Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Tradition Continues

~ Happy St. Patrick's Day ~

When my youngest son was in kindergarten a little leprechaun came for a surprise visit while the kids were out for recess.  The little rascal messed up the classroom and left a wee piece of green fabric on each child's desk as a reminder that he had been there.  That was many years ago, but I'll never forget the day he came home from school clutching that tiny piece of fabric as he relayed the story to me.  I think that may have been the year our family St. Patrick's Day tradition began.  In the early years we had our corned beef and cabbage dinner accompanied by green side dishes and beverages.  After dinner Brett would find a reason to take the boys outside and inside the little leprechaun was busy helping me hide gold coins and mess up the family room a bit.  
As the boys grew the leprechaun visits tapered off, but the meal lived on in one form or another.
I'm often surprised that the tradition has lived on for as long as it has.  Yet it seems even grown men will put on a little leprechaun hat if it means their plate will be filled with corned beef and cabbage and a thick slice of buttered Irish Soda Bread.  Actually, that soda bread may be the main reason the tradition has lived on.  They have come to love it.
Sometimes Peanut participated in the festivities.
She looks cute in the hat even though she looks like she'd like rather be outside running around the backyard.
 I was thinking that this might be the year the tradition would come to an end until my oldest son expressed an interest in coming for dinner.  It worked out best for him to come a day early, so we celebrated last night.
I was working yesterday so I decided to try a new recipe which called for putting everything in the crockpot.  I might add that until now I've always used Betty Crocker's recipe and boiled everything on the stove.  I usually discard the spice packet that comes with the corned beef and use plain water as I feel that the meat is plenty salty for my tastes.

 My son ended up being delayed in a traffic jam.
While waiting for his arrival, we sat on the patio enjoying the beautiful 85 degree day as the meal was kept warm in the crock pot.
Once Mike arrived home, it was just a matter of piling up the platter with those fork tender vegetables and melt in your mouth corned beef.  No knives required.  Just the way I like it.  It now occurs to me that I didn't take a picture of the soda bread.  Most likely because it was gone before I had a chance. 
As for the new recipe, it was decided that the potatoes and cabbage tasted a bit "different".  Not necessarily bad, just different.  Different isn't always desired when it comes to tradition.  It didn't, however, prevent us from devouring our meals.  In the future I think I'll stick with the crockpot method, but I'll forego the sauce part of the recipe and stick to the plain water.  That will only result in a slight tweak to tradition which should suit my little leprechauns to a tee.



  1. Where would we be without those traditions!
    Happy St Patricks day.

  2. This gives me a warm feeling - traditions held by your grown up children mean that you've created wonderful memories.

  3. Looks so yummy. I have made it stove top and crock pot, but think I prefer the crock pot best.

  4. Looks good. I bake bread often but have never tried to make soda bread. Must try it soon. We had our "green meal" early too. On Tuesday. Pea soup, fresh bread, green jello and choc cupcakes with green frosting.

  5. Dinner looks delicious at your house!! : )

  6. Your dinner sounds and looks yummy! I love traditions- so many of them are built around food have you noticed?..sigh
    Our special treat here in Canada is a snowstorm on St. Patrick day. This year same old but at least its just a few inches. Since we didn't have any left it will melt quickly or at least I hope so. Do I need to tell you how 85 degrees and sitting outside is music to my ears right now LOL
    Have a great ay Kim


  7. Oh I think your sons know just how to get a good homecooked meal and St. Pat's offerings are fondly remembered. It is funny how "the kids" remember the way things were and are just happy to have them continue. That is tradition after all, I guess. It sure looks delicious and I'm not showing John because he would wonder why I don't serve such a feast. (I'm not much of a cooked cabbage fan, but I like the rest!)

    Would you believe that my icon list booted you and ten or more others off? I can't believe it. I was wondering where you were and came looking for you only to find you gone. I fixed that right off quick. This has only happened once before and I thought that was plenty.

  8. I never thought to use my crockpot for this cabbage meal, but like always, you meal looked like a mouthwatering feast. I look forward to making it that way next year. As for the leprechaun...well, when I picked up our grandchildren from school, they were so excited to tell me their own leprechaun stories.

    Must admit, your guys look quite nice in their green hats:).


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