Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making Friends Down Under

Since no trip to Australia would be complete without seeing a Koala or two, we set out yesterday to do just that.

We found several hanging out in the trees.

They are sleepy little guys who can sleep up to 19 hours per day.

Fortunately, we were able to find one of them who was awake for a bite to eat.  We learned that they don't drink water.  Although they are known as Koala Bears, they aren't bears at all.  They are considered marsupials and are related to wombats and kangaroos.

Speaking of kangaroos, we met a few of them yesterday too.

Apparently they like to lounge around in the afternoon.  As evening comes, they get more active.  We got a kick out of this guy using his friend as a foot rest.

Jeremy gained a new friend after feeding this little fella.

Not all of our new friends were as cute and friendly as the Koalas and Kangaroos.

This is a dingo looking rather harmless. 
Thinking about a movie I saw many years ago I know that looks can be deceiving.  Do you remember that movie from probably the 80s where Meryl Streep went camping with her family and there were dingos involved?  My husband doesn't remember the movie and I don't remember what it was called, but I do remember that was the first time I'd heard of a dingo.  Any help with the name of that movie would be appreciated.  Anybody?? :-).
We laughed as we watched this Tasmanian Devil doing laps around his habitat.  Eventually he wore himself out and climbed up on the rock for a break.  He is rather plump and quite homely looking.

As it is nearly midnight here, I am going to take a cue from my koala friend and head to the nearest tree bed to catch a few zzzz's.

I look forward to being able to catch up with all of you soon.


  1. Oh I love all your pictures! ;o) Especially the sleeping Koala bears! They look so snuggly! ;o)

  2. Great pictures!!!!

    Your photos bring back such great memories to me on our trip to Australia.
    I know you're having a wonderful time..... and visiting your son to top it off!

  3. The movie is "A Cry in the Dark". Great pictures! You talked about the kangaroos being over abundant there. A friend of ours went to Australia last year and went kangaroo hunting! Glad you are having a good time!

  4. I loved seeing all the animals. I don't see any of those on my morning walks!! :-)
    The koalas are sooo cute. Great photo of the lounging kangaroos!!
    Sounds like such great place to be visiting.

  5. Kim, the koalas are so cute! I love the kangaroos too! Love the little one in the pouch! Looks like you are having a great trip!

  6. I live on the Gold Coast... hope you're having a good time here.

  7. What an amazing trip you are having! Great photos! I've never seen anything like these! ♥ HAVE FUN! ♥

  8. They are the cutest little guys...I just love them! :D

  9. Hope you're enjoying your stay in Australia! I live about 500 kilometers (roughly 600 miles) North of the Gold Coast, in the more tropical part of Aus!
    The movie you are talking about is one of the most famous stories ever in Australia. It's the story of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, and their baby daughter Azaria. They were camping at Ularu (then Aires Rock) when their daughter was snatched away in the night by a dingo. People assumed Lindy had killed her daughter, and she went to jail for many, many years before being found innocent. There are Australian's out there that still believe she did it, even though the evidence is overwhelming that it was a dingo. Also, dingoes have attacked many young children, along with killing a boy aged 9 on Fraser Island, North of where you are, not all that long ago.
    You do know that Australia had the top 11 deadliest snakes on the planet, as well as the deadliest spider, jellyfish, octopus, snail, marsupial, and insect? But don't worry, you're not likely to see any of these on the Gold Coast!
    Have fun while you're here, and don't forget to try our famous Tim
    Tam biscuits! You'll be hooked!!

  10. Oh, those are the cutest photos! If I visited there, that is exactly what I would want to see. Those cutie-pies snuggled up and snoozing in a tree.

  11. Hi Kim, I am really enjoying your photos! The one of the kangaroo on his back with feet up in the air is too funny! The koala bears are so cute. Looks like you are having a fun trip!

    Have a great day,

  12. Hi Kim,
    Oh my, you're in Australia!! How wonderful. I've been enjoying all your great photos. Enjoy your trip! I know you're having fun.


  13. I am really enjoying the pictures and commentary you are sharing from your trip. Thanks for letting us be a part of it. I especially liked the picture of the kangaroo using his friend as a footstool. I guess that is what life is all about, just helping each other out. Enjoy the rest of your trip. You are missed around here:)

  14. So glad you are having fun over here! It looks like you may be seeing more of Australia than I have! I hope you continue having a wonderful time and that we are looking after you!

    Best wishes,
    PS That movie was called "Evil Angels" over here.


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