Saturday, May 14, 2011

Concentrating on Concentrating

Concentration is a trait that my husband possesses. 
Sometimes he comes to the mall with me and once he's done looking for what he needs, he finds a chair in the middle of the mall and reads until I'm done.  When we meet up again he always tells me how many pages he got read.  Sometimes it's 100 or more. 
I find this unbelievable because if I ever attempted to read in the midst of a mall I'd get so sidetracked by one of my favorite hobbies ~ people watching ~ that I'd be lucky to read 3 pages and I probably wouldn't remember what I read because my skills for concentration are a bit different than his.
I'd like to say that the noise and activity in the mall is what distracts me, but it seems my concentration can be broken in the quiet of my own home too.  For instance, this afternoon I sat down in the living room to do some reading.  After reading a few pages, my eye went to this:

This yellow table is something I bought a few years ago at an antique store.  It sort of got set in this location, but I wasn't fond of the bright yellow, especially next to the yellow floral sofa.
As I continued reading, my mind began wandering to a can of paint I had in the laundry room.  I tried to keep reading, but before long ...

Out came the paint.  Unfortunately I didn't have any green spray paint, but the first coat went on pretty quick.

As the first coat of paint was drying, I resumed my reading.

I don't know how many pages I read, but I knocked off a few chapters before it was time to do the next coat.

Okay, I may not have a great power of concentration, but ...

once in a while I can kill 2 birds with one stone.


  1. Yes, you are amazing...and the way a woman's mind works is so wonderful. I think we had to be wired like that to do all we do! It is beautiful..much better! :D

  2. How pretty! It's the color of my lanai! And what treasures you have displayed! I don't sit still very long either! ♥

  3. Very pretty, especially next to the lace curtains! My hubby is the same and he says I have OCDD, obsessive compulsive decorating disorder, and he also says he wouldn't like me if I didn't have it! You have an eye for charm and beauty, have fun! Hugs!

  4. You sound exactly like me! I've wondered if it was ADD....I'm distracted by anything and everything.... and yet creative... just like you.
    It's so good that God made each of us so different..... makes life interesting.

    I love the little shelf..... and love it even more in the soft green looks great!

  5. Looks great, Kim! I love the softer color next to your couch.
    Sometimes, my mind will wonder if I have lots to do but I love to read so whenever I get a chance I let the book take me away from it all. lol

  6. I love the green! WTG you multi-tasker you! ;)

  7. Very pretty!
    I would be distracted too, but then I wouldn't end up painting because I'm a perfectionist procrastinator. I put off doing things until the conditions are "just right". Yeah, weird...

  8. Oh, it is so pretty. I love that sweet little shelf...the book is still there all in all, a good day!!

  9. He can read at the mall? How does he do that?

    Little things like this get my attention all the time; I rarely do anything about them so I'm impressed with your leap to action.

    I like it both's a sweet little table.

  10. You sure can! I don't have an easy time concentrating either, not with distractions. Men, they don't look about the home to decorate. They come home to relax. I would be surprised if their eye just happened to roam to something that might possibly could use a coat of paint!

  11. My mind wanders like that too! I'll be reading, and then pretty soon I'm jotting down things that I want to do in the garden, or I find myself out in the garage painting something. That little table looks fantastic! Don't you just love paint?!

  12. Such a pretty little display table! The soft green suits the space better! Women really are pros at juggling a lot of jobs and thoughts all at once. But since I love to read, I have learned how to tune things out and enjoy my book.

  13. Dear Kim...concentration is not one of my better traits. I tend to be distracted very easily...especially in the quiet of our home. There are just so many fun projects waiting to be worked on. I love to putter! I love your "redo" is very pretty! Sunday Blessings ♥ Teri

  14. The yellow was nice but the green looks perfect there.
    When I read I go in my own little world at least when I'm at home.
    If I were at the mall no way could I read. I'd be watching everyone.

  15. This is the first time I stop by here, And I'm so glad I've had! How beautiful! I loved the color choice... I hope to keep reading you...

  16. Love the little table! Painting it green...and such a lovely shade of green....was inspired!

  17. I think it might be called "multi tasking". I smiled the entire way through this post, because I could relate to all you wrote. So often I find my mind wandering all over the place when reading or whatever I am doing. Isn't it funny how something as small as a little old yellow piece of furniture can do that for us?:) I do think the green paint is a great improvement.

  18. I couldn't concentrate in a mall either. I'm a people-watcher, too. Your new green color is perfect!

  19. It looks gorgeous, I love the color! And I got a good giggle out of reading your post lol! I do the same thing, when I'm supposed to be relaxing, I look around and think , hmmm, what next? :) For me , these days, I usually think, "Can that me done in Mini" lol :) But it's all the same. Loved your post!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  20. I found it hard to concentrate for some reason! lol
    I love your pretty blog! and I'm now following. Came by way of the beautiful Lavender Dreamer!

    come by sometime!

    ciao bella


  21. I love the light sage green color you painted your curio stand, Kim. My husband likes to sit in a chair when I shop, except he falls asleep instead of reading :)

  22. Kim, I read this twice and smiled all the way through. My dh goes to the mall with me, and when he is finished he does the people watching thing, and most times ends up meeting new people.~smile~
    You did a fantastic job on the table, and I think you did an even greater job on concentrating on the concentrating.
    As always I enjoy my visits with you.


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