will find me working, finishing up loose ends and spending time making Mom's new home feel like home. I want her to be happy @ home too :-)

Before I go I snuck in a few more little fall vignettes.

Once I know that Mom is settled in I can't wait to get back to blogging. That is when my fall decorating will kick into high gear ~ hopefully it will be a bit cooler then too.

This is what I put on one end of my kitchen island. When you enter the kitchen from any other room or the garage this is the first thing you see. I think it will be a nice fall welcome in the daytime or at night ~ when the candle is lit.

I bought this bowl at a really cute shop in Blowing Rock, NC. If you have never been there I think you would love it. If you have ever read any of Jan Karon's Mitford series books you might be interested to know that she used to live in Blowing Rock and the fictitious town of Mitford is based on the real town of Blowing Rock. Anyhow, the fun thing about this bowl is that I change out the ribbon for the seasons and then add things to coordinate. Like yellow ribbon and Easter eggs for Easter, Christmas ribbon and pine cones at Christmas. The possibilities are almost endless. So much fun to play with.
I will be back as soon as possible. Until then. . . take good care of yourselves and enjoy the beauty of this season.


  1. I hope your transition goes well with your Mom and that she will be happy in her new surroundings.
    I have been to Blowing Rock before and it is very nice. I love going to Boone, NC.

  2. Kim,
    Blessings as you help your luck Mom get settled in her new surroundings. She is lucky to have a sweet daughter like you that is so concerned about her welfare.

  3. Kim, I'll miss you in your absence, but so glad when this transition period is over. I'm sending you and your mom well wishes.
    So sorry to hear about your CD. Aren't son's great! Twyla

  4. Kim...good luck with getting your settled in. Hope all goes well!

    Love your fall decor...especially the one on the kitchen island!

    Hugz...and hurry back!


  5. It's nice to be back! :-)
    I hope all goes well with your mom's move and that she is happy in her new home. With your helping hand how could she not be!!
    I'll use your time away to catch up reading your blog!

  6. I hope all goes well with your Mom, Kim, and she is happy in her new place.

    Sorry to hear about your CD.

    Love your fall decorating!

    Take care and hurry back!

  7. I will say a prayer that the move goes well! I enjoyed seeing your Autumn displays!

  8. Dear Kim,

    May all go well with the move.

    Wishing you peace of mind, body, soul and spirit.


  9. I know first hand how hard the transition will be......but she will get used to it and I'm sure you'll make her new space happy!
    I LOVE Eva Cassidy and I've been listening to her CD's for years. Hope you get your music sooner than later!

  10. Good luck with your sweet mom. We did that recently with my father in law after we lost mother in law. It was hard to empty out their home with over 50 years of living in the same place. He is happy now and tomorrow we will enjoy a Luau with him.
    Love your fall arrangement for your counter. So pretty!

  11. Hello Kim! I am so sorry to hear about your CD being ruined. Can you not contact UPS about this since it seems to me that they should be responsible.

    I pray all goes smoothly with your mother's move. On top of it making it easier for all of you, you can also come back to us that much sooner. I hope she will be able to settle into her new surroundings and be very happy there.

    Hugs from Cranberry Cottage ~

  12. I hope her transition goes well. We just did that within the past nine months with my father in law after thed eath of my mother in law. Selling their home and getting rid of all their things is so hard. It seemed as if he watched precious memories go out the door with them. You are a wonderful daughter to 'love' her into her new living arrangment.
    God bless to all,

  13. Interesting information about Blowing Rock...and do you think that Karon does a good job of capturing its essence?

    May all your work trasferring your mom to a new home go very well.

    Thanks for your visit!


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