Tuesday, November 24, 2015

China Talk

 Right about now I imagine there are many of us playing around with china.  Most likely getting it ready to grace the Thanksgiving table.

Perhaps it only comes out for the holidays or maybe it is a part of the weekly Sunday dinner ritual.

In many cases it may have been passed down through the generations serving up a heaping helping of treasured memories along with the turkey and mashed potatoes.

My own china playing hasn't been to prepare for Thanksgiving as I am not hosting the holiday this year.  
Instead it is the result of helping my in-laws downsize in preparation for their upcoming move into assisted living. 
My mother-in-law offered it to me and although I have the china I received as a wedding gift, it was hard to turn down such a beautiful set of dishes.  Not to mention it looks like it was made to match my dining room.  So, I've been re-arranging every cupboard in my kitchen to make room for them.  
As I was unpacking each piece I felt thankful for receiving this generous gift, but also a bit sad.  Remembering back to the day my mother-in-law purchased this set of china to coordinate with the home they had just built.  Although that was probably over 20 years ago now she maybe used the china once or twice.  You see she is the type of person who was afraid that it would get broken if it were used so for all of this time it has been tucked into the china cabinet, each piece individually wrapped in the plastic bags they originally came in.  I realize we are all different and it's really none of my business what anybody else does with their china, but to me by now if the china could talk it should have lots of stories to tell.  Happy memory making, heartwarming, family times together, celebratory, holiday merrymaking stories.  Oh the potential for that set of china.  How sad that it was saved for a special occasion... that never came.  
Time passes too quickly to wait for just the right moment.
So my (unsolicited) advice to you as we prepare to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday in America.  Don't save the "good" stuff for that special day.  Use it now and enjoy the here and the now.  Make memories with those you care about and treasure the moments.
If your china could talk what story do you think it would have to tell?

~ Warm Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving ~




  1. What beautiful china, Kim. I love it! What's the pattern?
    Yes, you are so right to encourage us to use the beautiful things we have now and build memories around them. I enjoy using my china frequently and if a piece breaks, well, so be it. Although, come to think of it, I haven't broken any of it.

  2. Forgot to say - Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I know what you mean! We need to use it all!
    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, good Kim!

  4. I love this post Kim! I used our china a not when the kids were still home. Sunday dinners, birthdays and of course all the big holidays. I must make more of an effort now that its just my husband and I! I love your new set and wonder if Minton is the manufacturer. I have Minton and my covered vegetable dish looks exactly like the one in the photo.
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
    Take care

    1. You have a good eye, Jeannette. See my reply to Lorrie above.

  5. Oops....should have read used our china a lot....


  6. We have so many breakages in our house that our 'good' china is saved for special occasions. Fortunately we have quite a lot of those . . .

  7. I agree with you. I have never 'saved' things to use on special days. The way I figure every day is a special day. : )
    The china is beautiful.
    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  8. Good advice! Happyone was the first to share this thinking with me. I take her advice some of the time. My good china is heavier than my everyday stuff... It is a beautiful set of china and I hope that it gives your mother-in-law pleasure to see it being enjoyed in your home. I am sure that it will! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Seeing Minton's Grasmere reminds me of my dear late mother. Her many years of working in a china shop familiarized me with all the English patterns and this was a great favorite for brides. It's a beautiful design and I know you will enjoy it and hopefully use it to make your own fond memories of special meals. . . . . . but also perhaps keep some of it for everyday use too. The covered vegetable is gorgeous - I can see it used as a table centerpiece even - I love tureens and vegetable dishes!

    Happy Thanksgiving Kim - enjoy each moment. Like you, no cooking for me this year either!
    Hugs - Mary

  10. I agree...'don't save the good stuff!' Beautiful dishes. Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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