Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simply Savoring Summer

Although the thermometer is hovering around 90 degrees, the backyard is beginning to show subtle signs that autumn is just around the corner. The leaves and berries of the dogwood trees that had been green all summer are slowly changing to oranges, reds and yellows.

The mums are loaded with buds and some of them are just beginning to open. It won't be long now until the calendar tells us it is officially Fall. But, until then... let's savor every last bit of the good ole' summertime.

Here at my home we are doing that by enjoying the small, but delicious harvest from the organic vegetable garden. This year I planted a raised bed garden for the first time since living in NC. I have found it so satisfying to step out my backdoor with my basket in hand to pick a few different vegetables to add to the dinner table. You can't beat homegrown.

In honor of the outdoor vegetable garden I created a little centerpiece for the kitchen table.

A few cute dish towels helped to carry out the garden theme.

We're eating lots of fresh summer fruit ~ like this watermelon.
Sure you can buy watermelon all year now, but it always tastes the best when it's in season.

And looks prettier with a sprig of mint from the herb garden.

When I'm out tending to the vegetable garden I usually snip some flowers to bring in. This little arrangement sits on the edge of the kitchen sink.
A little milk bottle with a few flowers tucked in is a simple way to bring a touch of the late summer garden into the house.

Hey, summer's not over yet... so... get out there and enjoy every last bit of it.
Garden flowers, homegrown vegetables, swimming, boating & fishing, bike rides, picnics & bbq's
Hope you enjoy the best that summer has to offer before it's too late.

Hugs from my Happy Home to yours,


  1. Kim, it all looks good!!! I simply LOVE the pic in your header. And yes, it will be in the 90's for many weeks more, so you're right......enjoy the summer mingling with the days of school and the tease of fall to come.


  2. Hi Kim~
    Yes ~I am seeing signs of Autumn here in Missouri too! Summer went by so quickly.
    Have a wonderful day~i enjoyed your post today!

  3. Hi!
    I'm new here. Just saw your blog and loved it. I love following 'happy homes' -and gardens.
    Have a good day!

  4. Looks wonderful! I too have noticed some subtle fall touches here and there, not the least of which is seeing the local schools reopen for the new year. I would love to try a raised vegetable bed...maybe next summer! Your watermelon looks divine! = ) Your so right, it's so much better in season. One of our summer favorites. Have a wonderful day!


  5. We're enjoying summer time in the mountains! I love your beautiful blue hydrangeas in your banner! My favorite flower!

  6. Great pictures. And the dishtowels? (I want those:)) I thought about raised beds; my yard is so small, I only have a little grassed area left that hasn't been converted to flowers and it isn't in the sunny part of the yard. Alas, I have a few tomatoes on the west side of the house and no room for more. Need more yard!
    I was just telling my daughter yesterday that I am really going to miss the watermelons!

  7. I'm with you...there's nothing like the homegrown flavours of summer. I'm off to find some watermelon.

  8. Oh I just love all your pictures. I don't even want to think about summer being over yet!
    You are so right - there is nothing like eating home grown food.
    My mouth is watering for some watermelon.

  9. I'm sitting here looking and reading your beautiful blog.... and eating the most delicious seedless watermelon. I'm so spoiled.... I only like the seedless.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Kim, I'm with you! Enjoying summer till the last minute! I am enjoying my parent's garden veggies, they are nice to share:) Love your kitchen towels. Have a nice end of summer! Twyla

  11. Hi Kim
    I am enjoying the rest of summer by keeping cool in my air conditioned house! We don't have a vegetable garden but I am enjoying some great tomatoes from a friend. I'll be glad when the heat begins to subside.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  12. Hi Kim,
    You sure have a green thumb your veggie looks so delish. I love your sweet garden dish towels. I can't wait for fall, the summers are just to hot for me.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  13. Such pretty pictures!! I'm sad it already August!! We are definately savoring these dog days of summer!!

    Have a good night!


  14. Good morning Kim,
    We are seeing touches of fall here in Michigan too. I heard crickets last week that usually means summer is almost over. I love your center piece. Your rooster is just darling. I also bring flowers in when I'm out in my garden. Your arrangement is so pretty. I hope you have a lovely day.

  15. What a cute post! I'm crazy about the dishtowels! They're so fun aren't they. Yes, my dogwoods are starting to change and leaves on the Tulip Poplar are turning yellow and dropping. But it's still in the stifling 90's! Hurry up fall! I can't wait! I just can't enjoy this heat.

    Thanks for coming by my blog! Yes, I painted that apple green tray. It's just one of those silverplaters that you find in every thriftstore. I did use a spray primer on it first because I usually keep it outside so I didn't want it chipping or flaking. But I think if it's something that really won't see too much regular use, you could change skip that step. Yes, I also panted the chairs myself - thriftstore finds also.


  16. We're having temps in the 70s and 80s, which are cool for KC,MO this time of year....but I'm LOVIN it!! I don't have a garden, but I've been lucky enough to receive the bounty of others' gardens. In fact, I bought some wonderful red tomatoes at a g. sale today...then the sweet lady gave me a couple of extra "just because"!! We'll be having some BLTs tonight!!! Love the little yellow ones you pictured..my mom used to raise those.

    Happy Thursday! Dana

  17. I love watermelons, both the red and yellow varieties...the yellow one is tastier though!

  18. Hi Kim,
    I noticed signs of fall just the other day when I was in the back yard. Yes, let's savor summer for a while longer.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  19. It's been more like 100 degrees here. But I sure enjoyed your refreshing photos! They made me smile.

  20. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Everything looks so good. We live in NC also.

  21. Wow! Everything looks so much prettier at your house. My mums got mowed down by some bug or other. Darn! And the only watermelon we had was awful. Now I'm eager to find a good one in time for Labor Day. Ha! Glad that summer is treating you well and that you know how to enjoy it.

  22. Kim, enjoy those summer things while you can! You are right Fall is right around the corner!

  23. I'm seeing the signs of an early fall here in Oregon too! We have seen lots of different trees with their leaves changing color and evening falling already. I always hate for summer to end, but fall is my favorite season of the year, so I'm looking forward to it!

    Hugs, Sharon

  24. there is no better place to shop than in my own garden. love your pictures!

  25. Each and every picture on this post is so relective of summer and it's unique beauty. The watermelon pictures look like pictures from my Southern Living Magazine. Oh, it made me hungry for some of that sweet, ripe fruit.

    Your header picture is so pretty!!


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