Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A New Look in the Garden

I think we've all heard that old expression "looks can be deceiving".
That would most definitely hold true for this photo of the Kwanzan Cherry tree blooming away in the garden in April.

Upon closer inspection it would be easy to see a trunk that was diseased and beginning to decay.

It would also be evident that the root system was heading for the nearby cement sidewalk.  In truth, the tree had outgrown it's home.

In fact the entire bed had become overgrown.
It's funny how you can live somewhere for years and know that the landscaping has grown through the years, but then one day it really hits you how out of control it has become.  These camellias used to be a nice tidy row under the kitchen windows.  Suddenly no amount of pruning could keep them below the windows and it was gradually obstructing the view as well as making the kitchen feel a bit closed in.  Call me strange, but when I look out the window I like to see the view and not feel like the view is overtaking the house.

Along with the overgrown vegetation, the lighting was in a sorry state.  We talked a bit about spray painting them all until we discovered that several of them were rusted right through.  Believe it or not, this is one of the better looking ones :/.
Clearly action needed to be taken.
 Lacking the proper equipment for the job, we called in the experts.

In under an hour my beautiful Kwanzan Cherry was no longer with us.

One day's work was all it took to totally eliminate sixteen years of growth.  I wouldn't even want to guess how long it would have taken Brett and I to do that.  Maybe another sixteen years :D.

On a side note,
see that little hole between the bricks?
One of the workers rang the doorbell to let us know he had watched a five foot long black snake slither in there.  He wondered if that might lead into the house.  Yikes!!  Thankfully it is an air vent into the crawl space.  I guess that's something to be thankful for although it still gives me the creeps to think of him slithering about under my house.  I'm hoping that the removal of the tall shrubbery will make him feel more vulnerable and perhaps he will mosey on out of here.

Although we will miss the week in April when that Kwanzan Cherry put on her show, we now look forward to getting to know this new garden space.  Much less to keep pruned and hopefully less to camouflage that unwanted visitor.


  1. That sneaky little visitor evidently likes a dark, warm place to hide. I know it's hard to lose such a beautiful tree. Now you've got a fresh slate and can select new and beautiful plants. The walkway is lovely!

  2. What a difference in that corner of your property. It really looks cleaner and neater now and I can understand how hard it is to let go of trees and shrubs like that but their time does come to an end eventually. I like the path stones. As for the snake, I think I'd be hiring someone to dispose of it! I hope it doesn't have a family in there too!!

  3. Yikes! A 5 foot long snake. Good thing all that green is now gone. New landscaping looks beautiful!

  4. Wow. That was quite a piece of news! I presume the air vent has to remain. What can you do to keep him out once he is out? I agree with you , Kim. Comes a time when some serious judicious tree and shrub removal must happen. You do not allow sentimentality to overrule and that is a good thing.

  5. At least you won't have any mice with the snake there. : )
    They sure made quick work getting all the removed. The new garden space looks beautiful.

  6. Yikes. A 5-foot long snake is hard to ignore. Hope he moves on before long!

    Your new garden space is lovely. Enjoy! We are using our John Deere loader tractor regularly to help 'thin' our landscaping after 11 years. Who would have thought things could get overgrown so quickly?

  7. So happy that you had someone to come in and clear out that bed for you. It was a bit overgrown I think. But, so nice. What are you going to plant in that spot?

    1. Latane,
      The last photo is what we planted in that spot. It is a different angle, so kind of hard to tell.

  8. Always best to get the experts for those big jobs. I'm sorry about your beautiful tree, but as you say, now you can look forward to new things there. I certainly hope that snake finds his way out, too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will plant now.

    Enjoy a wonderful afternoon, Kim,
    Marianne xox

  9. I know all about overgrowth, just had a tree near our house cut down this week, by dh, the stump is there, with plans to chop away, I hope it doesn't take all summer as i am wanting a camellia bush planted by fall!~smile~ Everything looks so clean and fresh, I also have a black snake lingering around our porch, almost stepped on him while going to the clothesline last year, Oh yes he is still hanging around as seen and reported by dh!
    Have a great week. hope you are staying cool, we are sizzling!


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