Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morning Joy?

Not long after I got up this morning, I realized the sun and blue skies had returned.  After three days of gray skies, rain and g.l.o.o.m. I can only say it was a sight for sore, sleepy eyes.  I say sleepy because shortly before the alarm went off the little boys next door were bouncing their basketballs on the driveway which just happens to be outside our bedroom window. Soon their dog joined in the merriment and began barking yapping non-stop.  As much as I don't want to become the old crabby next door neighbor, I find it odd to let your dog yap incessantly at 6:15 a.m.  Ah well, since they are fairly new neighbors I am trying to wait it out and see if things change.

Feeling it was pointless to try to go back to sleep, I made my way to the kitchen and appreciated the coffeemaker being Ready To Brew.  I needed my coffee and I needed it soon.  :-).

Brett and I don't buy Christmas gifts for each other anymore, but we did make two recent purchases.  The first one is the Keurig which we okay I had been contemplating for awhile.  I say I because I am the sole coffee drinker in this house.  However, he has been enjoying the instant hot water feature for tea and the hot chocolate and cider that were part of the purchase. 
We are both enjoying the convenience of hot beverages and don't miss washing the coffee pot and dealing with the grounds.

Purchase #2 was this old coffee can.
"Morning Joy" ... my goodness ... what a charming name for a coffee brand.  It just seems like a pleasant day would be ensured if we started our day with a cuppa this.  Personally I was also smitten by the blue and yellow and the little songbird. 
As I stood there watching my Keurig brew my cup of coffee in mere moments, I couldn't help but think how much things change through the years.  Even our morning cup of coffee.
But while the way we make coffee is a lot different, some things remain.

Birds bring Joy in the morning.

Bouncing basketballs and barking dogs ... not so much.
Well, at least not until I've had my Morning Joy.


  1. Ok Kim, You have a Keurig too. I'm thinking I'm the only person who doesn't have one. All my friends love theirs and tell me I need to buy one. I'm still contemplating.

    I hope your new neighbors learn to respect their fellow neighbors. A barking dog drives me crazy to say the least.

    Such a sweet picture and little bird!

  2. I'm one of the few people who don't like coffee. I love the smell though and that is a great name for a coffee brand.

  3. I love to wake up to sunshine! That is a cute cup, I love birds. I don't drink coffee but I would love hot chocolate in it! ;D

  4. I love the morning joy birdie tin!! I think your new machine is going to get a lot of good use! The old aluminum coffee pot reminds me of the one my Grandparents had. I remember how much fun I had putting all the pieces back together on the inside after it was washed. It was like a puzzle.

    Sounds like you are well on your way to having a home with less "stuff" in it. It doesn't matter if you count things as they go or not. It's all a step in the right direction.

  5. That old can is a treasure! And I've heard so many good things about these coffee makers! Hope your new neighbors settle down...I mean settle in! ♥

  6. I LOVE our Keurig.....sorry you didn't get enough sleep! I hate walking around in that fog....

  7. I got a Keurig for myself for Christmas! I adore it! No more coffee grounds to deal with. And the hot chocolate is super.

  8. Ohhh, I'd be having a chat with the neighbors or sending Brett to do it. Yes, that's better, send him. Six fifteen in the morning is much too early for either barking dogs or bouncing basketballs. Unbelievable neighbors to allow such a thing. They are not neighborhood worthy, but Brett can help them see the light. =)

    I love your sweet little coffee can and my favorite thing is the wee little house in the sunrise.

    Oh and I adore my mug of coffee in the morning, though since we only brew one pot, I'm not sure I could justify the Keurig.

  9. So many things do change, but I am so thankful for the " morning joys' that do stay the same, such as our songbirds. Enjoy your new coffee maker, have thought about purchasing one too.

  10. We've been contemplating a new coffee maker. The Keurig looks like a winner. I don't drink much coffee, but hubby love it.
    I hope your neighbors get a clue about being neighborly at a more decent hour!
    Have a good weekend, Kim!

  11. Happy Friday, Kim! That tin is great! We've had gray skies here all week, light showers off and on, which is wonderful, especially now that it is the weekend and we can stay home. Hubby was the one waking me up bright and early this morning. He is an early bird and can't stand for anyone to keep sleeping when he is ready to face the day. It's really aggravating! Have a joyful day, Tammy

  12. Good Morning Kim...I love the sweet little boy looking out the sweet! Love the old coffeepot and the coffee tin. Just thought that I would share...we have neighbor boys who have a "goose call" and they love sharing it with the neighbors. The first couple of hubby would go out to look for the geese going over. It didn't take hubby long to figure that out! Hope that your weekend is a lovely one! Hugs ♥ Teri

  13. I have to agree that is a great name for coffee! Love the old look of the can. Must look nice in your kitchen! I would go crazy with those neighbors! Basketball so early??? Hope they sleep in tomorrow for you!

  14. Oh, I like your new Keurig coffee pot, Kim. And I love that Morning Joy tin. How cute. I am a coffee drinker and enjoy it all day long.
    Hope your Morning Joy can be a bit more quiet.


  15. I like the "4:12 ready to brew" on your Keurig. I am one of those who still loves my full coffee pot at 4:12, because it gives me all the cups I want to drink. But, I do have a Keurig on my bucket list. As for your old can of "Morning Joy"...I now have that on my list too. I did not know there was a company like that, and it seems like the perfect coffee company name.

    I do hope your neighbor's dogs back off on the barking, because we have that where we live and it can be quite annoying.

    Beautifully done post!

  16. Yep, coffee brings me joy in the morning, too! Cute post!

  17. Kim,
    This story is so funny to me because just the other night, the next door neighbor's dog kept barking. He does that sometimes, and me and my husband just looked at eachother and said, "who lets their dog keep barking like that?" Isn't it annoying? You are being very patient, my friend, and so am I. I loved this old coffee can... such a old treasure. Have yourself a good cup of coffee today - sounds good.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  18. Morning Joy...I love that. So appropriate! Enjoy your Keurig.

    I'm thinking we need to send your neighbours a link to your blog post. That might look after the early morning barking. :)

  19. What wonderful pictures and a great post!
    Can I ask what book the first picture is from - the one with the boy with the teddy bear? I think that was one of my favorite books when I was little.

  20. I thought all coffee was 'morning joy' but that's probably because I have a caffeine addiction! I love my flavored hot coffee early each morning and I've been eyeing those Keurigs closely. I have an old percolator on my shelf like yours. We used to use it when we went camping. My husband thinks that coffee is the best! :D

  21. Hi Kim!
    Oh, that birdie on the coffee can IS adorable!
    We have moved from our Keurig back to the percolator.
    When we open windows, we hear basketballs bouncing, too. I would rather hear the birds tweet.
    Your Keurig is so nice and shiny! What K-cups do you like best?

  22. oh yes, gotta have that morning joy in a cup! love your tin, kim. it is perfect..and yes, funny how things change in our modern times. i long for the old days of long ago when people reused their things.

    hopefully tomorrow will be nice and quiet for you. oh, and btw, WHO lets their kids out at THAT time of the day to play? hmmmph....seems like lack of parental supervision.


  23. What a sweet post! Enjoyed reading! Love the birds & I LOVE me some coffee!


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